10 Facts About 12 Grimmauld Place The Harry Potter Movies Leave Out

Number 12 Grimmauld Place was introduced in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Audiences learned of this dusty old solace when Dumbledore brings Harry to the depreciating townhouse in London. Much to his surprise, Harry is met at the home by Hermione, Ron, and his godfather, Sirius Black who... # #harry-potter

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All The Patronuses Of The Harry Potter Characters

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban introduced the idea of the Patronus charm in Harry Potter canon. Since then, Patronuses have become one of the most iconic elements of the entire franchise. The spell itself, Expecto Patronum, is the only tool to combat the soul-sucking beings known as Dement... # #harry-potter

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Harry Potter: 10 Things About The Ministry Of Magic The Movies Leave Out

Throughout the Harry Potter film franchise, audiences are shown the wizarding world’s government arrangement, also known as the Ministry of Magic. From the Sorcerer’s Stone to the Deathly Hallows, the Ministry of Magic is rarely shown in a positive light. They are generally perceived as egocentric, ... # #harry-potter

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Harry Potter: 10 Times Ron Should Definitely Have Been Expelled (Or Imprisoned In Azkaban)

There has never been a more rebellious trio than the friends we saw on Harry Potter. Each one of the three broke rules on a frequent basis, and did so on individual terms, too. They were always spared, though, because theirrule-breaking helped in denying Voldemort (or some other factor). # #harry-potter

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Harry Potter: 10 Facts About The Death Eaters That The Movies Leave Out

Prejudiced and malicious to the bone, Death Eaters are the faction that make up Voldemort’s fanatical following. Fans of the Harry Potter film franchise became acquainted with these villainsaround the time of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The first sightings ofthis group in the films came dur... # #harry-potter

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Harry Potter: 5 Times Harry Was A Good Friend (And 5 He Wasn't)

In the entire population of fictional teenagers, few are more iconic than Harry Potter. He's the Boy Who Lived and he defeats Voldemort, the scourge of the wizarding world. As a true Gryffindor, Harry is known for his bravery. To call him a hero is not an understatement. Nevertheless,behind thi... # #harry-potter

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‘Harry Potter’ Alum Harry Melling Inks With Paradigm

EXCLUSIVE: Harry Melling, the stage and film actor best known for playing Dudley Dursley in the Harry Potter movie franchise, has signed with Paradigm. The London-born Melling has been busy, with upcoming projects includingAntonio Campos’ The Devil All the Time, produced by Jake Gyllenhaal for Netfl... # #harry-potter

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Harry Potter: 10 Things About Patronuses The Movies Leave Out

The Patronus charm is one of the most influential and suitable spells that Harry Potter learns to conjure. We first see the Patronus charm in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban when Professor Lupin wards the dementors off the Hogwarts Express. And because of Harry’s susceptibility to the condi... # #harry-potter

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Harry Potter: 25 Things That Make No Sense About Harry Potter And Cho Chang's Relationship

Some of the relationships in the Harry Potter universe just don't make sense. Cho and Harry is definitely one of them. Romance doesn't seem to be J.K. Rowling's forte. Though the author manages to create some cute relationships, overall most of them don't make a lot of sense. Thi... # #harry-potter

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Harry Potter: 20 Couples J.K. Rowling Wants Us To Forget

The Harry Potter phenomenon really came out of nowhere, didn’t it? Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone released in the UK way back in June 1997 (September 1998 in the US, subtitled Sorcerer’s Stone), the debut novel from an unknown author named J.K. Rowling. # #harry-potter

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George R.R. Martin on ‘Lord of the Rings’ vs. ‘Harry Potter’: ‘Gandalf Could Kick Dumbledore’s Ass’

“Game of Thrones” fans have a lot to thank J.R.R. Tolkien for. “Thrones” author George R.R. Martin, along with stars Nicholas Hoult and Lily Collins and director Dome Karukoski, discussed their personal connections to Tolkien and his “Lord of the Rings” series on ... # #harry-potter

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Harry Potter: 15 Rules Hogwarts Students Have To Follow (And 10 They Always Break)

When we look back on our school days, it’s usually with all kinds of mixed emotions. Yes, they’re supposed to be the Best Days Of Your Life™, but the truth is, that’s a bit of a rose-tinted view. # #harry-potter

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Harry Potter: 12 Facts About The Hogwarts Castle The Movies Leave Out

The Harry Potter movies were astounding and brought even more fans into the fandom. Coming in at eight movies, a total run-time of 1,178 minutes. And that's not counting the Fantastic Beasts movies. Yet even if the movies had been twice as long, they never could have contained every detail the ... # #harry-potter

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10 Characters From Harry Potter That The Movies Didn't Include

