L.A. Readers: Win Free Tickets to Our ‘Shazam!’ IMAX Screening and Q&A

I’ve got a few questions for you. Do you love seeing movies in IMAX? Does the idea of seeing Shazam! before it’s in theaters followed by participating in a Q&A with director David F. Sandberg and Zachary Levi sound awesome? And, finally, will you be in the Los Angeles area March 29th? If you answere... #shazam

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Shazam: Google Credits Zachary Levi & Asher Angel as Captain Marvel

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When Will Shazam's Review Embargo Lift?


Screenrant | 20.3.2019 6:03:08

Zachary Levi Trolls Fan Asking for Another Shazam! Trailer

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Shazam! Director & Producer Both Plan to Return for Sequel


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Shazam's Origin Story, Powers & Movie Changes Explained


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“Shazam” & “Pet” Box-Office Tracking Figures

Tracking figures are in for early April with Warner Bros. Pictures’ comedic comic adaptation “Shazam” headed for a $40 million opening on April 5th. The film offers a light, fully standalone, outright comedy approach that makes it more accessible than some of the more interconnecte... #shazam

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New ‘Shazam!’ Images Give a High-Def Look at DC’s Electrifying Superhero

Warner Bros. has released a new batch of images from Shazam!, the latest entry in the studio's DC Comics universe starring Zachary Leviin the super-charged title role. Like most of the film's marketing, these new stills hit heavy on the chemistry between Levi's Shazam and Jack Dylan Graz... #shazam

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‘Shazam!’ Nabs April China Release Date

Warner Brothers’ “Shazam!” will hit Chinese theaters on April 5, the same day it premieres in North America. The studio’s last superhero flick to wow mainland audiences was the James Wan-directed “Aquaman,” which made a super-sized $298 million in the country, mak... #shazam

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Why The Best Moment From The Shazam! Trailers Isn't In The Movie

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‘Shazam!’ Looks To Strike Lightning With $45M Opening; ‘Pet Sematary’ Eyes Mid $20M+ – Early Tracking

New Line’sShazam!we hear is set to fly to a $40M-$45M start when it opens on April 5, a healthy opening in the marketplace after Captain Marvel‘s $153.4M,Us‘ anticipated $40M+ start next Friday and Disney’s Dumbo on March 28 which has a wild range from $58M to $75M (from some... #shazam

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Box Office: ‘Shazam’ Eyes $40 Million-Plus Opening Weekend

Warner Bros.’ “Shazam” could grow to as much as $40 million in ticket saleswhen it hits North American theaters on April 5, early tracking suggests. Hailing from DC’s arsenal of Lycra-clad warriors,” Shazam” is Hollywood’s latest attempt to cash in on the go... #shazam

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‘Shazam!’ Secures Day-And-Date China Release

Warner Bros/New Line's Shazam! has been confirmed for a China release on April 5. That's day-and-date with the DC pic's domestic release and comes during a lucrative period at Middle Kingdom turnstiles. April 5 kicks off the Qingming Festival, also known as Tomb Sweeping Day. The holiday... #shazam

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‘Shazam!’ Chinese Trailer Gives a Shout-Out to Aquaman’s Army of Fish

Each new look atShazam!has offered up just a bit of unique footage from the upcoming DC Comics film, and the trailer cut exclusively for China is no different. There's some fantastic new banter between Zachary Levi's aged-up hero and Mark Strong's straight-man villain Doctor Sivana, but ... #trailer #aquaman #shazam

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“Shazam” Preview Expands To 1200 Screens

Following success with a sneak peek for “Aquaman,” and rave early reviews last week, Warner Bros. Pictures and Fandango have confirmed that not only will there be early screenings of the upcoming “Shazam” film but they’re going wide. The companies have set a March 23rd ... #shazam

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‘Shazam!’: See DC’s Upcoming Superhero Movie Early Thanks to Fandango

Fandango is teaming up with Warner Bros. Pictures to offer exclusive advance screenings of Shazam!, the newest DC Super Hero to hit the big screen and one of the most highly anticipated movies of the season, on March 23rd. Tickets for this limited engagement go on sale today, exclusively for Fandang... #shazam

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‘Shazam!’ To Preview Two Weeks Before Opening Via Fandango Screening Program

Increasingly as a way to generate strong buzz for a film, and to get a jump on the box office, major studios are serving up paid previews weeks in advance to moviegoers.Fandango is partnering with Warner Bros and will be showing off New Line’sShazam! on March 23 at 1,200 theaters, two weeks be... #shazam

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Rumored and Confirmed Characters For Shazam!

