Directors vs. Marvel: A Breakdown of the Criticism

Despite being the highest-grossing film franchise of all time, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has not been getting any love from critically renowned auteurs, like Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola. The Marvel pile-on started at the beginning of October and has impassioned many supporters and d... # #marvel #

Variety | 22.10.2019 23:09:17

Jeph Loeb to Step Down as Marvel TV Head

Joseph BaxterOct 22, 2019 Marvel Television head Jeph Loeb is vacating his position, leaving behind a transformative legacy of comic book TV content.Marvel’s live-action arena is set for a profound sea change with news of the imminent exit of its longtime television head, Jeph Loeb.Loeb – an esteeme... # #marvel #

Den of Geek | 22.10.2019 19:15:01

Jon Favreau Wades Into Scorsese-Marvel Controversy with Level-Headed Take

If there's one news story that just won't die this month, it's "Auteur Director Criticizes Marvel." Whether it's heavyweights like Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola or distinguished filmmakers who most Americans barely know but are still making headlines because Marvel!!! like... # #marvel #

Collider | 22.10.2019 19:11:25

Jeph Loeb Reportedly Exiting Marvel TV as Kevin Feige Takes Over as Chief Creative Officer

The slow and extremely tragic death of Marvel TV might've just reached its Thanos Snap moment, as Jeph Loeb is reportedly on his way out the door in the middle of Kevin Fiege's ascent toward the top. Signs of the small-screen Marvel venture's downfall have been in the tea leaves for a wh... # #marvel #

Collider | 22.10.2019 19:10:50

Jon Favreau Addresses Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola’s Criticism of Marvel Movies

Jon Favreau, actor, director and staple in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, addressed Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola’s criticisms of Marvel movies during an interview with CNBC. “These two guys are my heroes and they’ve earned the right to express their opinions,” Favreau said. “I wouldn’t b... # #marvel #

Variety | 22.10.2019 19:07:05

Jeph Loeb To Exit Marvel TV Shortly

Four-time Eisner Award winner Jeph Loeb is set to exit Marvel Television before the end of the year reports Deadline. The exit was expected following the recent appointment of Kevin Feige as chief creative officer for all of Marvel including its television division. Marvel Television itself, which s... # #marvel #

Darkhorizons | 22.10.2019 18:56:02

Jon Favreau Responds To Scorsese And Coppola’s Marvel Remarks: “They Can Express Whatever Opinion They Like”

The great comic book movie debate of 2019 continues as Jon Favreau, the director of the very first Marvel Cinematic Universe movieIron Man, chimed in on the recent remarks about Marvel movies made by directors Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola. In a CNBC interview, Favreau was fairly even-han... # #marvel #

Deadline | 22.10.2019 18:30:47

Jeph Loeb To Exit Marvel TV By Year’s End After A Decade At The Hero Helm

After a long run that took the comic giant into the live action small screen business, Jeph Loeb is leaving Marvel Television. The four-time Eisner Award winner and Heroes co-EP will exit the home of the concluding Agents Of S.H.E.I.L.D. and the upcoming Helstrom by the end of the year, sources clos... # #marvel #

Deadline | 22.10.2019 18:29:16

Marvel & Sirius Team Up For Multiple Podcasts

SiriusXM and Marvel Entertainment have announced a major multiyear pact under which Marvel will create a ‘substantial amount’ of exclusive podcasts for SiriusXM and Pandora. These would include both scripted and unscripted series and themed live events. Four new scripted series, each aro... # #marvel #

Darkhorizons | 22.10.2019 17:11:13

Marvel to Bring Exclusive Podcasts to SiriusXM and Pandora

Today, SiriusXM and Marvel announced a multi-year agreement under which Marvel will create a substantial amount of exclusive podcasts for SiriusXM and Pandora. In Marvel’s most sweeping podcast deal ever, the venture will include both scripted and unscripted series, themed live events, and much more... # #marvel #

Collider | 22.10.2019 16:44:24

Marvel Creating ‘Substantial’ Number of Exclusive Podcasts for SiriusXM

Marvel’s Wolverine, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Star-Lord — and potentially more characters down the road — are getting their own podcasts on SiriusXM and Pandora. SiriusXM and Marvel Entertainment announced a multiyear pact under which Marvel will create a “substantial amount&#... # #marvel #

Variety | 22.10.2019 16:39:06

With Jeph Loeb’s Exit, Marvel TV Reaches the End of an Era

... and what's next? # #marvel #

Decider | 22.10.2019 15:25:36

Directors Ken Loach and Fernando Meirelles Voice Their Disdain for Marvel Movies

This is a weird little news cycle we’re in where famous directors signal that they’re not really into Marvel movies. You've got these back-and-forths in the press with Martin Scorsese and James Gunn and Francis Ford Coppola. I think asking them about it is a valid question when Marvel movies are... # #marvel #

Collider | 22.10.2019 14:29:22

Marvel Teams With SiriusXM On Podcasts & Preps Scripted Series Featuring Wolverine, Hawkeye, Black Widow

Marvel is the latest top tier producer to move into podcasts – teaming up with SiriusXM for a slew of series featuring Wolverine, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Star-Lord. The Disney-owned superhero brand has struck a multi-year agreement with the subscription radio service that includes both scripted and... # #marvel #

Deadline | 22.10.2019 14:19:35

Does Kevin Feige’s Marvel Promotion Mean Ike Perlmutter’s Endgame?