The Harry Potter movies brought many of the characters from the books to life on-screen, but, with so many characters mentioned in the books, it wasn’t possible for them all to be included. While all of the main characters who were central to the story were in the movies, there were many side and su... # #harry-potter

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8 Details About Harry Potter That Make Us Feel As Old As Albus Dumbledore

The originalHarry Potter series came out from 1997 to 2007. They started when films like Titanic, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, and Men in Black were playing in theaters. The last book was published when the iPhone was first announced and theaters were playing I am Legend and Ratatouille. # #harry-potter

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Harry Potter: 25 Things Wrong With Dumbledore We All Choose To Ignore

Without a doubt, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore is one of the most complex, interesting and compassionate characters ever written. One of the stars of the Harry Potter series written by J.K. Rowling, Dumbledore is the source of so much wisdom that his quotes are utilized daily, from his adv... # #harry-potter

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First Look At Hagrid Animated Figure In New Harry Potter Ride

# #harry-potter

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Harry Potter: 10 Things About the Forbidden Forest The Books Leave Out

The Harry Potter books and movies left people wanting to know more despite both having run for ten years each. Details derived from these mediums are common knowledge, and they are considered canon in their own right. However, there have been considerable facts delivered to fans through other outlet... # #harry-potter

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Harry Potter: 5 Times Ron Was A Good Friend (& 5 Times He Wasn't)

The Harry Potter series’ success can be attributed to several factors, but it's the story’s ability to keep the characters relatable and human that proved a hit with the fanbase. One of the relatable aspects of the series was the focus on friendship; the central trio is something that people of... # #harry-potter

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Harry Potter: 10 Things About Hogwarts The Movies Leave Out

Hogwarts is the most magical place in the world. Ever since childhood, we all dreamed about one day receiving our Hogwarts letters so we could go to school in a giant castle and play quidditch with our magical friends. We could feast on pumpkin juice and kidney pie every supper, and turn a goblet in... # #harry-potter

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‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’ Beta Live in Australia, New Zealand

Niantic’s location-based augmented reality mobile game “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite” kicked off a beta in Austra and New Zealand on Wednesday. Those interested, and who live in the area or have an account from the area, can download the game from the App Store or Google Play to sta... # #harry-potter

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Harry Potter: 20 Behind-The-Scenes Photos That Completely Change The Original Movies

The Harry Potter franchise has shaped the imaginations of a whole generation. J.K. Rowling’s sweeping saga of the Boy Who Lived captured millions of hearts all over the globe ever since Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was first published in the U.K. back in 1997. The popularity of the Wizar... # #harry-potter

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New ‘LEGO Harry Potter’ Sets include the Knight Bus and Hagrid’s Hut

Last year, LEGO started a new line of Harry Potter sets, and they’re continuing to expand the line this August with five new sets. The sets will include the Knight Bus, Hagrid’s Hut, the front of Hogwarts, a battle between Harry’s Patronus and dementors, and the dragon from the Triwizard Tournament.... # #harry-potter

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Harry Potter Gets 5 New LEGO Sets in 2019

# #harry-potter

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10 Harry Potter Influences In Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

While the popular Netlix program The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, which is based on a comic book, may not seem as it if has much to do with J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, the two have much in common. There are several parallels between the series, from the fact that they both tackle sub... # #harry-potter

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25 False Things About Harry Potter That Everyone Believed

The magical world of Harry Potter captivated our minds from the very moment we turned the first page of the first book. The adventure of a young wizard going to school for the very first time and learning the ins and outs of magic was one heck of a premise. Thanks to the writing skills of J.K. Rowli... # #harry-potter

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Harry Potter: 6 Times Hermione Was A Good Friend (& 4 Times She Wasn't)

Hermione Granger is one of the most important characters inHarry Potter. She's known for her fierce intelligence and deep-rooted friendship with Harry and Ron. However, making friends didn't always come easily to Hermione. At the beginning of her Hogwarts career, Hermione is a lone wolf. N... # #harry-potter

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9 Things That Could Have Stopped Voldemort Before the Harry Potter Series Began

The entire Harry Potterseries centered around Harry’s quest to kill Lord Voldemort. While in the earlier books, the way to doing so seemed nearly impossible, he eventually learns about the Horcruxes and how Voldemort can be defeated. Voldemort was a dark, manipulative wizard since childhood, and he ... # #harry-potter

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The Most Dangerous Harry Potter Spells (And What They Do)

In the Potterverse, it seems that there is a spell for everything; ranging fromjinxes that prevent intruders from entering a property to healing spells that clear the throat of a choking victim. So great is the range of spells in the magical world that the only tools young witches and wizards need t... # #harry-potter

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10 Best Harry Potter Board Games, Ranked

For those who have been known to murmur, "Wingardium Leviosa," in their sleep (and sometimes wake up to a floating pillow),these Harry Potter games are for you. Ranked from "pretty fun" to "out of this muggle world", these are the best Harry Potter themed board games fo... # #harry-potter

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Harry Potter: Who Was Worse, Voldemort or Grindelwald?

