10 Times Superman Has Become Other DC Heroes (and Villains)

Superman is an incredibly versatile character. Not only does he pair well with so many DC characters, but he's also actually stepped into their shoes a few times. Yes, the Man of Steel has hung up the blue and red several times in his comic book tenure, opting instead for costumes and personali... #superman

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Aquaman Passes Batman V Superman at Domestic Box Office

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15 Powerful Things Superman's Kids Can Do (That Superman Can't)

Since his creation over 75 years ago, Superman has gained a reputation for being one of the most over-powered characters in fiction. After his alien parents jettisoned him to Earth from theirexplodingworld, our planet's yellow sun nourished his developing body, ensuring he had all of the powers... #superman

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Every Superman Movie Ever, Ranked

A bunch of actors have played Superman on the big screen, from Christopher Reeve to Henry Cavill, and iconic directors ranging from Richard Donner to Zack Snyder have interpreted his story. He’s the original superhero, with possibly the most famous backstory and roster of superpowers in comic book l... #superman

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Superman #8 Sees Superboy and Jor-El Explore the Universe

Jim DandyFeb 11, 2019 Superboy fills in some gaps in his recent history in this exclusive preview of Superman #8.I love comics as a medium. I think that's fairly self-evident from the best comics lists - there's a pretty broad range of subject matter covered, and I've been a pretty ad... #superman

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Shazam! Producer Won't Confirm Superman Cameo

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Watch Scott Adkins' Batman V Superman Audition Tape


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‘Reign of the Supermen’ Review: A Worthy Follow-Up to DC’s ‘The Death of Superman’

In The Death of Superman, the inevitable happened. That's normally where adaptations of the acclaimed DC Comics' storyline end, but Warner Bros. Home Entertainment's latest animated release, Reign of the Supermen, finally brings the story's continuation to a screen near you. While yo... #superman

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James Gunn Was Offered a Superman Movie Before Suicide Squad 2

Kirsten HowardFeb 4, 2019 According to a new report, James Gunn was offered Superman by Warner Bros. before settling on The Suicide Squad.James Gunn's Superman? James Gunn's Hawkman? Can you picture it? We can't either, but a new report from THR reveals that the director could have ch... #superman

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James Gunn Nearly Helmed “Superman”

Earlier this week came word that former “Guardians of the Galaxy” writer/director James Gunn had been set to direct “The Suicide Squad,” a part-sequel and part-reboot of the 2016 DC Comics film at Warner Bros. Pictures. Now, THR adds that Warners initially approached Gunn to ... #superman

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Failed “Superman” Inspired “Velvet Buzzsaw”

One of the more talked about films of the Sundance Film Festival thus far has been “Kong: Skull Island” scribe and “Nightcrawler” writer/director Dan Gilroy’s “Velvet Buzzsaw” which will be released worldwide on Netflix this Friday. Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Rus... #superman

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Reign of the Supermen Review: DC Animated Movie Gets Classic Superman Story Right

The death and return of Superman saga continues with Reign of the Supermen, the latest DC Universe animated movie. Six months after the Last Son of Krypton was killed by Doomsday, it’s reigning supermen in Metropolis. And, based on the rise of earthly, and otherworldly, threats, the planet is in nee... #superman

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Zachary Levi Reveals How He Landed ‘Shazam!’ and Making Something Between ‘Superman’ and ‘Big’

When you watch the Shazam! trailers or TV spots, you can’t help but notice how great Zachary Levi looks in the role of Shazam. As he interacts with the younger cast, or gets in on the action, you feel like you’re watching someone who is absolutely having the time of his life playing a 14-year-old su... #superman #shazam

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Superman and the Next Evolution of Superboy

Aaron SagersJan 16, 2019 Superman writer Brian Michael Bendis talks to us about his upcoming changes to Superboy.This Superman article contains spoilers for the latest issue. The following interview has been edited and condensed for clarityBefore I ask my first question, Brian Michael Bendis says it... #superman

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Blizzard Had to Convince DC That Superman Kicks People

Matthew ByrdJan 14, 2019 When developing Justice League Task Force, Blizzard and DC battled over whether Superman kicks bad guys. There's no such thing as asking too many questions when you're adapting popular superhero characters. One wrong read of a character's mythology and you... #superman

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The Many Deaths of Superman On Screen

