Lionsgate Bounces Back As ‘John Wick: Chapter 3’ Fires Up $57M Series High Opening, ‘Endgame’ Bests ‘Avatar’ With $770M+

UPDATED WRITETHRU, SUNDAY AM after Saturday 10:41 am and 2:13AM post: With chart:At a time when talk is percolating that CBS is kicking the tires of Lionsgate’s STARZ unit, the mini-major is making a comeback at the box office with its Keanu Reeves, R-rated action pic, John Wick: Chapter 3 ... # #avatar #john-wick

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Avengers: Endgame Passes Avatar At Domestic Box Office

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Jemaine Clement Joins The “Avatar” Sequels

Comedian Jemaine Clement has been cast in the upcoming “Avatar” sequels. The news was announced via the film’s official social media accounts this morning, with the “Flight of the Conchords” and “Men in Black 3” actor playing Dr. Garvin, a marine biologist s... # #avatar

Darkhorizons | 15.5.2019 22:24:28

James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ Sequels Casts Jemaine Clement

Jemaine Clement is joining the cast of James Cameron’s “Avatar” sequels. He will play marine biologist Dr. Ian Garvin. “I’ve loved Jemaine’s work for years and I’m really pumped that he’s joining our cast as Ian Garvin, one of my favorite characters,” Cameron said in a ... # #avatar

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James Cameron's Avatar Sequels Cast Jemaine Clement

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“Avatar 2” Delayed & New “Star Wars” Dates

Walt Disney Pictures has just announced a massive overhaul of its release date schedule, one that now incorporates 20th Century Fox’s titles into it. In the process it has jettisoned a few projects, and delayed others – some by months, some by years – whilst also adding a few new o... # #star-wars #avatar

Darkhorizons | 7.5.2019 19:57:34

‘Avatar’ Sequels Delayed Again as Disney-Fox Plots Christmas Takeover Through 2027

It’s déja vu all over again. The Avatar sequels release dates have been delayed once more, this time owing to Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox. The original plan was for Avatar 2 to hit theaters back in 2014, but development on the screenplays—which then led to James Cameron expanding his pl... # #disney #avatar

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Disney Announces New ‘Star Wars’ Films, Moves ‘Avatar’ Sequels

Moviegoers will have to wait a little longer to return to Pandora. James Cameron’s long-awaited and oft-delayed follow-up to “Avatar” has been pushed back another year. “Avatar 2” will hit theaters on Dec. 17, 2021 instead of Dec. 18, 2020 as originally planned. Its mov... # #disney #star-wars #avatar

Variety | 7.5.2019 16:46:02

Disney-Fox Updates Release Schedule: Sets Three Untitled ‘Star Wars’ Movies, ‘Avatar’ Franchise To Kick Off In 2021 & More

Refresh for updates: Following the merger this past spring, Disney-Fox has made some major changes and additions to its theatrical release schedule today, not just for this year, but all the way through 2027. It’s a lineup card akin to the 1927 New York Yankees, and underscores the sheer theat... # #disney #star-wars #avatar

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‘Avengers: Endgame’ Races Toward ‘Avatar’s’ All-Time Box Office Record

In less than two weeks, “Avengers: Endgame” has made more money than any other movie in history except one — “Avatar.” “Avengers: Endgame” surpassed $2.188 billion worldwide in just 11 days, making it the fastest film to surpass $2 billion. It took “Av... # #avengers #avatar

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25 Most Powerful Villains Of The Avatar Universe, Officially Ranked

Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra had a number of villains who wreaked havoc and chaos in their own ways. Aang, Korra, and their predecessors had to face fierce bending masters, power-hungry conquerors, underdog rebels, infamous assassins, and political manipulators. Each villain has re... # #avatar

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Avengers: Endgame Projected to Surpass Avatar as Highest-Grossing Film Ever

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Why We Think Avengers: Endgame WILL Beat Avatar At The Box Office

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Michelle Yeoh to Play Scientist in James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ Sequels

One of the best things to happen in the wake of last year's Crazy Rich Asians phenomenon was the resurgence of Michelle Yeoh, who absolutely deserved an Oscar nomination for her impressive performance. The success of that film led to Yeoh getting her own Star Trek: Discovery spinoff as well as a... # #avatar

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Michelle Yeoh Joins James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ Sequels

