The World of Superman Gets Drawn Deeper into Event Leviathan

Jim DandyJun 24, 2019 What do the criminal organizations of the DC Universe do during something as big as Event Leviathan? Action Comics #1012 has the answer.You ever wonder what was going on with like, Ox, Montana, and Fancy Dan while Spider-Man was off fighting the Skrull invasion in Secret Invasi... #superman #

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Storyboards From Abrams’ “Superman: Flyby

Before Bryan Singer’s “Superman Returns” in 2006 but after Tim Burton’s failed to launch Nicolas Cage-led “Superman Lives” in the late 1990s, another film about the Last Son of Krypton was in development and nearly got off the ground – “Superman: Flyby... #superman #

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DC's New MARTHA Twist is Wilder Than Batman v Superman

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Every Superman Villain Krypton Has Introduced (So Far)

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Superman is a Navy SEAL in New Origin (Seriously)

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Abandoned “Superman,” “Justice League” Talk

Today marks an interesting date – it was the release date that several years ago Warner Bros. Pictures had put aside for Zack Snyder’s “Justice League: Part II” film. Of course, those plans went off the rails with only one “Justice League” film ultimately being ma... #superman #

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Batman/Superman Team-Up Takes on Jokerized Heroes

Jim DandyJun 14, 2019 Batman and Superman investigate the lair of The Batman Who Laughs and find a Jokerized DC hero.The Batman Who Laughs may be the culmination of ten years of Scott Snyder's Batman work, but the hot-selling, utterly terrifying comic that has a Jokerized, parallel dimension Ba... #joker #superman #

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Iron Man Confirms Superman Exists in Marvel's Universe

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Krypton Season 2: Every Superman and DC Comics Easter Egg

Mike CecchiniJun 19, 2019 Is there another show as packed with Superman and DC Comics lore as Krypton season 2? If there is, we haven't seen it!This article consists of nothing but Krypton season 2 spoilers.Who would have ever thought that the best DC Comics show on TV would turn out to be a Su... #superman #

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Brendan Fraser Describes His 2002 Superman Movie Audition

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Who Is Lobo? Krypton's New Superman Villain Explained

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Supergirl & Superman Unite Against Krypton's Killers: PREVIEW

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Superman vs Doomsday: Who Is Actually Stronger?

Superman has a superb gallery of supervillains,one that includes classics like Lex Luthor, Brainiac, General Zod, and Darkseid. And there’s one villain who’s considered his counterpart due to his incredible level of strength: Doomsday. This creature is an insane freak of the universe and has actuall... #superman #

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Vaughn Talks Kingsman, Superman & X-Men

With “Rocketman” now in cinemas, the film’s producer Matthew Vaughn has been doing interviews left and right and in the process has touched upon a number of high-profile projects he was either involved in or linked to. Vaughn, who helmed “Kick-Ass,” “X-Men: First ... #superman # #kingsman #x-men

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How Brightburn Rewrites Superman’s Alien Origins

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‘Brightburn’ Review: Superman’s Origin Story Gets a Thin But Entertaining Horror Makeover

When it comes to filmmaking trends dominating box office and cultural conversation, you couldn't pick a more potent combination that superheroes and horror. Both genres are insanely popular at creatively charged at the moment, and filmmakers are more eager than ever to push the boundaries of gen... #superman #

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Superman: Leviathan Rising Reveals Crazy New Jimmy Olsen Direction

Jim DandyMay 24, 2019 Superman's pal, Jimmy Olsen is taking on...a very angry kitty cat. And it looks awesome. Seriously.Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen is one of the most bananas Superman-adjacent books in DC history. It started out as what would later become the foundation for the “Superman is a ... #superman #

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Why Tyler Hoechlin's Superman May Die Next Season

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Superman Fades Away in Justice League #24

Jim DandyMay 13, 2019 Scott Snyder and Jorge Jimenez continue "The Sixth Dimension" story in this exclusive look at Justice League #24.Justice League, DC’s flagship team book that ran screaming out of the pages of Dark Nights: Metal and Justice League: No Justice, is on its 24th issue this... #superman #

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20 Hidden Details In Superman Returns Only Super Fans Noticed

When Superman Returns flew into cinemas back in 2006, it was the Man of Steel’s first big screen outing in nearly 20 years. A quasi-sequel to the earlier film franchise headlined by Christopher Reeve, Bryan Singer’s movie – which starred Brandon Routh in the lead role, alongside Kate Bosworth as Loi... #superman #

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Bran Is The Superman of Game of Thrones (& It’s A Problem)

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Batman and Superman Team Up to Find the Secret Six in New DC Comic

John SaavedraApr 29, 2019 Batman and Superman are on a mission to find a new Secret Six before it's too late. Here are the details on the new series from DC Comics...Batman and Superman will join forces for a brand new comic book series debuting in August. Batman/Superman will be written by Jos... #superman #

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Why Wasn't Superman Included On The Justice League Movie Poster?

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Superman Comics Just Made Henry Cavill's BEARD Canon


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Why A Black Superman Makes Sense For Future DC Movies


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Superman's Greatest Enemy is... His Future Self?


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DC's Greatest Hero Isn't Superman, It's Green Lantern


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DC Are Making A Mistake Leaving Superman Behind


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CW Superman Won't Return to Supergirl During Season 4


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Cryer: “Supergirl” Atones For “Superman IV”

The casting of Jon Cryer as Lex Luthor in The CW’s “Supergirl” raised some eyebrows. It’s an odd choice within the context of the show’s narrative given the actor’s age, but in the context of the franchise itself it’s an enjoyable in-joke. Cryer famously pla... #superman

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‘Superman: Year One’: Frank Miller And John Romita Jr. Take On Man of Steel

Frank Miller delivered a milestone masterpiece in the 1980s when he took Gotham City’s caped crusader back to his beginnings with Batman: Year One. Now, the restless creative mind behind The Dark Knight Returns, 300, Sin City, Ronin,Elektra: Assassin, and Give Me Libertyis taking the Man of St... #superman

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Superman Just Became a Grandpa, Thanks to Superboy


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Shazam!’s Chinese Trailer Has Batman v Superman & Aquaman Jokes

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