Will Star Wars 9 Get A Trailer (& Title) At The Super Bowl?

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25 Things That Make No Sense About The Star Wars Franchise

The Star Wars franchise has a lot going on across its films, books, video games, animated series and, of course, the overwhelming amount of merchandise. Whether it's part of the main canon or not, it all includes healthy doses of sci-fi, fantasy, action, romance, adventure and, at many times, p... #star-wars

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Star Wars: 20 Things Wrong With Han Solo We All Chose To Ignore

Not many franchises have enjoyed the same continued popularity and acclaim as Star Wars. Even though the sequel trilogy has been at the center of a lot of contentious debate among certain segments of fans, the galaxy far, far away doesn’t seem to be losing steam. While the new movies have introduced... #star-wars

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Star Wars: 7 Canceled Games We'd Still Love to Play

Rob LeaneJan 21, 2019 When it comes to these binned Star Wars games, we find LucasArts and EA's lack of faith disturbing... This article comes from Den of Geek UK.The galaxy far, far away that George Lucas created and Disney now owns is a fertile ground for gaming greatness. Although it was the... #star-wars

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7 cancelled Star Wars games we'd still love to play

Rob LeaneJan 21, 2019 When it comes to these binned Star Wars games, we find LucasArts/EA's lack of faith disturbing... This article comes from Den of Geek UK.The galaxy far, far away that George Lucas created and Disney now owns is a fertile ground for gaming greatness. Although it was the cin... #star-wars

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Every Reveal From Star Wars 9's Set Photos


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Star Wars Resistance Episode 13 Review: Dangerous Business

Broad, tired comedy, and poor technical execution mar an otherwise average outing for Star Wars Resistance. This Star Wars Resistance review contains spoilers.Star Wars Resistance Episode 13Kazuda Xiono–pilot, mechanic, and Resistance spy–now takes on the role of shopkeeper in this week’s episode, “... #star-wars

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Star Wars: 19 Wild Things Fans Had No Idea Yoda Did Between Episode 3 and 4

When it comes to the ever-expansive Star Wars universe, Master Yoda is certainly known for being one of the most iconic characters in the franchise. For years, the wise Jedi Master has shared knowledge with younglings and seasoned Jedi Knights alike, and many details about Yoda have been shrouded in... #star-wars

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Star Wars: TIE Fighter Comic Announced by Marvel

Alec Bojalad Jan 19, 2019 Marvel will release a Star Wars comic series about TIE Fighter pilots in April, two months before a book about the Rebel Alphabet squad.Prepare yourselves, Rebel scum. The elite squadron of TIE Fighters known as "Shadow Wing" is coming for you.Marvel has announced... #marvel #star-wars

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EA Cancelled Star Wars Game To Rush Another Star Wars Game


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Rogue One Writer Wants Disney to Pull Star Wars License Away From EA

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Star Wars: EA Reportedly Will Not Let BioWare Make KOTOR Games

Matthew ByrdJan 21, 2019 BioWare has supposedly asked EA multiple times for permission to make a new KOTOR game. Over the years, we've heard a lot of talk about BioWare working on a new KOTOR game. It was even reported that theirAustin studio was secretlyhard at work on a new entry in the serie... #star-wars

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Star Wars: 10 Unused Characters Who Would’ve Made Solo Better


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Star Wars: EA Reportedly Unhappy with Game License

John SaavedraJan 16, 2019 Electronic Arts may not be entirely happy with the Star Wars license deal it made with Disney in 2013.It's been a long, brutal five years for Electronic Arts when it comes to its coveted Star Wars license, which the publisher acquired back in 2013, only months after Di... #star-wars

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EA ‘Fully Committed’ To Making More ‘Star Wars’ Games

Publisher Electronic Arts tellsVariety that it’s still fully committed to making more “Star Wars” games following a report that its studios are no longer working on an open world game set in the “Star Wars” universe, but rather a smaller game with a faster development t... #star-wars

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EA Cancels Its Open-World ‘Star Wars’ Game; Smaller Scale Title Aims for a 2020 Release

In a move that strongly suggests once again that Electronic Arts (EA) doesn't quite have a handle on the whole Star Wars thing, it appears that the video game company has canceled their open-world title that has been in various stages of development since 2017. The game, which apparently proved ... #star-wars

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EA Scraps Another “Star Wars” Game

Electronic Arts has reportedly cancelled plans for an open-world “Star Wars” game according to multiple sources for Kotaku. In 2017 it was announced Visceral Games, the “Dead Space” developer who had begun working on an open-world third-person “Star Wars” action a... #star-wars

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Star Wars Open-World Game Canceled by EA

John SaavedraJan 16, 2019 Another Star Wars game has been canceled by EA. This time, it's the open-world game being developed by EA Vancouver...Electronic Arts has canceled another Star Wars game, this time an open-world title in development at EA Vancouver, according to Kotaku. Codenamed Orca,... #star-wars

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Why EA's Open-World Star Wars Game Was Canceled (Again)


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Aquaman: The Best Star Wars Easter Egg You Missed

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Star Wars: 25 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Palpatine

Star Wars would never be the same without the insidious nature of one man: Sheev Palpatine. Not only did he expertly manipulate the senate, but he also turned a powerful Jedi Knight, dismantled the Jedi Order, and took over the galaxy. As far as Sith Lords go, he was an ambitious man as his decision... #star-wars

