Jai Courtney Talks That “Alita” Cameo

One of the more unexpected appearances in February’s “Alita: Battle Angel” was that of Australian actor Jai Courtney. The “Terminator Salvation” and “Suicide Squad” star appeared on screen for a single shot cameo as motorball star Jashugan. Courtney had read... # #alita

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10 Anime That Should Be Made into Live-Action Films (After Alita: Battle Angel)

Before Alita: Battle Angel, the idea that any live-action anime film would be worth watching was a little ludicrous. For whatever reason, there were very few good live-action anime films. The number of ones worth watching could be counted maybe on one hand and many of them were made in Japan. Ruroun... #alita

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Alita: Battle Angel Was (Just) A Box Office Success


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10 Things Alita: Battle Angel Doesn't Tell You About Alita's Past

Alita: Battle Angelreleased in theaters on February 14 to dubious acclaim. No one can deny that the visuals were stunning. The faces of the cyborgs and the action sequences truly make you appreciate what modern special effects are capable of. However, the narrative of the film suffers from a run-tim... #alita

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Alita Will Prove Everybody Wrong And Be A Box Office Hit


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China Box Office: ‘Alita’ Wins the Weekend

Hollywood and Chinese sci-fi offerings went head-to-head at the Chinese box office this weekend. Newcomer “Alita: Battle Angel” smashed its way to the top with a $64 million debut — streaking past the Chinese titles that, though popular, have been in theaters since the Lunar New Year holiday at the ... #alita

Variety | 25.2.2019 13:48:22

‘Alita: Battle Angel’ Flies To $65M China Debut, Sets Fox & Imax Records – International Box Office

UPDATED, writethru: Fox/Lightstorm's Alita: Battle Angel came out fighting in China this weekend, touching down with a $62.3 milliondebut, per Fox’s estimates. The figure is even higher — at $64.8M — according to local reporting. Whichever way the dust settles, this is Fox'... #alita

Deadline | 24.2.2019 21:30:31

Box Office: ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ Rules Overseas With $62 Million Launch in China

Fox’s “Alita: Battle Angel” dominated the international box office, amassing $92.5 million in 82 markets. The cyberpunk adventure landed a much-needed win in China with its $62.3 million debut, the studio’s biggest opening of all time in that territory. “Alita: Battle A... #alita

Variety | 24.2.2019 18:45:13

“Alita” Is Surging In China With $62M Opening

Its been opening slightly above expectations in numerous markets, but Fox’s costly “Alita: Battle Angel” needs to perform well in China if it’s to break even let alone consider a sequel. Turns out the Middle Kingdom has embraced the James Cameron-produced and Robert Rodriguez... #alita

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10 Movies To Watch If You Liked Alita: Battle Angel

Though Hollywood adaptations of anime and manga tend to receive mixed reviews, reviews for Alita: Battle Angel so far are generally solid. There are many sci-fi and fantasy films out there that have tried to create action-packed yet emotionally-charged stories, and many have failed spectacularly. #alita

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‘Alita: Battle Angel’ Wings To $20M China Friday; Eyes $60M+ Middle Kingdom Bow

Fox/Lightstorm's Alita: Battle Angel took the fight to China today with an estimated $19.8M opening Friday. That includes $1M in limited Thursday midnights. An opening in the $50M zone had been expected, then buzz increased this week. With Friday's start, the full frame is now looking at a t... #alita

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Why Alita DIDN’T Bomb At The Box Office


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‘Alita: Battle Angel’ Banks on Foreign Audiences to Save It From Box Office Disaster

“Alita: Battle Angel” beat expectations with its $27 million debut at the domestic box office, but Fox’s cyberpunk fantasy adventure has a long road to travel before it can claim victory. When it comes to achieving profitability, the CGI-spectacular may never arrive at that particu... #alita

Variety | 18.2.2019 15:08:05

“Alita” Wins Box-Office But Needs More

The James Cameron-produced and Robert Rodriguez-directed “Alita: Battle Angel” topped the North American box-office this weekend but no-one is celebrating. The overall holiday weekend domestic haul of $151 million looks to be the lowest grossing President’s Day weekend in almost twenty y... #alita

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Alita Has A Design Problem (But It’s Not The Big Eyes)


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The Internet's Best Reactions To Alita's Eyes

Critics seem divided over Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron’s new manga adaptation Alita: Battle Angel, with some saying it “lives up to its potential” and others calling it “protracted [and] soul-challenged.” #alita

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‘Alita’ Adds $56M Overseas; ‘The Wandering Earth’ Becomes #2 Movie Ever In China – International Box Office

UPDATE, WRITETHRU: After getting off to an early start in Asia last weekend, Fox/Lightstorm's Alita: Battle Angel moved into wide offshore release this session with $56.2M in 86 markets. That brings the total on the expensive James Cameron-produced pic to $94.4M at the international box office. ... #alita

Deadline | 17.2.2019 22:50:52

Box Office: ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ No Match for China’s ‘Wandering Earth’ Overseas

Hollywood movies like “Alita: Battle Angel” and “How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” are doing respectable business overseas, but they’re proving no match for foreign titles at the international box office. The Chinese New Year is bringing in huge business in th... #alita

