The Predator Wasn't A Box Office Success - Here's Why

Shane Black'sThe Predator was not a box office success. The franchise launched back in 1987 with the Arnold Schwarzenegger vehiclePredator, which went on to become one of the most iconic titles of its era. Due to its success, Fox pursued followups, but failed to hit the mark multiple times.Pred... #predator

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Deleted Emissary Predators Revealed In New Photos

New photos from The Predator offer a close up look at the deleted Emissary Predators from the first cut of the film. By now it’s no secret that Shane Black’s The Predator went through something of a troubled production. The movie was delayed multiple times and the third act was completely reshotfoll... #predator

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The Predator Concept Art Showcases Killer Suit

WARNING: Spoilers For The Ending Of The Predator #predator

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20 Things That Make No Sense About The Predator

In 1987, an Arnold Schwarzenegger action-horror movie came out that became a huge hit. That movie wasPredator and it spawned one sequel, two crossover movies with theAlien franchise, a line of comic books, and then two more sequels over 20 years after the first movie hit theaters. However, outside o... #predator

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‘Nomis’ Film Review: Henry Cavill Hunts Predators, Catches a Trashy Thriller

Sexual assault may be a point of intense, eye-opening conversation in the country right now, but it’s also still the bread and butter of exploitative junk like “Nomis,” writer-director David Raymond’s debut feature starring Henry Cavill as a brooding Minnesota-by-way-of-the-U... #predator

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The Podcast: Episode 162 – Mailbag, ‘Fantastic Beasts’, and ‘The Predator’

This week on The Podcast, we're kicking things off with a mailbag where we answer questions about underrated actors, "workshoping" movies, the appeal of Tom Hanks, and more. Then we move on to a discussion of the backlash against Fantastic Beasts and author J.K. Rowling, and if it&#... #predator

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Top 5 Movie Mistakes - Predator (video)

If there are movie mistakes, I can find them.With the legendary genre character of the Predator now boasting over thirty years of life, from numerous movies, comics and adaptations over the decades, for this installment of Top 5 Movie Mistakes, we're going back to the unrepeatable original. ... #predator

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Bill Cosby Declared ‘Sexually Violent Predator’ by Judge

Judge Steven O’Neill ruled Tuesday that Bill Cosby fit the definition of a “sexually violent predator.”The classification means that Cosby must undergo lifetime counseling and report quarterly to authorities. His name will also appear on a sex-offender registry sent to neighbors, s... #predator

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Judge Rules Bill Cosby as ‘Sexually Violent Predator’

NORRISTOWN, Pa. – During Bill Cosby’s hearing on Monday for sexually assaulting a woman at his suburban Philadelphia home back in 2004, the judge branded him as a sexually violent predator. “It’s the modern-day version of a scarlet letter, which I think is sort of an interesting philosop... #predator

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Bill Cosby Now Officially A Sexually Violent Predator; “America’s Dad” Faces Prison For 2004 Rape

Looking at a maximum sentence of 10 years behind bars for the 2004 rape of a former Temple University employee, Bill Cosby today was formally designated as a sexually violent predator.With ramifications also for the various civil cases that the once beloved actor is fighting with some of the over 60... #predator

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Ranking All The Alien & Predator Movies, From Worst To Best

Where does The Predator stand with his Alien brethren? #predator

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“Predator” Bill Cosby Sentenced to 3 to 10 Years in Prison for Sexual Assault

Cosby's sentence was read in front of a packed courtroom that included victim Andrea Constand and several other alleged victims. #predator

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Bill Cosby Sentencing: Psychologist Testifies Over ‘Sexual Violent Predator’ Question

The sentencing of disgraced comedian Bill Cosby began Monday with a state board psychiatrist who testified regarding the question of whether Cosby should be classified as a “sexually violent offender,” the Associated Press reported.During testimony in a Pennsylvania courtroom, Kristen Du... #predator