Last week’s move giving Kevin Feige charge of Marvel’s television, animation and print editorial operations should come as no surprise. As the architect of the company’s enormous film success, Feige arguably has the most enviable track record of any contemporary entertainment executive. Extending hi... # #marvel #

Variety | 22.10.2019 13:30:55

Ken Loach, Fernando Meirelles Heap More Criticism on Marvel Movies

Veteran British director Ken Loach and acclaimed Brazilian helmer Fernando Meirelles (“City of God”) have piled on the criticism of Marvel films. Two-time Palme d’Or winner Loach described comic-book movies as “commodities…like hamburgers,” while Meirelles said he was “not in... # #marvel #

Variety | 22.10.2019 12:09:15

James Gunn Responds to Francis Ford Coppola’s Claim that Marvel Movies Are “Despicable”

There’s a current trend of interviews happening where legendary directors are getting asked about Marvel movies. It’s a valid question because these are giants of cinemas who came up around the 1970s and, to be fair, kind of saw their Second Golden Age shunted aside by the Star Wars and Jaws of the ... # #marvel #

Collider | 21.10.2019 15:19:39

Francis Ford Coppola’s Slam on Marvel Films Fuels Debate Sparked by Martin Scorsese

Disparaging remarks by Francis Ford Coppola have further inflamed the debate sparked by Martin Scorsese and his criticism of Marvel and other comic book films. At a press conference in Lyon, France, where he was being honored at the Lumiere festival, the “Godfather” director said he full... # #marvel #

Variety | 21.10.2019 11:28:00

James Gunn Responds To Francis Ford Coppola’s Anti-Marvel Remarks

The debate among filmmakers on whether or not Marvel and other comic book movies are “cinema” continues as James Gunn has chimed in on the matter. In the wake of Francis Ford Coppola’s criticism of the superhero genre, the Guardians of the Galaxytook to Instagram to give an even-ha... # #marvel #

Deadline | 20.10.2019 22:14:25

Francis Ford Coppola Finds Marvel Movies ‘Despicable’

David CrowOct 20, 2019 The Godfather director, Francis Ford Coppola, says Marvel movies are "despicable" and "the same movie over and over again."It’s fair to say that some in the old guard of Hollywood have complicated thoughts about superhero movies in general and Marvel Studio... # #marvel #

Den of Geek | 20.10.2019 20:57:53

Francis Ford Coppola Backs Scorsese’s Marvel Superhero Movies Analysis, Calls The Films “Despicable”

In what’s sure to ignite yet another round of sniping, director Francis Ford Coppola has added his distinguished voice to that of fellow director Martin Scorsese in denouncing Marvel’s slate of superhero films. Coppola was in Lyon, France to receive the Prix Lumiere for his contributions... # #marvel #

Deadline | 20.10.2019 19:58:47

Coppola Brands Marvel Movies “Despicable”

Another week, another famed filmmaker has given a quote which will get Marvel fanboy underwear in a twist. Last time it was Martin Scorsese who dubbed superhero movies and Marvel juggernauts in particular as theme park rides and “not cinema,” then calling on movie theaters to support ... # #marvel #

Darkhorizons | 20.10.2019 18:43:14

Francis Ford Coppola Weighs in on Marvel Movies Debate, Says They’re “Despicable”

Just when you thought the debate over the goodness or badness of Marvel movies had quieted down, directorFrancis Ford Coppola has jumped in to stir the pot a bit more. The director ofThe Godfatheris just the latest industry professional to weigh in on how Marvel movies are affecting the health of th... # #marvel #

Collider | 20.10.2019 14:57:39

Saturday Mourning Cartoons Reviews Marvel’s 90s ‘Iron Man’ Series, Coming to Disney+

Listen here! We're getting a jump on the Disney+ arrivals with a revisit of the 90s animated series, Marvel's Iron Man. Arriving nearly 15 years before the live-action movie that launched the MCU into the stratosphere, this cartoon is a stark (pun!) reminder that superhero stories are tough ... # #marvel #disney #

Collider | 19.10.2019 13:06:48

Exclusive: Marvel Taps Jade Bartlett to Write ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’

Marvel has tapped up-and-coming screenwriter Jade Bartlett to write Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Collider has exclusively learned. Marvel had no comment. Benedict Cumberbatch is set to return as Dr. Stephen Strange, aka the Sorcerer Supreme, and he'll be joined by Benedict Wong a... # #marvel #

Collider | 17.10.2019 23:11:12

Kevin Smith Reacts to Martin Scorsese’s Marvel Comments: “They Are Cinema”

