10 Actors You Forgot Voiced Characters On Avatar And Legend Of Korra

When Avatar fans watched the first episode of The Dragon Prince, the moment Callum started speaking an image of Sokkaimmediately popped up at the recognition of Jack DeSena's voice. Understandable, but not all voices are quite so obvious, even to super-fans. Sometimes, even if we do recognize t... #avatar

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25 Things Wrong With Avatar: The Last Airbender We All Choose To Ignore

Dealing with mature themes of war, abuse and the power of spirituality, Avatar: The Last Airbender was far from the prototypical animated Nickelodeon shows of the time. Targeting audiences of both younger and older generations, the show's nontraditional world and far-reaching scope made for a c... #avatar

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‘Avatar’ Star Stephen Lang To Topline Fangoria Horror Film ‘V.F.W.’

EXCLUSIVE: Stephen Lang, who played Colonel Miles Quaritch in James Cameron’s epic sci-fi Avatar, is set to star in V.F.W., an action-horror film with Brawl in Cell Block 99 producer Dallas Sonnier and Amanda Presmyk producing for Fangoria. Joe Begos is at the helm, directing from a screenplay... #avatar

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Avatar's 'Ponytail Bond' Was Completely Misunderstood

#avatar #bond

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“Avatar” Sequels To Be More ‘Emotional’

Filmmaker James Cameron has offered more details on the several “Avatar” sequels currently in the works as part of a lengthy podcast interview with Empire magazine. The second and third film in the series have been shot with post-production now underway on them. Discussing the filming, C... #avatar

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James Cameron Passed on Chris Evans for Avatar Lead

Kirsten HowardFeb 19, 2019 Chris Evans and Channing Tatum were both up for the role of Jake Sully...James Cameron has been talking about the casting process for his box office smash Avatar in a new interview with Empire.The Alita: Battle Angel producer has been dishing up interesting info about a ra... #avatar

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Anime To Watch If You Liked Avatar

Though it's been over a decade since the last episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender aired, we're still pretty much hung up on how incredibly awesome this show was. And most of us have been searching, waiting for something like Avatar to come along ever since we finished the series. #avatar

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Avatar: 10 Characters Weaker Than Fans Thought (And 15 Who Are Even More Powerful)

Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra had no shortage of strong benders and warriors, from the Avatars to the old masters to the growing leaders. Many of Avatar's heroes and villains have performed incredible feats, showcasing their strength and cementing their place among the most pow... #avatar

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‘Vice’ Star Christian Bale on How Dick Cheney Was His Wife’s ‘Avatar’

Presenting the Oscar-nominated “Vice” at the Berlin Film Festival on Monday, actor Christian Bale said Dick Cheney’s transformation into one of the most notorious U.S. leaders of the past century had much to do with his wife Lynne, played by Amy Adams in the film. “Lynne really gave him the ambition... #avatar

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Alita Could Have Been A Hit (But James Cameron Chose Avatar Instead)

#avatar #alita

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Producer Jon Landau Interview - Alita: Battle Angel & Avatar Future

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How Alita: Battle Angel's Tech Helps Weta Digital With Avatar 2

#avatar #alita

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Each Avatar Sequel Will Be A 'Standalone Movie'


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You Don’t Have to Have Seen ‘Avatar’ to Enjoy ‘Avatar 2’, Says Producer Jon Landau

When James Cameron set out to make Avatar back in the 2000s, he admitted he had intentions to turn the franchise into a trilogy, but it’d be surprising to learn that he was already plotting a five-film franchise at that time. After the release and subsequent success of Avatar in 2009, Cameron got to... #avatar

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“Avatar” Sequel Title, Filming & World Plans

Appearing at a recent IMAX Q&A for next week’s release of “Alita: Battle Angel,” producer Jon Landau offered several updates on how filmmaker James Cameron’s four sequels to “Avatar” are progressing. As we know, the second and third film in the series will be... #avatar

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Kate Winslet Held Her Breath Underwater for 7 Minutes While Filming the ‘Avatar’ Sequels

Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet is apparently back in the water in a big way in the upcoming Avatar sequels. While Winslet first broke out with films like Heavenly Creatures, it was James Cameron’s mega-hit Titanic that catapulted her to superstardom—but making the iconic historical epic was no c... #avatar

