‘Shazam!’ Director David F. Sandberg Buys Historic Hollywoodland Tudor

Swedish-born filmmaker David F. Sandberg had humble beginnings as a no-name director of no-budget horror films, but the surprise viral success of his 2013 short “Lights Out” quickly catapulted him up the slippery ladder of Hollywood success. Starring two lightbulbs and Lotta Losten, Sand... # #shazam

Variety | 10.5.2019 5:25:43

Shazam!'s Zachary Levi to Host 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards

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Screenrant | 24.4.2019 9:04:03

‘Shazam!’ Star Zachary Levi to Host 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards

“Shazam!” star Zachary Levi will be suiting up next for the 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards in June. Levi will emcee the award show on June 17 at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, Calif. Nominees will be announced in the coming weeks. Fresh off DC Comics’ latest blockbuster, Levi i... # #shazam

Variety | 23.4.2019 17:03:15

MTV Movie & TV Awards Has Its Host – Just Say Shazam!

His DC/WB superhero film spent two weeks atop the box office chart this month, and now Zachary Levi has another reason to grin. The Shazam! star is set to host the 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards. The cable net also said today that its kudos show is set for June 17 at Barker Hangar […] # #shazam

Deadline | 23.4.2019 17:00:53

‘La Llorona’ Conjures $30M Overseas Bow; ‘Shazam!’ & ‘Dumbo’ cross $300M WW – International Box Office

UPDATE, writethru: Warner Bros/New Line’s James Wan-produced horror pic The Curse Of La Llorona haunted cinemas in 71 overseas markets this frame, opening to $30M at the international box office. Along with domestic, the global bow is $56.5M. In many countries, the Easter weekend is bracketed by day... # #shazam

Deadline | 21.4.2019 19:40:53

How Shazam's 'Mary Marvel' Actress Secretly Joined The DCEU

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Screenrant | 20.4.2019 4:04:56

Shazam's Big Cameo Proves The DCEU Doesn't Need [SPOILER]

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Screenrant | 19.4.2019 6:04:27

Shazam! Pitch Meeting: Fun and Also Sometimes Horrifying

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Screenrant | 19.4.2019 1:04:49

‘Shazam!’ Smashes $100M; Disney-Fox’s Faith-Based ‘Breakthrough’ Mints $1.7M Opening Day; ‘Penguins’ Near $500K – Wednesday B.O.

Disney’s first Fox release under the combined regime, the faith-based DeVon Franklin produced Breakthroughnotched second place in its opening day yesterday with an estimated $1.7M at 2,764 runs behind New Line/DC’s Shazam!which took No. 1 in his second Wednesday with $1.96M (-39% from Tu... # #disney #shazam

Deadline | 18.4.2019 13:17:44

Shazam! Actress Signed A Five Movie Deal

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Screenrant | 17.4.2019 11:04:28

Shazam Finally Sets Up Justice League Dark in The DCEU

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10 Movie References and Inspirations in Shazam!

DC's Shazam! has wowed audiences everywhere. Zachary Levi's instantly iconic performance has cemented a new age for DC's extended universe, creating a fresh road forward for a lighter and more character-based storytelling. Much of this newly infused energy is thanks in part to Shazam!... # #shazam

Screenrant | 16.4.2019 11:04:02

Shazam 2 Can Make Black Adam a HERO, Not a Villain

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Screenrant | 16.4.2019 4:04:08

China Box Office: ‘P Storm’ Continues Weak Reign as ‘Shazam!’ Fades Quickly

Hong Kong’s “P Storm” continued to wash over the China box office during another lackluster weekend. The film enjoyed an $18.5 million haul in its second weekend, down 55% from its $39.8 million opening, according to data from Artisan Gateway. The thriller is the fourth installment of a franchise th... # #shazam

Variety | 15.4.2019 10:02:43

10 Villains We Could See In Shazam 2

Shazam (character created by C.C. Beck and Otto Binder) has made a healthy amount of money at the box office, and a sequel, along with a Black Adam movie, has already been confirmed. Shazam was, at one point, the most popular superhero in the world, overtaking even Superman for that spot and selling... # #shazam

Screenrant | 15.4.2019 9:04:52

‘Shazam!’ Grows To $164M Overseas; ‘After’ Has Intense Offshore Awakening – International Box Office