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Prosecutors Want Bill Cosby Declared a ‘Sexually Violent Predator’ as Sentencing Starts

NORRISTOWN, Pa. — Prosecutors in the Bill Cosby sexual assault case spent Monday morning trying to show that the disgraced entertainer should be declared a “sexually violent predator” — a designation that would subject him to a lifetime of registering as a sex offender. Psychologist Kris... #predator

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Watch James Corden’s Predator Audition for ‘James Bond’ & Wait Tables

It can be tough being the perfect killing machine. I mean first of all, everyone just wants to call you The Predator instead of Howard, which is your real name. “I just want to be seen as something other than a mass-murdering space tourist!” Howard/The Predator laments in James Corden's new Late... #predator

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The Predator is desperate for acting gigs in Late Late Show sketch

The Predator is one of the most recognizable movie monsters in history, what with the mandibles and the dreds that hang like bananas from a tree. Such recognizability comes at a cost, and the actor known as “Predator” (real name Howard Goldschwartz) is having a tough time breakin... #predator

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The Predator: 7 Big Questions We’re Left With

Where's Arnie? #predator

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20 Strange Details About The Predator’s Anatomy

Predatorintroduced an alien menace to the world of cinema that would inflame the imaginations of filmmakers for years to comes. The Predator became a franchise unto itself, with it crossing over with some of the most famous movie monsters and superheroes in history. Particularly, it clashed with the... #predator

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10 Reasons Why The Predator Is Better Than You Think

A Rip-Roaring Good Time At The Movies... #predator

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9 Classic Films That Would Have Been Better With a Predator

Just about any movie can be made better by adding a Predator to itThe post 9 Classic Films That Would Have Been Better With a Predator appeared first on #predator | 18.9.2018 18:50:15

The Predator: 14 Easter Eggs & References Explained

AvP just became canon again. #predator

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Schwarzenegger And How The Predator Was Actually SUPPOSED To End

The unfortunately blocked cameo we really deserved... #predator

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The Predator's Most Brutal Reviews

Shane Black's The Predator arrived in theaters last week, and critics haven't been kind about it. The latest sequel stars Boyd Holbrook as Quinn McKenna, a sniper who has a run-in with a Predator and becomes drawn into a government conspiracy to cover up the Predators' repeated invasi... #predator

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The Predator Would Have Been Better If Olivia Munn Was The Hero

Major SPOILERS ahead for The Predator #predator

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The Predator Leaves Some Ridiculous Unanswered Questions

Along with a significant and bloody body count, The Predator leaves behind a slew of unanswered questions. Shane Black's continuation of the seminal sci-fi/action franchise introduces new characters, a deadly upgraded Big Bad called the Ultimate Predator and spins the Predator narrative into an... #predator

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“The Predator” Tops Box-Office With $24M

Overcoming mixed reviews, Shane Black’s “The Predator” took the top spot at the domestic box office with a solid $24.2 million for the three day weekend – about on par with 2010’s “Predators”. The film also opened in several overseas markets, taking in a fur... #predator

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Weekend Box Office: ‘The Predator’ Crash Lands with $24 Million

Well, I suppose it's a good thing Predators operate using stealth, becausethis was one quietweekend at the box office, with Shane Black's The Predatortaking the top spot with $24 million. A perfectly fine number, not terrible, but certainly not good, considering 20th Century Fox's $88 mi... #predator

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The Predator Bags $54 Million Worldwide Debut

The Nun crosses $200 million worldwideThe post The Predator Bags $54 Million Worldwide Debut appeared first on #predator | 16.9.2018 16:45:14

With Predator in theaters, it’s the perfect time to revisit The Monster Squad

There are so many streaming options available these days, and so many conflicting recommendations, that it’s hard to see through all the crap you could be watching. Each Friday, The Verge’s Cut the Crap column simplifies the choice by sorting through the overwhelming multitude of movies and TV shows... #predator

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