Shazam!,which unfortunately has nothing to do with the 90's epic genie masterpieceKazaam(sorry Shaq fans), comes out in just a few weeks. For the longest time, it seemed like an impossibility for an upbeat character like Shazam to fit into the darker tone the DC films had once been striving for... #shazam

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Shazam!’s Chinese Trailer Has Batman v Superman & Aquaman Jokes

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Zachary Levi on ‘Shazam!’ and Looking Forward to Fighting Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam

…The post Zachary Levi on ‘Shazam!’ and Looking Forward to Fighting Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam appeared first on Collider. #shazam

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“Shazam” First Reactions, March Previews

The “Shazam!” film has screened for some junket press and the first reactions went up on social media last night, with near-universal praise for the DC Comics adaptation praising how different it is to both “Wonder Woman” and “Aquaman” along with Zachary Levi̵... #shazam

Darkhorizons | 8.3.2019 17:37:47

Shazam! First Reactions: What Did People Think?

Richard JordanMar 8, 2019 The big-screen origin story of DCEU's magical superhero has had its first screenings – and the initial reactions are in."Funny." "Goofy." "Unlike anything DC has done before." Yep, the Twitter reactions are steadily flowing in from early s... #shazam

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Shazam Director Posts Hilarious Shazam/Dumbo Mashup Trailer

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First ‘Shazam!’ Reactions Tease a Fun, Vibrant Superhero Movie with a Family-Centric Twist

The first social media reactions to Warner Bros.' Shazam! have officially hit the internet like a lightning bolt. It's been an intriguing lead-up to the film ever since first footage appeared; even more than the endless optimism of Wonder Woman and boundless yah-brah enthusiasm of Aquaman, S... #shazam

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Shazam Early Reactions: A Fun & Funny DC Delight


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Shazam's Trailer Has A Captain Marvel Joke (But You May Have Missed It)

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Shazam: Every Comic Moment Adapted For The Movie


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Eminem Gives Shout Out to New Shazam! Trailer

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Full Trailer: “Shazam”

The full trailer for the upcoming DC film “Shazam” has arrived one month out from the film’s release on April 5th. This preview will reportedly be playing in front of copies of “Captain Marvel” in a substantial number of theaters when it opens Friday. With the shouting of one... #trailer #shazam

Darkhorizons | 4.3.2019 17:17:56

New ‘Shazam’ Trailer Explores the Lighter Side of the DC Universe

Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema have revealed a newShazam!trailer for the upcoming DC Extended Universe film. As we reported at the debut of the first trailer, the movie is directed byDavid F. Sandberg(Annabelle: Creation) and tells the story of a 14-year-old boy named Billy who, when he shouts the... #trailer #shazam

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What Is The Music In The Shazam Trailer?

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Shazam! Official Trailer #2: You Will Believe a Zachary Levi Can Fly

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Shazam Trailer 2 Breakdown: 17 Story Reveals & Secrets You Missed

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New “Shazam” Trailer Coming Monday

Filmmaker David F. Sandberg has announced that the new trailer for the upcoming DC film “Shazam” is set to go online on Monday, around a month out from the film’s release on April 5th. While there have been featurettes and TV spots, to date the only real trailer for the film remain... #trailer #shazam

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Here’s a Full List of Upcoming DC Movies: From ‘Shazam!’ to ‘Aquaman 2’

The superhero movie genre is the biggest around, and with so many different superhero movies in the works at any given time, it can be hard to keep things straight. While we have an exhaustive list of every upcoming superhero movie’s release date, we wanted to bring you a more specific list focusing... #aquaman #shazam

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New ‘Shazam!’ Trailer Coming Monday

Fans can stop asking the director of Shazam! when a new trailer is coming. DirectorDavid F. Sandberg took to Twitter today to announce that the new trailer for the upcoming DC film will be arriving on Monday, at which point fans will no doubt start asking when the next trailer will be online before ... #trailer #shazam

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“Us” & “Shazam” Early Box-Office Projections

Early box-office tracking estimates have come in for two of the biggest immediate post-“Captain Marvel” releases set to hit cinemas. First up, Variety reports that Jordan Peele’s new horror tale “Us” is currently on track to earn more than $35 million during its opening weeke... #shazam

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The 1970s Shazam! TV Show is Coming to DC Universe


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Shazam!: 10 Ways The Movie Can (And Will) Change The DCEU

It may be hard to believe, but Shazam! will be the seventh entry into the DC Cinematic Universe — a shared universe with its fair share of ups and downs. The DCEU has a tumultuous history, with many cooks in the kitchen, but after Aquaman's course correction, it feels like the DCEU is moving on... #shazam

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