Licensed to Kill: James Bond’s 10 Most Brutal Kills, Ranked

With the 25th Bond movie on the horizon, we recap 10 times 007 put his license to kill to use in over-the-top, brutal fashion. # #bond

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‘Pennyworth’ Brings ‘Bond’ And Bondage To Comic-Con

Before Bruce Wayne was Batman, his British butler was James Bond. That’s the premise of Epix’s Pennyworth, the posh new production from the makers of Fox’s Gotham, executive producer/writer Bruno Heller and executive producer/director Danny Cannon. On Friday, the pair brought the s... # #bond

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Idris Elba Vetoed Black James Bond Joke in Hobbs & Shaw

Dwayne Johnson says that Idris Elba vetoed a black James Bond joke when they were filming the spinoff Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. # #bond

Screenrant | 16.7.2019 8:07:52

Dwayne Johnson: Idris Elba Nixed ‘Black James Bond’ Joke in ‘Hobbs & Shaw’

In the “Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs & Shaw,” the movie’s villain Brixton, played by Idris Elba, spreads his arms out wide and declares “I’m black Superman.” It turns out that might not have been the original line. Dwayne Johnson tells Variety that Elba was first asked to procla... # #bond

Variety | 16.7.2019 0:56:10

Meet Lashana Lynch, the Marvelous Actor Shaking Things Up in Bond 25

From Marvel to Bond, Lashana Lynch is the new queen of film franchises. # #marvel #bond

Decider | 15.7.2019 13:25:39

Lashana Lynch’s “Bond 25” Role Revealed?

If you’ve seen “Captain Marvel” then you may have met the new 007 already – actress Lashana Lynch. We know the currently filming “Bond 25” starts with James Bond (Daniel Craig) having left MI6’s active service and enjoying a tranquil life in Jamaica. A new r... # #bond

Darkhorizons | 14.7.2019 22:12:06

‘Bond 25’ Could Make a Major Change to Who Plays Agent 007

It's probably best to take these newBond 25claims with a large grain of salt but if they prove to be true, it could really shake up the long-running franchise. Over the weekend, sources speaking toThe Daily Mail alleged new cast member,Captain MarvelalumLashana Lynch, would be revealed as the ne... # #bond

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Bond 25: Lashana Lynch Reportedly Playing Female 007 Agent

Captain Marvel's Lashana Lynch will reportedly play a new MI6 agent 007 in Bond 25, although she's not replacing Daniel Craig as James Bond. # #bond

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Christoph Waltz To Reprise His Role In ‘Bond 25’

Two-time Oscar winner Christoph Waltz is set to return as James Bond adversary Ernst Stavro Blofeld in the Cary Joji Fukunaga-directed Bond 25. Waltz was first introduced as Blofeld, the mastermind of the global criminal organization, in the 2015 film, Spectre. He joins returning franchise players i... # #bond

Deadline | 12.7.2019 22:48:29

‘Bond 25’: Christoph Waltz to Return as Blofeld

When the Bond 25 cast was announced a while back, there was one name missing. Someone who survived the events of Spectre. Someone known as... Blofeld. And while rumors regarding the super-villain's return have swirled over the past several weeks, the past 24 hours have brought forth firm reports... # #bond

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Bond 25: Christoph Waltz to Return as Blofeld

John SaavedraJul 12, 2019 Bond 25 will see the return of Christoph Waltz as the evil Blofeld. Here are the details...The villainous Blofeld, the author of all of James Bond's pain over the last four Daniel Craig movies, will return inBond 25. The news was confirmed by Variety after originally b... # #bond

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Next James Bond Actor: Best Contenders To Replace Daniel Craig

With Daniel Craig's time as 007 set to end after 2020's Bond 25, we analyze the best candidates and frontrunners to be the next James Bond. # #bond

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Bond 25: Christoph Waltz Reportedly Returning as Blofeld

Christoph Waltz is reported to be returning to the Bond franchise as Bond's nemesis Blofeld, after being spotted filming at Pinewood Studios. # #bond

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10 James Bond Villains, Ranked By How Evil Their Plans Were

James Bond movies are pretty awesome, and the villains are the ones who make them exciting. We've ranked ten, based on how evil their plans were. # #bond

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Waltz’s Blofeld Returning For “Bond 25”

Christoph Waltz will reprise the role of Ernst Stavro Blofeld in the upcoming Cary Fukunaga-directed “Bond 25” which is currently in production. British columnist Baz Bamingboyle has posted a report indicating Waltz has been spotted shooting scenes at Pinewood Studios for the new film an... # #bond

