Peter Bart: Surviving Eisner & Ovitz Snubs, Disney’s Bob Iger Dazzles Wall Street Again With Bold Streaming Plans

Stars like to boast that they never read their reviews, but does Bob Iger? The Disney czar received a litany of raves for his three-hour performance last week aimed at demonstrating his company’s intention to conquer Netflix. The upshot: Disney shares hit record highs and famously skeptical analysts... # #disney

Deadline | 18.4.2019 22:26:47

Harvey Weinstein Fails To Get Class Action Tossed; Bob Weinstein, Disney, TWC Board & David Glasser Dropped From Case

After decades of being joined at the big-screen hip, Harvey Weinstein and his brother and longtime business partner Bob Weinstein split in late 2017 as accusations of sexual assault and harassment piled up against Harvey Weinstein. However, the brothers were still linked in the courts. But that stat... # #disney

Deadline | 18.4.2019 19:58:07

Clint Eastwood Circling ‘Ballad Of Richard Jewell’ For Fox/Disney

EXCLUSIVE: Clint Eastwood is circling to next direct The Ballad Of Richard Jewell, and has been in discussions with Disney/Fox drama based on the life of a security guard whose life was turned upside down in a moment after it was leaked by law enforcement to a reporter that Jewell was a possible sus... # #disney

Deadline | 18.4.2019 19:40:20

Disney Cancels Fox’s ‘Mouse Guard’ Movie Just Days Before Production Starts

More fallout today from the Disney/Fox merger. Director Wes Ball (The Maze Runner) was all set up to make Mouse Guard his next big-screen project with Andy Serkis (Planet of the Apes franchise) and Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Game of Thrones) on board to lead the cast. The motion-capture / performance-c... # #disney

Collider | 18.4.2019 15:03:44

‘Shazam!’ Smashes $100M; Disney-Fox’s Faith-Based ‘Breakthrough’ Mints $1.7M Opening Day; ‘Penguins’ Near $500K – Wednesday B.O.

Disney’s first Fox release under the combined regime, the faith-based DeVon Franklin produced Breakthroughnotched second place in its opening day yesterday with an estimated $1.7M at 2,764 runs behind New Line/DC’s Shazam!which took No. 1 in his second Wednesday with $1.96M (-39% from Tu... # #disney #shazam

Deadline | 18.4.2019 13:17:44

Disney Kills “Mouse Guard” Just Before Filming

The cast was locked, pre-production has been underway for months and filming was set to begin in two weeks – but 20th Century Fox’s $170 million adaptation of David Petersen’s two-time Eisner winning comic “Mouse Guard” has been unexpectedly shut down today by Fox’... # #disney

Darkhorizons | 18.4.2019 7:45:59

Sen. Ted Cruz Snark On Disney Notre Dame Donation Draws Online Ire

Texas Senator Ted Cruz probably wishes he had stuck to politics, after a tweet joking about a Walt Disney Co. donation to help rebuild Notre Dame fell flat. The Walt Disney Company pledged $5 million toward the rebuilding of the famed Paris cathedral, which was partially destroyed by a fire this wee... # #disney

Deadline | 18.4.2019 4:07:10

‘The Gifted’ Canceled By Fox After 2 Seasons; Marvel Drama Could Potentially Find New Home At Disney

Fox has opted not to renew its sophomore drama seriesThe Gifted for a third season. The family adventure series, set in Marvel’s X-Men universe, comes from 20th Century Fox TV, which now is part of Disney. I hear that there have been no real conversations but there is a chance for The Gifted to find... # #marvel #disney

Deadline | 18.4.2019 2:15:13

‘Mouse Guard’ Halted Two Weeks From Production Start; Casualty Of Disney Merger?

EXCLUSIVE: Two weeks out from its production start, the Fox motion capture picture Mouse Guard has been mouse trapped by Disney. The project was developed by Fox with the adaptation of David Petersen’s Eisner-winning comic book series to be directed by Wes Ball. The film had set to star Idris ... # #disney

Deadline | 18.4.2019 1:39:32

Disney Layoffs Hit TV Ad Sales Team At Former Fox Networks Group, 20th TV EVP Michael Teicher Exits

EXCLUSIVE UPDATED WITH MORE NAMES: A month after Disney’s $71.3 billion acquisition of key Fox assets was completed, there is a second round of layoffs hitting the former Fox units, I have learned. I hear the terminations are affecting employees related to TV ad sales in New York. I hear the i... # #disney

