New Movies on Demand: ‘Hellboy,’ ‘Missing Link,’ ‘Alita: Battle Angel,’ and More

Whether you like documentaries or animated comedies, there is a new movie for everyone on VOD this weekend. # #hellboy #alita

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‘Battle Angel Alita’ Anime Revisited: How Does It Stack Up against the Live-Action Epic?

Alita: Battle Angel is now available on Digital. In 1993, I happened upon the English dub of an anime by the name of Gunnm, translated for Western audiences as Battle Angel. Unbeknownst to me (and my parents) at the time, the story about a little robot girl being put back together by a doctor was mu... # #alita

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Exclusive ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ Blu-ray Clip Takes Viewers Behind the Kansas Bar

Alita: Battle Angelis one of those movies that demands to be seen on the big screen. If you happened to miss it in theaters, the next best option is to check it out on home video where you'll get bonus behind-the-scenes looks at the making ofRobert Rodriguez's latest flick. And we just so ha... # #alita

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Alita: Battle Angel Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and Story Details

Mike CecchiniJoseph BaxterNov 13, 2018 Here's everything you need to know about James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez's Alita: Battle Angel movie.The Battle Angel Alita movie, akaAlita: Battle Angel,is one of the most curious attempts at a new franchise scheduled for 2018.For years, James Cam... #trailer #alita

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