Variety | 17.2.2019 19:58:48

Weekend Box Office: ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ Eyes $41.7 Million Debut

There isn't a much more interesting box office story out there than Alita: Battle Angel, a film that is performing more than admirably but still fighting an uphill battle against its own $200 million price tag. Directed by Robert Rodriguez but also directed by James Cameron if the font size on t... #alita

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Box Office: ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ Wins Dismal President’s Day Weekend

Fox’s sci-fi adventure “Alita: Battle Angel” dominated in North America, but its opening weekend win isn’t leaving the box office with much to celebrate. Tracking services estimate that this will be one of the lowest grossing President’s Day weekends in years. Ticket sa... #alita

Variety | 17.2.2019 16:10:20

‘Alita’ Battles Her Way To $41M+ 5-Day, But Remains Far From Heaven At The B.O.

Sunday AM Update:When a studio or a filmmaker builds a movie for north of $170M, the expectation is to soar to the greatest heights at the box office, and a passion project in the hands of James Cameron as producer — what studio wouldn’t double down on that, especially in an era starving... #alita

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Review: “Alita: Battle Angel”

There’s not a lot below the surface of “Alita: Battle Angel,” mostly because it puts everything it has front and center. For what it lacks in subtlety, it makes up for in visceral action, vivid world-building, and sci-fi melodrama. This long-gestating project – a labor of love for ... #alita

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Alita: Battle Angel Tops LEGO Movie 2 At Box Office


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Alita Movie Villain: Nova & His Surprise Actor Explained


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Friday Box Office: ‘Alita’ Battles Its Way to $16 Million

How do you solve a problem like Alita? The big-budget, bigger-eyed blockbuster directed by Robert Rodriguezdebuted to the tune of $8.7 million on Valentine's Day, then tacked on another $7.5 million on Friday night. This puts the film, produced and co-written by James Cameron, on-track ahead of ... #alita

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Box Office: ‘Alita: Battle Angel,’ ‘Lego Movie 2’ to Lead President’s Day Weekend

“Alita: Battle Angel” is holding a slim lead ahead of “Lego Movie 2’s” second frame with an estimated four-day take of $29.1 million from 3,790 North American locations. “Lego Movie 2: The Second Part,” meanwhile, is heading for about $25 million for a domes... #alita

Variety | 16.2.2019 16:51:12

‘Alita’ Inching Past ‘Lego Movie 2’ at Presidents Day Weekend Box Office

James Cameron’s “Alita: Battle Angel” has a slight edge over “The Lego Movie 2” in a tight race for domestic box office supremacy during Presidents Day weekend. Both are aiming for about $27 million, early estimates showed on Friday. The two titles are the only current ... #alita

Variety | 15.2.2019 23:21:40

‘Alita’ Has Edge Over ‘Lego Movie 2’ With $27M+ Four-Day – 2nd Midday B.O. Update

6TH UPDATE, 1:39PMFigures updated following 1pm post:More numbers came in, and the industry averages show that it’s not so much a dead heat yet between Fox/Lightstorm’sAlitaandWarner Bros.’Lego Movie 2: The Second Part(two reports showed a near No. 1 4-day finish of $27M). Now, it&... #alita

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Building the Alita: Battle Angel Universe

Don KayeFeb 15, 2019 Alita stars Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly and more discuss the movie’s story and intricate world.Den of Geek recently spoke with the cast of Alita: Battle Angel at the site of a movie-themed “experience” set up in a warehouse in downtown Los Angeles. We were joined there by... #alita

Den of Geek | 15.2.2019 18:45:51

Why Alita: Battle Angel Took 16 Years to Come to the Screen

Don KayeFeb 14, 2019 The director, star, and producer of Alita: Battle Angel discuss the movie’s long road to theaters.It’s taken 16 years or more, but producers James Cameron and Jon Landau have finally brought Cameron’s longstanding dream project Alita: Battle Angel to the screen. Based on the man... #alita

Den of Geek | 14.2.2019 19:05:55

Box Office: ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ Assembles $2.4 Million on Wednesday

“Alita: Battle Angel” is leading a trio of new releases at the domestic box office. Fox’s sci-fi action adventure earned $2.4 million in Wednesday previews and is expected to earn$22 million over the weekend and $30 million during its first five days of release. Like “Alita,&... #alita

Variety | 14.2.2019 16:15:55

‘Battle Angel Alita’ Anime Revisited: How Does It Stack Up against the Live-Action Epic?

In 1993, I happened upon the English dub of an anime by the name of Gunnm, translated for Western audiences as Battle Angel. Unbeknownst to me (and my parents) at the time, the story about a little robot girl being put back together by a doctor was much less like the 80s sitcom Small Wonder and much... #alita

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How Much Did Alita: Battle Angel Cost To Make?


Screenrant | 14.2.2019 6:02:16

Alita: Battle Angel Ending Explained

Daniel Kurland Feb 16, 2019 We dig into the ending of Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron’s innovative sci-fi spectacle and where Alita is headed next!James Cameron has been fighting for decadesto bring his ambitious vision of a Battle Angel Alita to life. The project has transformed through the year... #alita

Den of Geek | 14.2.2019 0:19:55