Deadline | 17.4.2019 19:16:22

‘Netflix Killers’? Why Netflix May Actually Benefit From Disney+ and Other Streaming Entrants

Is there a “Netflix killer” looming out there that will give the No. 1 subscription-streaming leader a run for its money and throw a serious wrench into its growth trajectory? Maybe. But a more likely scenario is that new services from Disney, Apple, WarnerMedia and others will be a risi... #netflix # #disney

Variety | 17.4.2019 17:50:02

Disney Pledges $5M Toward Notre Dame Cathedral Reconstruction

The Walt Disney Company has pledged $5 million for aid in the reconstruction of Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral, the company announced today. “Notre-Dame is a beacon of hope and beauty that has defined the heart of Paris and the soul of France for centuries,” said Robert A. Iger, Chairman an... # #disney

Deadline | 17.4.2019 14:31:31

Disney Pledges $5 Million to Help Rebuild Paris’ Notre-Dame Cathedral

The Walt Disney Co. has joined a number of other companies in pledging $5 million towards the reconstruction of Notre-Dame, the iconic Paris landmark damaged this week by a massive fire. Disney CEO Bob Iger said the cathedral, which featured in the company’s 1996 animated adaptation of Victor ... # #disney

Variety | 17.4.2019 13:54:19

How Dark Phoenix's Marketing Has Changed Since The Disney Deal

# #disney

Screenrant | 17.4.2019 10:04:20

Disney Won’t Change Deadpool, Says Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige

# #marvel #disney

Screenrant | 17.4.2019 10:04:15

The Lion King Will Be Disney's Biggest 2019 Movie - Not Avengers: Endgame

# #avengers #disney

Screenrant | 17.4.2019 3:04:27

10 #HowStarWarsShouldEnd Tweets Disney Should Seriously Consider

The end of the franchise,Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, draws near with the recent announcement by J. J. Abrams. It is a sad time as we reminisce on the power of the movies which sparked a fandom like no other. Fans have become so invested in this film series they have created a hashtag to provid... # #disney

Screenrant | 17.4.2019 1:04:32

MCU Future Ties In Heavily With Disney+ Shows

Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige has made it clear for many months if not years now that “Avengers: Endgame” is an ending to the MCU as we know it – after this point it becomes something new and very different. As part of a new cover story for Variety though, one thing he’s ... # #disney

Darkhorizons | 16.4.2019 19:48:30

Marvel Studios Chief Kevin Feige on the Disney Plus Shows, Fox Deal

Marvel Studios Chief Kevin Feige is gearing up for the release of “Avengers: Endgame,” which is expected to dominate the box office when it opens at the end of April. But he’s also looking beyond its premiere to a new phase in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), one that will intr... # #marvel #disney

Variety | 16.4.2019 18:00:42

‘Big Hero 6 The Series’ Renewed For Season 3 By Disney Channel

Ahead of the May 6 Season 2 premiere, Disney Channel has given an early third-season renewal to hit animated comedyBig Hero 6 The Series. Based on the Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Oscar-winning feature film, Big Hero 6 The Series continues the adventures and friendship of 14-year-old tech ge... # #disney

Deadline | 16.4.2019 17:16:55

The Disney+ Marvel Shows Will Be Closely Linked to the Movies Says Kevin Feige

When Marvel first started dipping its toe in to TV, the results were less than stellar. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. got off to a shaky start, and while that show has settled and found a devoted fanbase, it never was able to continually link up with the movies due to the vast differences in production sch... # #marvel #disney

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Marvel Disney+ Series Will Intersect With MCU Movies

# #marvel #disney

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The 17 Disney Movies on Netflix with the Highest Rotten Tomatoes Scores

Netflix has a huge selection of modern Disney classics, Pixar films, Star Wars adventures, and Marvel Studios movies–but not for much longer! #netflix # #disney

Decider | 16.4.2019 8:30:30

Disney Bought Fox Primarily Because of Disney+, Says Bob Iger

# #disney

Screenrant | 16.4.2019 7:04:10

Hulu Now Co-Owned By Disney & Universal After AT&T Buyout

# #disney

Screenrant | 16.4.2019 4:04:59

The Best Disney Movies on Netflix

Stream'em while Netflix has still got'em! #netflix # #disney

Decider | 15.4.2019 21:00:28

Disney’s Iger: Fox Buy Due To Streaming

It wasn’t the possibility of superhero team-ups, it wasn’t sport, it wasn’t owning cable networks – according to Disney CEO Bob Iger, the single biggest reason Disney forked out tens of billions to purchase 21st Century Fox? Streaming. In a new interview with CNBC, which was ... # #disney