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Exclusive: ‘Avatar’ Sequels Begin Filming Live-Action Sequences This Spring in New Zealand

Fans have been curious about James Cameron’s Avatar sequels since before the first Avatar even came out. Fresh off of the success of Titanic, Cameron was teasing a potential trilogy of Avatar movies in the mid-2000s, while he was knee-deep in creating the technology that would not only bring Avatar ... #avatar

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‘Avatar’ Series Adds Edie Falco as General Ardmore

Difficult as it is to believe, we will likely see the first Avatar sequel next December. After being pushed back numerous times, the movies have actually started filming and it looks like Avatar 2 is on track to be released in slightly under two years. And when you’re confident in your timeline, you... #avatar

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Edie Falco Joins The “Avatar” Sequels

Golden Globe and Emmy winner Edie Falco (“Nurse Jackie,” “The Sopranos”) has joined the cast of the “Avatar” sequels. Falco will play General Ardmore, the Commander in charge of the RDA’s interests, in the upcoming films which have been dubbed more of a gene... #avatar

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Edie Falco Joins James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ Sequels

Edie Falco is heading to Pandora.The veteran actress is boarding James Cameron’s “Avatar” franchise, and will portray a general in the upcoming sequels. “Avatar 2,” the first of four follow-ups, will hit theaters on Dec. 18, 2020. The remaining installments will be rele... #avatar

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Edie Falco Joins James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ Franchise

Four-time Emmy winner Edie Falco will play General Ardmore, the commander in charge of the RDA’s interests, in James Cameron’s upcomingAvatarsequels. It was just announced this morning by Cameron and producer Jon Landau on social media (see below).Last year, Falco was nominated for an Em... #avatar

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Avatar Sequels Add Edie Falco To Cast


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Avatar: 10 Storylines That Hurt The Show (And 10 That Saved It)

It’s easy to agree that Avatar: The Last Airbender was an endlessly innovative and entertaining show. It successfully blended comedy, fantasy, and drama through top-notch storytelling into an easily digestible package that worked equally well for all age groups. Just when Avatar seemed in danger of ... #avatar

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15 Characters From Avatar (And 10 From Legend of Korra) That Fans Are Trying To Forget

The Avatar world is split into two different series: Avatar the Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra. Theyabout the Avatar, a person who can control not just one element but all four of them (water, earth, air, and fire). Avatar the Last Airbender is about Aang, an air nomad who had been trapped i... #avatar

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‘The Apprentice’ Premiered 15 Years Ago, Turning Donald Trump Into an Avatar for American Success

A reality TV triumph 15 years ago now looks like the first step in a long political game. #avatar

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10 Couples That Hurt Avatar: The Last Airbender And Legend Of Korra (And 15 That Saved Them)

Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra created one of the most beloved and iconic animated universes. Drawing from various Asian cultures, anime art styles, and modern history, the stories follow great heroes in complicated worlds. Avatars Aang and Korra have inspired fans around the wor... #avatar

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The 15 Most Powerful (And 10 Weakest) Benders In Avatar: The Last Airbender And The Legend Of Korra, Officially Ranked

Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra introduced bending masters who could inspire awe and crush their opponents with a single move. Half the fun of watching either series came from the excitement of incredible benders going toe-to-toe over the fate of the world. #avatar

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10 Legend Of Korra And Last Airbender Characters Powerful Enough To Take On The Avatar (And 10 Way Too Weak)

The Avatar has taken on the worst foes in the physical and spirit worlds for 10,000 years since Avatar Wan long before Avatar: The Last AirbenderandLegend of Korra, and many Avatars allied with strong fighters who could help them face the evils of the world. However, not all of the characters in the... #avatar

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Avatar: 25 Wild Revelations About Aang And Katara's Relationship

Avatar: The Last Airbender is a treasured animation with a dedicated fanbase that loved following the journey of Aang, Katara, Sokka, and the rest of Team Avatar. Their adventure across the four elemental nationshas inspired and fascinatedfans across the world. Spawning several comics, a sequel seri... #avatar

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30 Fan Redesigns Of Avatar And Legend Of Korra Characters Better Than What We Got