Turns outMartin Scorseseisn't the only person who has a lot to say about Marvel movies. In the wake of the director's big double-down on the threat Marvel movies pose to cinema today,Jay and Silent Bob Rebootdirector/writer/star Kevin Smithhas now stepped into the discourse with his own thou... # #marvel #

Collider | 15.10.2019 20:23:15

‘Watchmen’s Damon Lindelof Weighs in on Martin Scorsese’s Marvel Burn

Man, Martin Scorsese sure has gotten a lot of mileage out of his Marvel movies comments, hasn't he? What originally began as a rather casual claim that the MCU isn't "cinema" has now morphed into a series of talking points comparing superhero movies to amusement parks, plus the bizarre asser... # #marvel #

Collider | 15.10.2019 20:02:06

Kevin Feige Becomes Marvel Chief Creative Officer, Overseeing TV & Comics Stories

David CrowOct 15, 2019 Kevin Feige is now Marvel's Chief Creative Officer as Marvel Television is rolled under Marvel Studios. As Marvel Studios and the Walt Disney Company gear up for the debut of Disney+, behind the scenes shifts promise to change the way major Marvel storylines are created a... # #marvel #

Den of Geek | 15.10.2019 19:48:57

Kevin Feige Promoted to Chief Creative Officer of Marvel; Here’s What It Means

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has been promoted… and no, not at Lucasfilm. Despite rumors that Feige was possibly in line to take over for Kathleen Kennedy as head of Lucasfilm and all things Star Wars, it was announced today that Feige is being named Chief Creative Officer, Marvel. As Marvel... # #marvel #

Collider | 15.10.2019 18:54:27

‘Watchmen’ Creator Damon Lindelof Weighs in on Martin Scorsese’s Marvel Criticisms

Damon Lindelof disagrees with Martin Scorsese about his recent claims that Marvel movies don’t qualify as cinema. The director’s proclamation, along with the polarized critical reception of “Joker,” are the latest salvos in a long history of questioning comic book movies’ place in cinematic history.... # #marvel #

Variety | 15.10.2019 18:49:17

Kevin Feige To Run All Marvel’s Creative

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has been given a promotion, adding the title of Chief Creative Officer for Marvel in addition to his current job. As a result, he will now be responsible for the overall creative direction of Marvel’s storytelling across all its mediums including comics, film, TV... # #marvel #

Darkhorizons | 15.10.2019 18:42:54

Kevin Feige Named Chief Creative Officer of Marvel

Kevin Feige’s universe continues to grow. The mastermind of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been named Chief Creative Officer, Marvel in addition to being president of Marvel Studios, Variety has learned. He will now be responsible for the overall creative direction of Marvel’s storytelling ... # #marvel #

Variety | 15.10.2019 18:24:36

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige Adds Marvel Chief Creative Officer Title; He’ll Oversee All Creative & Story Initiatives

EXCLUSIVE: A major structural shift is taking place at Marvel. As the brand looks to put even more of its stamp on The Walt Disney Company with the upcoming launch of Disney +, all of Marvel’s creative personnel is moving under Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige. Deadline hears that Feige is... # #marvel #

Deadline | 15.10.2019 18:18:13

Marvel's Runaways Talk Cloak & Dagger Crossover

Kayti BurtOct 21, 2019 We talked to the cast and creators of Marvel's Runaways about the upcoming crossover with Cloak & Dagger.Fans of Marvel comics have been itching for a Marvel's Runawaysand Marvel's Cloak and Daggercrossover ever since these two TV adaptations first hit the s... # #marvel #

Den of Geek | 15.10.2019 16:40:38

‘Venom 2’ Reportedly Adds Marvel Villain Shriek to Storyline

Good morning to everyone else who misread the headline as "Shrek" and whiplashed so hard they now have a serious medical condition. Alas, no, but we do have an update on Venom 2: According to Deadline, the follow-up to Sony's surprise 2018 hit will include the Marvel villain Shriek alongside Woo... # #marvel #

Collider | 15.10.2019 15:40:01

‘Venom 2’ : Carnage Gets Company As Sony Sequel Adds Second Marvel Villain

EXCLUSIVE: It looks like Carnage will have company in Sony’s upcomingVenomsequel.The Marvel Comics character called Shriek has been incorporated into the plot of the Venom sequel (due in theaters on Oct. 2, 2020), according to two sources close to the project. A Sony spokesman declined comment... # #marvel #

Deadline | 15.10.2019 14:00:05

Tons of Marvel Movies Are Missing from Disney+… but Why?

Disney+'s Marvel movie collection looks like it survived The Blip. # #marvel #disney #

Decider | 15.10.2019 12:30:01

Matrix-Like Tone Sought for Marvel's Shang-Chi

Kirsten HowardOct 15, 2019 Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings director Destin Daniel Cretton has been talking about his MCU project.Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is an essential cog in Marvel's Phase 4 MCU plans. Slated for a 2021 release date, the standalone film will introd... # #marvel #

Den of Geek | 15.10.2019 12:15:01