Generally, being worse at something means beingpoorer in performance, but that's not always the case. When it comes to Voldemort and Grindelwald, it actually means being better... at being evil. These two wizards are the only ones we know from the Harry Potter universe to be bona fide warlords,... # #harry-potter

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Harry Potter: 20 Creatures Ranked From Weakest To Strongest, Officially Ranked

Harry Potter is a franchise that needs no introduction. It’s the series that introduced a whole generation to reading (for pleasure, that is, not just because they were assigned material for that school year). The series that has captured the imagination of fans of all ages. # #harry-potter

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10 Things JK Rowling Planned On Including In Harry Potter (But Ended Up Scrapping)

These days when people think about J.K. Rowling they often think about all of the changes she has made to Harry Potter canon after the fact. With Pottermore, the Fantastic Beasts movies, and her Twitter, Rowling just can’t stop talking about the franchise and adding and changing things about the can... # #harry-potter

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Harry Potter Ride Reveals Fantastic Creature the Movies Left Out

# #harry-potter

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Where Do I know That Harry Potter Actor From? Their Best Muggle Roles

Sometimes we become so entranced in the wizarding world while watching theHarry Potter movies that we forget magicand Hogwartsdon't actually exist. We completely ignore the fact that the actors who play these characters aren't actually witches and wizards because they're just so darn ... # #harry-potter

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Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Movie Updates: Will It Happen?

# #harry-potter

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‘Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle’: Universal Sr. Director on Embracing the Evil Side of Harry Potter

The latest light projection show at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, called “Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle,” will unleash the darkest creatures and villains from the Harry Potter franchise, in an awe-inspiring display of light, music and special effects. As darkness falls, sinister images from th... # #harry-potter

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10 Times Harry Potter Characters Showed Their Secondary House Characteristics

If Albus Dumbledore had a Sterling Pound for every time the Sorting Hat misjudged someone, he'd probably have enough togive Hogwarts a modern facelift. We all know that both Dumbledore and the Sorting Hat are not infallible. Both have, in fact, made mistakes over their tenure at the Hogwarts Sc... # #harry-potter

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Ranked: Every Major Death In Harry Potter

J.K. Rowling has blessed us with a magical set of characters in Harry Potter that wehave grown to love and cherish dearly over time.We feel as though we have grown up with these characters which made it all the more difficult when they were taken away from us. Most of the people at Hogwarts serve as... # #harry-potter

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10 Wizard "Problems" From Harry Potter That Have Easy Muggle Solutions

Every fan of the wizarding worldfantasized aboutliving in theHarry Potteruniverse while growing up.Many were even so desperate to live in the magical world thatabit of a temper tantrum may have been thrown when no owl arrived with a Hogwarts letter onthat vital 11th birthday. Who wouldn't want ... # #harry-potter

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Harry Potter: 25 Things Wrong With Hermoine Granger We All Choose To Ignore

In the Harry Potter series, we had the Golden Trio. These three characters made Harry Potter what it was and without them there would be no series. While Harry was the main protagonist, he didn’t have all the attributes that would have enabled him to take down Voldemort. His friends also got separat... # #harry-potter

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Must Own Gifts For Harry Potter Fans Sorted Into Gryffindor

Harry Potter is one of the biggest fandoms in the entire world. Fans are completely obsessed with the books, films, theme parks, and products and can’t seem to get enough of this magical world. # #harry-potter

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Harry Potter: 15 Characters Strong Enough To Take On Voldemort (And 10 Way Too Weak)

The Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts series introduced plenty of wizards and witches no one would want to mess with. Even the most unassuming characters were usually hiding magical power far beyond expectations. While most Hogwarts professors, Order of the Phoenix members, and Death Eaters were ski... # #harry-potter

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8 Things About Number Four, Privet Drive That The Harry Potter Movies Leave Out

While the Harry Potter movies gave fans a visual representation of the books, movies can’t give all of the details that the books provided. While Number Four, Privet Drive is shown various times in the movies, some of the specific details about the Dursley’s home didn’t make it onto the screen. In t... # #harry-potter

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9 Things About Hogsmeade The Harry Potter Movies Leave Out

Hogsmeade is an important setting in the Harry Potter books, and the Harry Potter films included most of these central plot moments, too. But, the books allow for many more details and smaller moments than the films can include, so, naturally, there are many things about Hogsmeade that didn’t make i... # #harry-potter

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