Michelle Yeoh is heading to Pandora. The veteran actress is boarding James Cameron’s “Avatar” franchise, and will portray scientist Dr. Karina Mogue. “Throughout her career, Michelle has always created unique and memorable characters,” Cameron said. “I look forwar... # #avatar

Variety | 15.4.2019 17:25:58

Michelle Yeoh Joins The “Avatar” Sequels

The one and only Michelle Yeoh is taking a break from her “Star Trek: Discovery” commitments to take on a key role in another sci-fi franchise – “Avatar”. The “Crazy Rich Asians” actress is set to play scientist Dr. Karina Mogue in James Cameron’s fort... # #avatar

Darkhorizons | 15.4.2019 16:41:42

Michelle Yeoh Boards ‘Avatar’ Sequels

Crazy Rich Asians and Star Trek: Discovery star Michelle Yeoh is set to play scientist Dr. Karina Mogue in James Cameron’s forthcoming Avatar movies at the now Disney owned 20th Century Fox. The news was announced on the official Avatar social channels. “Throughout her career, Michelle has alw... # #avatar

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Sony Wants to Put Your Friends’ Avatars Into Your PSVR Games

A recently published patent shows Sony is working on technology that places the avatar of a real-world person into PlayStation VR games, according to VG 24/7. The patent, which was filed in 2018 and published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office earlier this month, details how the technology can ... # #avatar

Variety | 15.4.2019 14:05:52

Avatar Sequels Cast Michelle Yeoh as a Human Scientist

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Avatar: 20 Unresolved Mysteries And Plot Holes The Last Airbender Left Hanging

It's hard to believe that Avatar: The Last Airbenderwrapped up over a decade ago. (Feel old, yet?) The Nickelodeon animated series grew a huge baseman of both young and older viewers during its three-year run and this popularity hasn't waned one bit since it went off the air. In fact, as m... # #avatar

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Avatar Sequels Recruit Vin Diesel for Mystery Role

Kirsten HowardApr 5, 2019 From Fast & Furious to Blue & Curious, as Vin Diesel climbs aboard the Avatar franchise.Remember when Vin Diesel was suddenly cast in James Gunn's Guardians Of The Galaxy and we were like "what!" and then it turned out his literal only job was to say ... # #avatar

Den of Geek | 5.4.2019 10:15:01

Vin Diesel Joins The “Avatar” Sequels?

In a new posting on his official Instagram account, actor Vin Diesel seems to suggest he’s scored a role in the upcoming “Avatar” sequels. Appearing with Cameron on the set of the productions, the actor says “there is one person in Hollywood I’ve always wanted to work w... #avatar

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Disney Celebrates Fox Acquisition At CinemaCon; No ‘Star Wars: Episode IX Footage’, No Marvel 2020 News; ‘Avatar 2’ A No Show

Refresh for updates Disney’s’ CinemaCon session kicked off with compilation sizzle of Disney and Fox films includingX-Men, Dark Phoenix, Bohemian Rhapsody, Zootopia, Avengers: Endgame,extolling the library fruits of its recent merger.There was one moment which was a wink at the audience:... #marvel #disney #star-wars #avatar

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Brendan Cowell Joins The “Avatar” Sequels

Australian actor and filmmaker Brendan Cowell has joined the cast of James Cameron’s “Avatar” sequels. Cowell’s casting was announced by the film’s official social media channels. Cowell will play Mick Scoresby, captain of a private sector large-scale marine hunting ves... #avatar

Darkhorizons | 28.3.2019 23:12:02

‘Avatar’: ‘Game of Thrones’ Actor Brendan Cowell Cast In Sequels

Australian actor Brendan Cowell has been added to the cast of James Cameron's Avatar pics, in which he’ll play Mick Scoresby, captain of a private sector large-scale marine hunting vessel on Pandora. The announcement was made this morning via the franchise’s official social channels.... #avatar

Deadline | 28.3.2019 18:30:52

Avatar Sequels Cast Game of Thrones Actor Brendan Cowell


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How Universal Drove Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ To $70M+ Opening, The Best Start For A Live-Action Original Since ‘Avatar’ – Update

SUNDAY AM FINAL after 6:41am post: Our sources spotted it last night and it has continued into this morning: Jordan Peele’s Ushas cracked the $70M mark, after an estimated Saturday of $25.4M, which, next to the full Friday gross, is -12%. Uni is calling the weekend at $70.2M for the Monkeypaw ... #avatar

