Every Type of Predator Variant Seen In The Movies (And Beyond)

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Predator: Concrete Jungle - All The Alien References In The Game

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Game Trailers: Predator, Final, Away, Iceborne

A couple of key game trailers have been released this week. First up developer Illfonic, one of those behind the well-regarded “Friday the 13th” video game, have announced they’re turning their talents to another franchise with the asymmetrical competitive online multiplayer game &... #predator #trailer #

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Asymmetric Online Multiplayer ‘Predator: Hunting Grounds’ Coming 2020

“Predator: Hunting Grounds,” a new asymmetric multiplayer game from Illfonic, is coming out in 2020, Sony revealed during its State of Play presentation on Thursday evening. The PlayStation 4 game will pit one group of players against the Predator, who will be played by one different pla... #predator #

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Predator: Hunting Grounds - Release Date and Trailer

Matthew ByrdMay 10, 2019 Predator: Hunting Grounds looks to revive the unique multiplayer of Evolve. There's a new Predator game in development, and it looks surprisingly similar to the failed game from the Left 4 Dead team, Evolve.Predator: Hunting Grounds is about what you'd expect if yo... #predator #trailer #

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‘The Predator’ on HBO: Here’s How it Compares to Other ‘Predator’ Films

The fourth film in the Predator franchise did not impress critics or moviegoers. #predator #

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Alien vs. Predator Was Almost an Insane Football Game

Rob LeaneMar 19, 2019 A cancelled American football game for Sega Genesis would've pitted Xenomorphs against Predators.Well, here's a piece of news we weren't expecting to write today: it has been revealed that a sci-fi American football game was once in development for the Sega Genes... #predator

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EA Apologizes For Lack of Action Against Accused ‘Sims’ Predator

EA issued an apology for its lack of action against one of its Game Changers in “The Sims” community who was sexually harassing teenage boys, in a statement last week. Lyndsay Pearson, general manager for “The Sims” tweeted out a statement which included an apology and a prom... #predator

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Lawsuit Targets Epic’s ‘Predatory’ Loot Boxes in ‘Fortnite’

Alawsuit filed Thursday against Epic Games accuses the publisher of perfecting a “predatory scheme” through enticing players to purchase loot boxes. Loot boxes are virtual containers filled with in-game items that are randomized in value. In the case of this lawsuit, the Llamas of “... #predator

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Olivia Munn Reflects on Last Year’s ‘Predator’ Scandal

The Rook star told Decider that it was social media — and one tweet in particular — that helped her through a "hard time." #predator

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Epic Pulls ‘Fortnite’ Ads From YouTube After Child Predator Controversy

Epic Games is no longer running “Fortnite” pre-roll ads on YouTube after it was discovered they were playing on videos alleged predators used to exploit children, according to The Verge. The developer has paused all of its pre-roll advertising, which plays before a video starts on the st... #predator

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Predator Vs. Terminator: Who's the Deadliest Hunter?

The Predator and Terminator franchises are wildly different, but their core terror is the same. Both series ask: What if mankind was no longer at the top of the food chain? Essentially, both billion-dollar film franchises are about surviving a hunt, in one way or another. And both of the franchises&... #predator #terminator

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Olivia Munn Says Speaking Out Against ‘Predator’ Sex Offender Made A Difference – TCA

Following her TCA appearance today for Starz’s spy seriesThe Rook,Olivia Munn addressed questions about the fallout fromThe Predatorscandal last September which saw the actress shunned by her fellow cast after alerting Fox that she shared a scene with a registered sex offender and that the sce... #predator

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The Predator Cut Out Big Predator 2 Easter Egg


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The Predator Honest Trailer: Predator vs. Expansion of the Lore

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‘The Predator’ Blu-ray Review: Bonus Features Reveal the Making of Practical Predators

Shane Black may have started his journey in the Predator franchise as the wise-cracking mercenary Hawkins on screen and as a punch-up writer on the script behind the scenes, but he makes franchise directorial debut with The Predator. Now on Blu-ray, the latest installment in the long-running movie s... #predator

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All The Predator's Alternate Endings Explained


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The Predator Concept Art Reveals Predator With 6.5 Limbs


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The Alien Prequels Are Better Than The Predator


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The Predator Screenwriter Hates The Super-Suit Ending


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‘The Predator’ Alternate Endings Reveal Ripley and Newt “Predator Killers”

Spoilers ahead. Shane Black's The Predator, now out on Blu-ray, was a bit of a mishmash of mythology and movie tropes, making it really interesting to dig into just what happened during the 20th Century Fox production process. One of those points of interest is the fact that the Fox film underwe... #predator

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The Predator Concept Art Reveals Creepy Spider Hybrids


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“Predator” Ending Almost Had Ripley

We saw the ending it had, and we heard about the scrapped ending with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Dutch character coming back. Now VFX artist Yuri Everson has released a photo of another alternate ending that was considered for Shane Black’s “The Predator” – and this one al... #predator

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The Predator Alternate Ending Featured Alien's Ripley


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A “Predator” Themed Whiskey Is Coming

You may not have time to bleed, but you do have time to drink. Silver Screen Bottling Company and Fox Studios are partnering to release Dutch Bourbon Whiskey, an alcoholic beverage inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Major Alan ‘Dutch’ Schaefer from the 1987 sci-fi action classic &... #predator

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VOTD: “The Predator” Holiday Special Short