Darkhorizons | 12.7.2019 0:17:44

James Bond 25 Theory: Lashana Lynch Is Playing The NEW 007 Replacement

James Bond 25 will introduce Captain Marvel's Lashana Lynch to the franchise. Could she be a replacement for Daniel Craig's 007? # #bond

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007: The 10 Most Iconic James Bond Quotes

James Bond first appeared in Ian Fleming’s novel Casino Royalein 1953. The character appeared in14 books from Fleming, but his book series also spawned an even more popular film series that is still going to this day. There have been 26Bond movies to date, with anothermovie expected to be released n... # #bond

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Rami Malek Had A Rule For “Bond 25”

When it comes to the depiction of terrorists in films, they are almost always driven by one of two motives – ideology (usually religious) or profit. On occasion, they’ll use the former motive initially to hide the real motivation which is the latter one (ala “Die Hard”). Many... # #bond

Darkhorizons | 3.7.2019 20:22:47

Rami Malek Say His ‘Bond 25’ Villain Won’t Stick to Any “Ideology or Religion”

Without a doubt, the most interesting post-Oscar move is being made byBohemian RhapsodystarRami Malek, who is moving on to Bond 25where he'll play the villain to oppositeDaniel Craig's James Bond. The details of Malek's character are being kept under wraps but there is one thing he's... # #bond

Collider | 3.7.2019 19:59:02

Rami Malek Demanded His Bond Villain Had No Religious Or Ideological Affiliations

Rami Malek has said he only agreed to play the villain in the next James Bond movie after he was assured the character would have no religious or ideological bent. “I said, ‘We cannot identify him with any act of terrorism reflecting an ideology or religion,'” the actor told UK... # #bond

Deadline | 3.7.2019 15:26:53

‘Bond 25’: Cary Fukunaga Taps His Go-To Composer Dan Romer for Original Score

Bond 25 director Cary Fukunaga is turning to an old friend to compose the score for Daniel Craig's last outing as 007, as Dan Romer has been tapped to handle scoring duties on the untitled blockbuster. Romer previously worked with Fukunaga on his acclaimed Netflix drama Beasts of No Nation starr... # #bond

Collider | 2.7.2019 20:23:58

Dan Romer To Compose The “Bond 25” Score

Award-winning producer, songwriter and film composer Dan Romer has been hired to handle the musical score for the new James Bond film which still does not have a title at this stage. The hiring is not unexpected, “Bond 25” director Cary Fukunaga has worked with Romer before on both ̶... # #bond

Darkhorizons | 2.7.2019 19:37:23

Grace Jones Drops Out Of “Bond 25” Cameo?

The one and only Grace Jones, who was a Bond girl herself in the memorable role of May Day in 1985’s “A View to a Kill,” has apparently dropped out of appearing in the upcoming “Bond 25”. A report in The Sun indicates the 70-year old actress and singer was set to make a... # #bond

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Bond 25: First Official Image of Daniel Craig as 007

# #bond

Screenrant | 1.7.2019 4:07:04

‘Bond 25’: Daniel Craig Rocks a Suit and Drives an Aston Martin in First-Look Image & Video

Daniel Craig seems to be recovering nicely from the ankle surgery that took him away from production on Bond 25for a few weeks. A new official image and video from the Whitehall, London set posted by the film's Twitter account see the actor rocking the crap out of a suit and driving a classic As... # #bond

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Daniel Craig Returns To “Bond 25” Set In UK

51-year-old actor Daniel Craig returned to the set of the new James Bond film after rehabilitation for an injury to his ankle ligaments he sustained in late May during filming in Jamaica. The film continued production during Craig’s rehab, location filming shifting to the UK and now Craig is back on... # #bond

Darkhorizons | 30.6.2019 18:14:03

Daniel Craig Returns To Set For New James Bond Film After Injury

The name is Craig. Daniel Craig. The 51-year-old actor has returned to the set of his new James Bond film after rehab for an injury to his ankle ligaments. Craig underwent surgery after falling during filming in Jamaica in May. The film continued production during Craig’s two-week rehabilitati... # #bond

Deadline | 30.6.2019 16:44:35

Idris Elba “Disheartened” By Racially-Charged Bond Casting Backlash

Idris Elba has been in the James Bond conversation for years, but the actor says he’s bothered by some of the racial references that pop up when he’s mentioned as the next 007. In fact, the Luther star finds it troubling that some people don’t think he could play the suave super sp... # #bond