Darkhorizons | 15.4.2019 20:34:00

Lenovo FCC Filing Suggests Marvel-Themed Disney AR Headset Coming

Following its 2017 release of the “Star Wars: Jedi Challenges” augmented reality (AR) headset, Lenovo and Disney seem to be preparing the release of hardware related to yet another blockbuster franchise: A new FCC filing suggests that the companies are getting close to unveil a Marvel-th... # #marvel #disney

Variety | 15.4.2019 20:13:37

The Best Disney/Pixar Movie Bracket

# #disney

Screenrant | 15.4.2019 12:04:35

Star Wars’ ‘The Mandalorian’: Everything We Know about the Disney+ Show

Meet your new favorite Star Wars characters, played by Pedro Pascal, Gina Carano, and Carl Weathers. # #disney #star-wars

Decider | 15.4.2019 10:49:12

10 Lion King Gifts For The Disney Fan In Your Life

Good news for fans of Pride Rock - everything the light touches (on this list) could one day be yours if you want it to be. With the new live-action version of TheLion Kinghitting theatres in July of this year, these toys, books, games and more will make great spring and summer gifts for friends, fa... # #disney

Screenrant | 15.4.2019 8:04:04

5 Actors Who Regretted Being Disney Channel Stars (And 15 Who Adored It)

Ah, Disney Channel. Whether giving us teen idols to admire, stellar cartoons that rival the likes of Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, or quality films that can't be found in theaters, the network has been a hit for decades and doesn't seem to be slowing down today. So, being one of the mai... # #disney

Screenrant | 15.4.2019 7:04:22

Exclusive Look At The Art and Making of Disney's Aladdin

# #disney

Screenrant | 15.4.2019 3:04:31

‘The Mandalorian’: All the Breaking News about the ‘Star Wars’ Disney+ Show from SWCC

Star Wars Celebration 2019 just put the spotlight on the very firstStar Wars live-action TV series, the upcoming Disney+ show,The Mandalorian.We've been talking about it for quite a while now, mostly highlighting casting updates, but we didn't really know much about the Jon Favreau-createdsh... # #disney #star-wars

Collider | 14.4.2019 19:18:06

Disney+ Won’t Let Viewers Binge The Mandalorian Season 1

# #disney

Screenrant | 14.4.2019 4:04:14

Coca-Cola, Disney Strike ‘Star Wars’ Partnership

“Star Wars” takes place “a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away,” as any fan of the popular movie franchise knows. And the process of getting a famous product embedded into a new Disney park based on “Star Wars” seemed to last for a similar duration. Coca-Cola... # #disney #star-wars

Variety | 13.4.2019 16:15:34

Disney+ Promises To Deliver Original Spinoffs of Classic Franchises

The brand new streaming platform will be available in the United States on November 19. # #disney

Decider | 13.4.2019 8:42:46

20 Disney Movies Fans Pretend Don't Exist (And 10 Hidden Gems Everyone Forgets)

Ah, the wonderful world of Disney... Where would we be without the magical empire that is the house of mouse? The creative geniuses at Disney have brought to life some of the most beloved characters the world has ever known. From Mickey and friends to the plethora of princesses, there is very little... # #disney

Screenrant | 13.4.2019 8:04:52

10 Lies We All Believed About Disney Princesses

# #disney

Screenrant | 13.4.2019 8:04:12

Disney Stock Explodes As Wall Street Marvels At Company’s Streaming Plans

UPDATED with closing price. With Wall Street analysts lining up to praise Disney for its thorough presentation of its long-awaited streaming offering, Disney+, investors sent shares up more than 11% to an all-time high of $130.06 in Friday trading. On Thursday afternoon in Burbank, CEO Bob Iger and ... # #marvel #disney

Deadline | 12.4.2019 21:16:00

Everything Coming to Disney+

Kirsten HowardAlec Bojalad Apr 12, 2019 Disney is getting ready to launch its own streaming service, Disney+. Here’s a solid list of what you can expect.Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and the other streaming services will gain a powerful new rival this year. Disney’s forthcoming streaming service has ... # #disney

Den of Geek | 12.4.2019 21:15:01