UPDATE, writethru: A varied offering of holdover titles and a handful of new entries in staggered release, the international box office this weekend was led for the second frame in a row by Warner Bros/New Line/DC’s Shazam!. The family-friendly superhero added $35.9M in the sophomore session and has... # #shazam

Deadline | 14.4.2019 20:01:15

‘Shazam!’ Rules International Box Office Again With $35 Million

Warner Bros.’ “Shazam!” dominated international box office charts again, generating $35.9 million from 79 overseas markets. The superhero tentpole was the No. 1 movie globally for the second weekend in a row. It added another $25 million in North America, taking ticket sales past $... # #shazam

Variety | 14.4.2019 17:43:35

Weekend Box Office: ‘Shazam!’ Stays on Top, ‘Hellboy’ Burns Out Early

Early box office reports this morning indicate that if you stand perfectly still right now and listen very, very hard, you can actually hear the sound of Guillermo del Toro sipping a hot cup of tea and saying "not that that's any of my business." Related: Neil Marshall's Hellboyreboot opened... # #hellboy #shazam

Collider | 14.4.2019 15:46:07

‘Shazam!’ To Hit $100M Before Friday; ‘Little’ Mighty With $15M+; ‘Hellboy’ Extinguished; ‘After’ Works Overseas – Sunday AM Update

5th Update, Sunday AM:after Friday and Saturday posts: New Line/DC’s Shazam! bulked up 74% on Saturday over Friday with $11M, putting its second weekend at $25.1M, -53%, for a 10-day of $94.9M. The DC superhero hero formerly known as Captain Marvel should cross $100M before Good Friday. The we... # #hellboy #shazam

Deadline | 14.4.2019 15:39:38

Box Office: ‘Shazam!’ Remains Victorious as ‘Little’ Beats ‘Hellboy’

Warner Bros.’ superhero adventure “Shazam!” took a victory lap at the domestic box office, retaining the No. 1 spot for the second weekend in a row. “Shazam!” added another $25 million in its sophomore outing, bringing its North American haul to $94 million. That sum wa... # #hellboy #shazam

Variety | 14.4.2019 14:56:43

DC Needs More Stories Like Shazam - And Less Like Titans

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Screenrant | 14.4.2019 8:04:15

Shazam May Confirm Bruce Wayne's 'Retirement' from Batman

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Screenrant | 14.4.2019 4:04:57

“Shazam” Dominates “Hellboy” At Box-Office

Along with a critical panning, Lionsgate and Millennium’s “Hellboy” reboot has also tanked with audiences who’ve given it a dismal C CinemaScore. Opening to an estimated $4.9 million on Friday, the movie is heading for a projected $12-13 million weekend which would see it com... # #hellboy #shazam

Darkhorizons | 13.4.2019 19:14:57

Box Office: ‘Shazam!’ to Remain No. 1 as ‘Hellboy’ Fizzles

Warner Bros.’ “Shazam!” is powering its way to a super second weekend, retaining its No. 1 spot at the box office with an estimated $22 million. Meanwhile, Lionsgate’s remake of “Hellboy” is getting scorched, with just $12 million estimated from 3,303 domestic loc... # #hellboy #shazam

Variety | 13.4.2019 15:41:11

Friday Box Office: ‘Shazam!’ Eyes Another Box Office Victory; ‘Hellboy’ and ‘Missing Link’ Sink

Shazam! will remain king at the box office for at least another weekend. The film took in $6.6 million on its way to about $21 million in its second frame. So far, the Zachary Levi family comedy has earned $204 million worldwide. As for the newcomers, Little is performing the best among the three. T... # #hellboy #shazam

Collider | 13.4.2019 14:57:43

20 Unresolved Mysteries And Plot Holes Shazam Leaves Hanging

No movie is perfect. EvenThe Godfather has some mistakes in its 3-hour runtime. Still, there is usually so much to enjoy in a film, that it's easy to overlook the questions it leaves unanswered. After all, You can usually get so invested in a film's story, that those little lapses in logic... # #shazam

Screenrant | 13.4.2019 7:04:30

Who Is [SPOILER]? Shazam 2 Villain Origin & Powers Explained

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Screenrant | 13.4.2019 6:04:50