Deadline | 30.6.2019 2:16:52

“Bond 25” Had A Title… That Was Dumped

In late April, production on the next James Bond film launched with a video from the set in Jamaica and it was hoped the film’s title would be revealed as part of the presentation. However the event came and went with no reveal, only that the project was going by the name “Bond 25”... # #bond

Darkhorizons | 28.6.2019 18:10:30

Scrapped James Bond 25 Title Reportedly Revealed

# #bond

Screenrant | 27.6.2019 5:06:52

Shaken, But Alive: 10 Times James Bond Should Have Totally Been Dead

James Bond has been through a lot over the years. Through twenty-four official movies, and a few others, various villains have attempted to kill the seemingly-immortal character by any means you can think of. He’s survived battles on land, sea, in the air, outer space and even inside a volcano. # #bond

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007: The 10 Best Bond Movie Henchmen, Ranked

Everyone loves to talk about Bond movie villains. Over the decades, they’ve given the world some of movie history’s greatest quotes, lairs, superweapons and bad guy schemes for global domination. But who is it doing the heavy lifting for these elaborate plans? It’s the colorful array of henchmen, pr... # #bond

Screenrant | 26.6.2019 11:06:36

Danny Boyle on ‘Yesterday,’ Leaving ‘Bond 25’ and Why the Beatles Still Rock

Danny Boyle would like to reintroduce you to the Beatles. The iconic foursome certainly needs no introduction, but in his movie “Yesterday,” which debuts June 28, the director envisions a word where nobody has heard of John, Paul, George and Ringo. That is, nobody besides Jack Malik. Whe... # #bond

Variety | 25.6.2019 19:42:01

‘Bond 25’ First Footage Sees Daniel Craig Back as 007

After suffering a series of setbacks, including finding a new director and Daniel Craig’s on-set injury, “Bond 25” production is officially underway. A new behind-the-scenes clip of the upcoming James Bond film features Craig and helmer Cary Joji Fukunaga at work in the Caribbean. ... # #bond

Variety | 25.6.2019 15:06:16

Official ‘Bond 25’ Set Video Offers First Look at Daniel Craig Back as 007

While the production of Bond 25 has been plagued with difficulties from the very beginning, a new official behind-the-scenes set video is all smiles. Indeed thisfirst official set video puts the focus on the sequel’s initial shooting location, Jamaica, and offers some candid looks at Daniel Craig ba... # #bond

Collider | 25.6.2019 14:18:31

“Bond 25” Caribbean Filming Sizzle Reel

A welcome bit of good news on the “Bond 25” front today with the official site showing off a one-minute sizzle reel of B-roll footage captured during the Jamaican leg of the final Daniel Craig-led 007 adventure. The film’s director Cary Fukunaga, along with Craig and actors Jeffrey... # #bond

Darkhorizons | 25.6.2019 14:12:54

Bond 25 Behind-the-Scenes Video Takes Fans to Jamaica Set

# #bond

Screenrant | 25.6.2019 7:06:26

Red Dead Redemption 2 Not Responsible for Bond 25 Delays Says Director

Matthew ByrdJun 24, 2019 Bond 25 director Cary Fukunaga says that Red Dead Redemption 2 shouldn't be blamed for the movies production delays. We hope that this will end up being one of the strangest stories we bring you this week, but Bond 25 directorCary Fukunaga has denied rumors that product... # #bond

Den of Geek | 24.6.2019 16:38:50

Boyle: Pattinson Should Be Next James Bond

When it comes to speculative casting, you can find a lot of crossover for those named to fill the roles of both James Bond and Bruce Wayne. Both epitomise a certain masculinity and have a capacity to serve as an avatar for male fantasy, both like the finer things in life, both are around the […... # #bond

Darkhorizons | 21.6.2019 17:42:01

Malek, Fukunaga Refute “Bond 25” Reports

There’s been plenty of news reports about the new James Bond film and many of them have been bad. From delays to re-writes to injuries and set problems, the film seems to have been plagued by issues to the point that there’s already talk of a ‘curse’ over the whole endeavour.... # #bond

Darkhorizons | 21.6.2019 15:35:07

Danny Boyle Thinks Robert Pattinson Should Be The Next James Bond

If it were up to Danny Boyle, Robert Pattinson would become the next James Bond. Bruce Wayne, Jame Bond and Edward Cullen…that would be quite the CV. In an interview with The Guardian for upcoming musical Yesterday, Boyle discussed his experience briefly working on (and then being taken off) t... # #bond

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