Deadline | 24.3.2019 16:38:04

10 Actors You Forgot Voiced Characters On Avatar And Legend Of Korra

When Avatar fans watched the first episode of The Dragon Prince, the moment Callum started speaking an image of Sokkaimmediately popped up at the recognition of Jack DeSena's voice. Understandable, but not all voices are quite so obvious, even to super-fans. Sometimes, even if we do recognize t... #avatar

Screenrant | 16.3.2019 11:03:39

25 Things Wrong With Avatar: The Last Airbender We All Choose To Ignore

Dealing with mature themes of war, abuse and the power of spirituality, Avatar: The Last Airbender was far from the prototypical animated Nickelodeon shows of the time. Targeting audiences of both younger and older generations, the show's nontraditional world and far-reaching scope made for a c... #avatar

Screenrant | 8.3.2019 11:03:42

‘Avatar’ Star Stephen Lang To Topline Fangoria Horror Film ‘V.F.W.’

EXCLUSIVE: Stephen Lang, who played Colonel Miles Quaritch in James Cameron’s epic sci-fi Avatar, is set to star in V.F.W., an action-horror film with Brawl in Cell Block 99 producer Dallas Sonnier and Amanda Presmyk producing for Fangoria. Joe Begos is at the helm, directing from a screenplay... #avatar

Deadline | 2.3.2019 0:08:32

Avatar's 'Ponytail Bond' Was Completely Misunderstood

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“Avatar” Sequels To Be More ‘Emotional’

Filmmaker James Cameron has offered more details on the several “Avatar” sequels currently in the works as part of a lengthy podcast interview with Empire magazine. The second and third film in the series have been shot with post-production now underway on them. Discussing the filming, C... #avatar

Darkhorizons | 20.2.2019 14:12:02

James Cameron Passed on Chris Evans for Avatar Lead

Kirsten HowardFeb 19, 2019 Chris Evans and Channing Tatum were both up for the role of Jake Sully...James Cameron has been talking about the casting process for his box office smash Avatar in a new interview with Empire.The Alita: Battle Angel producer has been dishing up interesting info about a ra... #avatar

Den of Geek | 19.2.2019 12:15:01

Anime To Watch If You Liked Avatar

Though it's been over a decade since the last episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender aired, we're still pretty much hung up on how incredibly awesome this show was. And most of us have been searching, waiting for something like Avatar to come along ever since we finished the series. #avatar

Screenrant | 19.2.2019 9:02:51

Avatar: 10 Characters Weaker Than Fans Thought (And 15 Who Are Even More Powerful)

Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra had no shortage of strong benders and warriors, from the Avatars to the old masters to the growing leaders. Many of Avatar's heroes and villains have performed incredible feats, showcasing their strength and cementing their place among the most pow... #avatar

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‘Vice’ Star Christian Bale on How Dick Cheney Was His Wife’s ‘Avatar’

Presenting the Oscar-nominated “Vice” at the Berlin Film Festival on Monday, actor Christian Bale said Dick Cheney’s transformation into one of the most notorious U.S. leaders of the past century had much to do with his wife Lynne, played by Amy Adams in the film. “Lynne really gave him the ambition... #avatar

Variety | 11.2.2019 17:11:30

Alita Could Have Been A Hit (But James Cameron Chose Avatar Instead)

#avatar #alita

Screenrant | 11.2.2019 9:02:47

Producer Jon Landau Interview - Alita: Battle Angel & Avatar Future

#avatar #alita

Screenrant | 9.2.2019 11:02:15

How Alita: Battle Angel's Tech Helps Weta Digital With Avatar 2

#avatar #alita

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Each Avatar Sequel Will Be A 'Standalone Movie'


Screenrant | 8.2.2019 5:02:52

You Don’t Have to Have Seen ‘Avatar’ to Enjoy ‘Avatar 2’, Says Producer Jon Landau

When James Cameron set out to make Avatar back in the 2000s, he admitted he had intentions to turn the franchise into a trilogy, but it’d be surprising to learn that he was already plotting a five-film franchise at that time. After the release and subsequent success of Avatar in 2009, Cameron got to... #avatar

Collider | 7.2.2019 19:50:17

“Avatar” Sequel Title, Filming & World Plans

Appearing at a recent IMAX Q&A for next week’s release of “Alita: Battle Angel,” producer Jon Landau offered several updates on how filmmaker James Cameron’s four sequels to “Avatar” are progressing. As we know, the second and third film in the series will be... #avatar

Darkhorizons | 7.2.2019 19:12:50