To celebrate the release of Shane Black’s “The Predator” on home video, Fox Home Entertainment have released a two-minute bloody, gruesome holiday special in which the alien hunters take on Santa and his trusty elves and reindeer. Airing on Comedy Central last night during “B... #predator

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The Predator Takes On Santa In Official "Holiday Special"


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Predator Franchise Recapped in Animated Evolution Video


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Jennifer Lawrence Blisters Harvey Weinstein’s “Predatory Tactics”; Producer Calls Sundance Sexual Assault Suit “Malicious” – Update

UPDATE, 9:25 PM: Hours after the latest lawsuit to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault was made public both the disgraced producer and Jennifer Lawrence have responded to complaint – in very different manners."My heart breaks for all the women who were victimized by Harvey Weinstein," th... #predator

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The Predator: New Video Reveals Artwork For Deleted Hybrid Creatures

A new video for The Predator reveals artwork for the hybrid "menagerie" deleted from the final cut of the movie. It’s well known by now Shane Black’s The Predator went through a rocky production, with the original third act being scrapped and completely reshot. The final act originally fea... #predator

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“The Predator Holiday Special” Promo

In time for the Christmas holiday and to herald the arrival of Shane Black’s “The Predator” on disc next week, Comedy Central have revealed the trailer for the stop-motion animated “The Predator Holiday Special” short film. The clip will feature The Predator tangling wi... #predator

Darkhorizons | 12.12.2018 21:33:55

The Predator Is Getting A Stop Motion Holiday Short - Watch the Teaser

The Predator is set to take on Santa and his reindeer in the teaser for a new stop-motion animated holiday special from Comedy Central. Writer-director Shane Black brought the iconic Predator back to screens in 2018 in a reboot pitting the alien hunter against soldiers, scientists and an autistic ch... #predator

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Unused The Predator Concept Art Reveals Creepy Human Hybrid

New concept art for The Predator reveals the monstrous Ultimate Predator could have been even creepier looking. The Predator is the 4th entry in the long-running sci-fi series and introduced the idea the titular alien hunters were upgrading their abilities by splicing their DNA with other creatures ... #predator

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The Predator: New Video Explores Deleted Emissary Predators

A new behind the scenes video for The Predator takes a closer look at the deleted Emissary Predators. The Predator underwent some significant changes following test screenings of director Shane Black’s first cut. That version featured a vastly different final act, where the heroes- dubbed The Loonie... #predator

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The Predator Alternate Ending Had Alien Franchise Connections

An alternate ending for The Predator featured several callbacks to the Alien series - and possibly set up the return of a major character. While 1987’s Predator is considered a classic of the genre, the sequels have a mixed reputation. Shane Black’s The Predator was intended to bring the series back... #predator

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New Movies on Demand: ‘The House with a Clock in Its Walls,’ ‘The Predator,’ ‘Searching,’ and More

Combat the cold weather by cozying up with Jack Black and John Cho (but keep the Predator at a safe distance). #predator

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The Predator Artwork Reveals Bizarre Monkey Hybrids

The Predator’s concept artist Constantine Sekeris has revealed artwork for the deleted Predator monkey hybrids. While Shane Black seemed like a natural fit to helm The Predator, the final cut of the movie felt messy. It had a great cast and some entertaining jokes and action, but the choppy, rushed ... #predator

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25 Things Wrong With The Predator Everyone Chooses To Ignore

1987’s Predator might have started as a simple action vehicle with Arnold Schwarzenegger, but through the years, it’s turned into one of the most popular action-horror hybrids to hit the market. The campy series has seen numerous sequels throughout the years and even when it seemed like the films ha... #predator

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Cancelled Alien vs. Predator Movie Detailed In New Video

A new video breaks down a rejected Alien Vs Predator script dubbed The Hunt. 1990’s Predator 2 famously featured a xenomorph skull mounted on the titular hunter’s wall, so it didn’t take long for fans to get excited about the possibility of a movie featuring the two iconic monsters squaring off. Thi... #predator

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SAG-AFTRA Panel Warns Industry To Stop Ignoring Law Protecting Child Actors From Predators

EXCLUSIVE:The former LA Deputy City Attorney who prosecuted dozens of casting directors in a sweep of bogus actors' workshops said tonight that industry professionals who violate an oft-ignored law to protect child actors from registered sex offenders could soon be the subjects of a similar unde... #predator

Deadline | 15.11.2018 4:16:59

China Box Office: ‘The Predator’ Tops Another Slow Weekend

“The Predator” opened on top of the Chinese box office , the first time in seven weeks since a Hollywood movie took top spot. But its low-key haul was indicative of a continuation of the recent slump in theatrical takings in the Middle Kingdom. Local tracking service reported “The PredatorR... #predator

Variety | 28.10.2018 21:57:55

The Predator Wasn't A Box Office Success - Here's Why

Shane Black'sThe Predator was not a box office success. The franchise launched back in 1987 with the Arnold Schwarzenegger vehiclePredator, which went on to become one of the most iconic titles of its era. Due to its success, Fox pursued followups, but failed to hit the mark multiple times.Pred... #predator

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Deleted Emissary Predators Revealed In New Photos

New photos from The Predator offer a close up look at the deleted Emissary Predators from the first cut of the film. By now it’s no secret that Shane Black’s The Predator went through something of a troubled production. The movie was delayed multiple times and the third act was completely reshotfoll... #predator

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