“Aquaman” Featurette & “Shazam” Reshoot Talk

Warner Bros. Pictures has released a new featurette for the next film in the DC Extended Universe, “Aquaman,” with the clip giving audiences a look into how the filmmakers crafted and fleshed out the visually breathtaking underwater world of Atlantis. Jason Momoa stars in this origin sto... #aquaman #shazam

Darkhorizons | 13.11.2018 22:52:03

Behind-the-Scenes ‘Aquaman’ Video Shows Off James Wan’s Epic Work Under the Sea

Warner Bros' underwater epic Aquamanis a DCEUmovie with a lot of goodwill behind it, partly because Jason Momoa is a sentient cloud of charisma, partly because trailers have teased a colorful feast for the eyes, but boiled down the film's hype largely comes from the fact it's being guide... #aquaman

Collider | 13.11.2018 20:52:18

The REAL Reason Aquaman Can Talk To Fish Revealed

Warning: SPOILERS forJustice Leage/Aquaman: Drowned #aquaman

Screenrant | 11.11.2018 10:11:32

“Aquaman” Runtime & Tidal Wave Talk

The runtime for James Wan’s “Aquaman” film has been revealed with the mostly underwater adventure film clocking in at 143 minutes – just six minutes shy of “Wonder Woman”. With the DC Comics adaptation effectively complete, reports have gone up in the last few day... #aquaman

Darkhorizons | 10.11.2018 23:21:57

Aquaman's Official Runtime Possibly Confirmed

The runtime for Jason Momoa's solo DC movieAquamanhas possibly been revealed. And, if this runtime turns out to be legitimate, thenAquamanwill officially become thethird longest movie in the entire DCEU, next toWonder WomanandBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. #aquaman

Screenrant | 9.11.2018 8:11:25

‘Aquaman’ Screenwriter: ‘This Is My First Movie That My Kids Can Watch’

“Aquaman” writer David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick is looking forward to the superhero movie’s opening because of his three children. “This is my first movie that my kids can watch and I want to take them,” he said at Wednesday night’s “Behind the Screen”... #aquaman

Variety | 8.11.2018 18:00:28

Aquaman: 10 Reasons To Be Excited

Could Aquaman join Wonder Woman as the next good DCEU film? #aquaman

WhatCulture | 8.11.2018 15:09:45

Early Aquaman Reactions Hype DC's Latest Blockbuster

Aquaman fans who have seen the latest DC movie are hitting the internet with their reactions and the word of mouth is very good. Aquaman is the DCEU's sole offering in 2018 and the first since the lukewarm reception of Justice League. As such, there's a lot riding on the movie and its succ... #aquaman

Screenrant | 8.11.2018 11:11:41