Avatar: The Last Airbender and its sequel series The Legend of Korra have a very unique aesthetic. Pulling inspiration from several different Asian cultures, the two series followed characters who could “bend” the elements to their will. Tradition dictated that the titular Avatarbrought literal bala... #avatar

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20 Wildest Things That Happened Before Avatar: The Last Airbender

Aang and Korra had crazy adventures throughout Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra, but the stage for the world they lived in was set long before their own adventures. Avatar has a deep history with multiple players set in motion, leading up to the cataclysmic events of the Hundred Years ... #avatar

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Avatar Sequels Are 'Complicated' For Stephen Lang's Quaritch

Stephen Lang's Quaritch is set for a complicated time in the forthcoming series of Avatar sequels, according to the actor himself. James Cameron's original 2009 Avatar movie famously went on to become one of the most commercially successful films of all time and kickstarted the recent tren... #avatar

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VR Veterans Launch Startup for Intelligent AR Avatars

Two veterans of immersive storytelling have banded together for a new Los Angeles-based augmented reality (AR) startup: Former Felix & Paul chief content officer Ryan Horrigan and former Milk VR and VRSE.works producer Armando Kirwin unveiled their new startup Artie Thursday, laying out a vision... #avatar

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Avatar: 20 Times Characters Were Ridiculously Overpowered

Avatarimagines a world full of possibilities. A patchwork of cultures, myths, and histories crafted into a magical place where nations are defined by the ability to manipulate the elements. Fantastic in every sense of the word, but somehow believable. #avatar

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20 Wild Fan Theories From The Avatar Universe (That Make Too Much Sense)

For those of us lucky enough to have watched it air live, the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender holds a special place in our hearts. It’s not just the nostalgia, either; besides having aged quite well compared to other animation series of its time, it’s also a show fit for everyone; children and a... #avatar

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The Avatar Sequels Are A Very Good Thing For Star Wars

#star-wars #avatar

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Avatar: 20 Things Korra Can Do (That Aang Can't)

Korra continued the legacy of the Avatar left by Aang, expanding the beloved universe started byAvatar: The Last Airbender. As the Avatar, Korra was almost nothing like Aang. The aggressive, confident Avatar could not have been more different from the reluctant pacifist that Aang was for most of his... #avatar

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Avatar: 25 Strange Things About Aang's Anatomy

Thirteen years ago, Avatar: The Last Airbenderaired on Nickelodeon and wowed fans with its goofy, heartfelt protagonist, Aang. Over three tumultuous seasons, fans watched him grow from a scared, strange kid on a mission to a fully-realized, very powerful Avatar. With his friends Katara, Sokka, Toph,... #avatar

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James Cameron: The ‘Avatar’ Sequels Have Wrapped Production

This just in from Pandora: James Cameron says theAvatar sequels have reached a major milestone with the completion of all principal photography involving main cast members.In a video message, the director of the two highest-grossing films of all time (Avatar and Titanic) praised the ensemble of acto... #avatar

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Cast Wraps Filming On “Avatar” Sequels

Actress Sigourney Weaver suggested it the other week and now director James Cameron has confirmed that the main cast of the “Avatar” sequels have wrapped filming at least the second and third if not more of the proposed four further films in the sci-fi franchise. The cast includes Sam Wo... #avatar

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Avatar: The 10 Most Powerful Characters (And 10 That Are Just Useless)

When Aang began his 100-year hibernation, things were bad. The weight on his twelve-year-old shoulders was crushing, and who could blame him for needing some time alone?However, when he awakened, Aang soon realized that the situation had become worse than he imagined, and that his abilities were nee... #avatar

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Avatar Sequels Main Cast Wraps Production, Says James Cameron

James Cameron reveals the main cast of theAvatar sequels has officially wrapped production on the multi-film endeavor. Ever the perfectionist, the Oscar-winning director took his time developing followups to his 2009 epic sci-fi hit. By the timeAvatar 2 debuts in theaters, 11 years will have passed ... #avatar

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Exclusive: James Cameron's Avatar Was Originally Written to be Rated R

Robert Rodriguez won over longtime friend James Cameron to become the director of Alita: Battle Angel by taking the film's mega-long script and hundreds of pages of Cameron's notes and turning it into something thatcan actually enter production, while keeping the themes intact.AdaptingYuki... #avatar

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