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Star Wars 9: John Boyega Shares Ominous Photo From The Set


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‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Was Always Meant to Be Watched on Netflix

Okay, that is if you can find it on Netflix. #netflix #star-wars

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Star Wars Resistance Episode 12 Review: Bibo

Star Wars Resistance returns with an above average episode, mostly involving checking in on the cast. This Star Wars Resistance review contains spoilers.Star Wars ResistanceEpisode 12Star Wars Resistance is back, and with the news of the show's renewal, it’s probably a good idea to try and reas... #star-wars

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Star Wars Blaster Canon Podcast: Rogue One, The Mandalorian, Thrawn: Treason, Age of Republic

Megan CrouseJan 13, 2019 Each month, the hosts of our Star Wars podcast, Megan, Paul, and Saf, take on the latest topics in the Expanded Universe, on television, and in the theater on Star Wars Blaster Canon.With the Cassian Andor television series coming to Disney +, our Star Wars podcast hosts rev... #star-wars

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‘BlacKkKlansman’s Adam Driver Stands By Childhood Ku Klux Klan Recollection; How ‘Star Wars’ Is Like Theater Work

Adam Driver recalls seeing Ku Klux Klan rallies in the Indiana of his 1990s childhood, and those memories came with him to the making of Spike Lee’sBlacKkKlansman –a true, ’70s-set story of racism that remains unnervingly relevant today. The film follows Ron Stallworth (John David ... #star-wars

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Star Wars Resistance Is About To Overtake The Last Jedi


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Why Is ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ So Hard to Find on Netflix?

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20 Star Wars Projects Confirmed For 2019 (And 5 Possibilities)

For Star Wars fans across the galaxy, the anticipation for any news related to Episode IX has been off the charts. So far, Lucasfilm has officially confirmed that the upcoming film will be the final installment of the Skywalker sagaand is slated to take place a year after the events in The Last Jedi... #star-wars

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“Star Wars: Resistance” Renewed For S2

Disney Channel has announced they have greenlit a second season of the animated series “Star Wars Resistance” which will debut in the Fall. In addition, they have also debuted the trailer for the midseason premiere coming this Sunday, January 13th which sees the incorporation of events o... #star-wars

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‘Star Wars Resistance’ Renewed for Season 2; New Trailer Reveals ‘Force Awakens’ Villain

Good news for fans of Disney's Star Wars Resistance:The series has been renewed for a second season! Today, a new midseason trailer was also released to tease the rest of Season 1 -- and it features a familiar Force Awakens villain. For those who are unfamiliar with the series,Star Wars Resistan... #trailer #star-wars

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Star Wars Resistance Season 2 Confirmed

John SaavedraJan 9, 2019 Star Wars Resistance season 2 is happening and it's coming in Fall 2019. Here are the details...Star Wars Resistance season 2 is set for liftoff in Fall 2019, according to Disney. The show was renewed midway through the first season, which sees KazudaXiono, a young pilo... #star-wars

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‘Star Wars Resistance’: Disney Channel Orders Season 2, Drops New Trailer

Star Wars Resistancewill live to fight another day. Disney Channel has ordered up a sophomore season of the animated Lucasfilm saga with a Fall 2019 premiere episode.The first season ofStar Wars Resistance resumes on Jan. 13 on Disney Channel and DisneyNOW with the ongoing adventures ofKazuda (̶... #trailer #disney #star-wars

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Saying Goodbye to Game of Thrones, The Avengers, and Star Wars in 2019

David CrowJan 9, 2019 2019 is the year we must say goodbye to Game of Thrones, The Avengers, and Star Wars (at least as how we know them). This is a good thing.It was in 1899 when German poet Ludwig Jacobowski scribbled, “Do not cry because [things] are past! Smile because they once were.” It’s safe... #avengers #star-wars

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Star Wars Resistance Season 2 Confirmed As Midseason Trailer Releases

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Is Young Han Solo A Virgin in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’?

Alden Ehrenreich plays Han Solo like he's a virgin who can't fly. #star-wars

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Disney Rushed Out The Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Too Fast

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Star Wars Episode 9 Crew Gift Teases New Plot Details


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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Gets Count Dooku

Rob LeaneJan 7, 2019 Star Wars Battlefront II is getting a Count Dooku update, which means Republic forces are in trouble...Count Dooku is the next prequel-eraStar Wars icon coming toBattlefront II, according to EA's official website.The curved-lightsaber-wielding villain will be voiced in the ... #star-wars

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Star Wars: 20 Weird Things Obi-Wan Did Before Episode 1

The first sixStar Warsmovies chronicled the adventures of the Skywalker family, but Obi-Wan Kenobi remained an important figure throughout the story, even though he was broadcasting from the afterlife in two of those films. Obi-Wan Kenobi is one of the first characters we see inStar Wars: Episode I ... #star-wars

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Star Wars: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Padmé Amidala

Courageous and fierce, Queen Padmé Amidala Naberrie was one of the most impressive characters written intoStar Wars, which is whyher being gone and pretty much forgotten is such a travesty. Originally a kind, brave teenage queen who was an excellent leader, her involvement with young Anakin Skywalke... #star-wars

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Star Wars Reveals Anakin's BRUTAL Revenge on The Jedi


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