‘Shazam!’ Composer Benjamin Wallfisch on Embracing Adventure and Returning for ‘IT 2’

If ever a superhero movie called for an adventurous score, it’s Shazam!. The DC Comics adaptation it literally about a kid becoming a superhero, and director David F. Sandberg’s film is abundant with joy, wonder, and opportunity. To that end, when it came time to composing the film’s score, Sandberg... # #shazam

Collider | 12.4.2019 21:39:39

‘Shazam!’ Heads for Another Box Office Victory as ‘Little’ Looks Bigger Than ‘Hellboy’

“Shazam!” is still showing box office power as it heads for a repeat victory in North American, with about $21 million, early estimates showed on Friday. Universal’s body-swap comedy “Little” is eyeing second place with about $14 million, narrowly topping another newcom... # #hellboy #shazam

Variety | 12.4.2019 20:40:36

‘Shazam!’ Cooling Off ‘Hellboy’ With $25M Second Weekend – Midday B.O. Update

2nd Update, 12:32PM: As expected, New Line/DC’sShazam!remains firm at No. 1 in its second go-round with an estimated $25M, -53% off a second Friday of $7M. By Sunday he won’t quite be at $100M yet with $94.7M based on these midday estimates. Millennium’s $50M remake of Hellboy star... # #hellboy #shazam

Deadline | 12.4.2019 19:32:38

25 Things That Make No Sense About Shazam

SPOILERS forShazam!ahead # #shazam

Screenrant | 12.4.2019 8:04:07

How Shazam’s Box Office Compares To Other DCEU Movies

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Screenrant | 11.4.2019 8:04:13

Movie Talk: That ‘Shazam!’ Cameo Was Supposed to Include [SPOILER]

On this episode of Movie Talk, Perri Nemiroff, Haleigh Foutch and Angie Han discuss the following: Disney released a new The Lion King trailer that featured Chiwetel Ejiofor's Scar taking center stage along with James Earl Jones's Mufasa. In an interview with Comicbook.com., Shazam! producer... # #shazam

Collider | 11.4.2019 0:01:44

‘Hellboy’ Battles ‘Shazam!’ at Weekend Box Office

It’s about to get crowded at multiplexes. That’s because four movies — Lionsgate’s “Hellboy” remake, Universal’s comedy “Little,” Laika’s stop-motion animation “Missing Link” and Aviron’s romantic drama “After”... # #hellboy #shazam

Variety | 10.4.2019 19:56:02

Yes, That ‘Shazam!’ Cameo Was Originally Supposed to Include [SPOILER]

Spoilers for Shazam! follow below. While the DC movie Shazam! is very clearly a standalone film, there is one major DCEU connection in the movie’s final scene. Zachary Levi’s heroic Shazam! finally comes to school to have lunch with Freddy Freeman (Jack Dylan Grazer), but he also brings along anothe... # #shazam

Collider | 10.4.2019 17:47:10

The Collider.com Podcast: Episode 191 – ‘Shazam!’ and the Future of DC Movies

This week on The Collider.com Podcast, we're talking about Shazam! and the future of DC movies. We kick off with a discussion of Shazam!, why it works so well, where it veers into darkness, how it compares against previous DC movies, and more. We then move into a discussion of the eclectic slate... # #shazam

Collider | 10.4.2019 14:53:20

Shazam Ignores Captain Marvel, But DOES Make A Captain America Joke

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Screenrant | 10.4.2019 8:04:24

18 Best Things About Shazam (And 3 Things We Didn’t Like At All)

Shazam!continues the streak of films that appear to be moving the DCEU in the right direction. Following in the footsteps ofWonder WomanandAquaman,Shazam!tells a brighter, more fun superhero story, while keeping the tale firmly rooted in something resembling reality.Shazam!tells the story of Billy B... # #shazam

Screenrant | 10.4.2019 5:04:22

Shazam Interview: Director David F. Sandberg

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Screenrant | 10.4.2019 4:04:43

Writer Returns For The “Shazam” Sequel

Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line are moving forward fast on their sequel to this past weekend’s “Shazam!”. With the film coming in ahead of expectations with a $53 million opening weekend debut and strong reviews, the studios have reportedly signed screenwriter Henry Gayden to re... # #shazam

Darkhorizons | 9.4.2019 2:15:43