Mark HarrisonJan 14, 2019 As 1993's The Death Of Superman completes its journey to the screen, we look at the various adaps of the Man of Steel's not-so-final battleThis article comes from Den of Geek UK.This feature contains major spoilers for Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Justic... #superman

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Superman #7 Reveals Big Changes for Superboy

Jim DandyJan 14, 2019 Jon Kent is back and Superman #7 is going to tell us what he's been up to.One of the biggest mysteries left from Man of Steel is what's been going on with Jon, and it looks like, from this exclusive firs look at Superman #7, we're about to find out.The nice thing... #superman

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Why Aquaman and Wonder Woman Get Good Reviews But Not Batman and Superman

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“Superman: Red Son” Animated Film Planned?

Following news of a two-part DCAU direct-to-video adaptation of “Batman: The Long Halloween” being in development, Revenge of the Fans (via CBM) reports that an animated feature based on Mark Millar’s iconic Elseworlds comic “Superman: Red Son” is reportedly in the work... #superman

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‘Aquaman’s $940M+ Global Muscle Bests ‘Batman V. Superman’ & ‘Wonder Woman’; ‘Escape Room’ Packs $18M Stateside – Sunday Update

5th Update, Sunday AM Writethru after Saturday and Friday updates: Even though it’s a quiet weekend at the box office after the mad holiday rush between Christmas and New Year’s Day,studios savor the first frame of the year given its great holdover business. Kids are still off from schoo... #superman #aquaman #wonder-woman

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Shazam Trailer #2 Description: Superman Homages & Big Action

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Superman's Destructive Debut is Officially DC Canon


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25 Superman Fan Castings Better Than What We Got

Every actor cast as a superhero always has other actors with fanbases who want their guy in that role. We’re never happy with what we get and concoct fantasies of what someone else might have been like in a particular part. These are generally harmless as the majority of actors cast in their respect... #superman

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Godzilla vs. Kong Is Correcting Batman v Superman's Mistakes

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Titans Finally Confirms Superman Exists


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Crisis On Infinite Earths Should Kill Superman, Not Supergirl


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Richard Donner and the Importance of Superman: The Movie

Mike CecchiniDec 17, 2018 Richard Donner reflects on the legacy of Superman, the greatness of Christopher Reeve's performance, and why we still need the Man of Steel.Superman: The Movie, one of the most important and influential superhero movies of all time, celebrates its 40th anniversary this... #superman

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Mortal Engines Accidentally Remakes Batman v Superman's Martha Scene

WARNING: Spoilers ahead forMortal Engines. #superman

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How the “Elseworlds” Crossover Makes the Case for a Superman CW Series

This year’s big annual Arrowverse crossover was as splashy as ever, spanning four cities, three Earths, and multiple potential realities, all while packing in as many DC references and Easter eggs as possible. As stories go, it was largely satisfying, featuring strong character moments, fun in-jokes... #superman

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Momoa: Cavill Is Still Superman 100%

During interviews this month, “Justice League” actors Jason Momoa and Amy Adams have spoken on the record about the future of the DCEU with both seemingly being uncertain about where Warner Bros. Pictures is going with its DC Comics adaptations in the future. Adams tells Variety that she... #superman

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Henry Cavill 'Absolutely' Isn't Leaving Superman Role, Says Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa claims his DCEU co-star Henry Cavill is sticking around as Superman. Cavill has played Superman/Clark Kent in 3 movies so far; Man Of Steel, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Justice League. While fans have criticized certain elements of the how the character was portrayed - ranging... #superman

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The Russos Explain Why Superman is a Difficult Hero to Adapt for Film

Marvel Studios directors Joe and Anthony Russo admit that it's tricky to translate Superman into the screen. The superhero has been played by Henry Cavill in Warner Bros.' and DC's own interconnected movie franchise, the DCEU; while the CW's Arrowverse has also introduced their o... #superman

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Black Suit Superman is Actually The CW's [SPOILER]

Warning: SPOILERS for The CW'sElseworlds #superman

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Elseworlds Crossover Suggests Flash Is Faster Than Superman

Warning: This article contains spoilers forThe Flashseason 5 episode 9 #superman

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Elseworlds Star Wants Superman & Lois Lane Arrowverse Spinoff

The Arrowverse's Lois Lane, Elizabeth Tulloch, wants her version of the character and Superman to get their own spinoff. Tulloch's Lois was introduced in the first part of the DC TV multiverse's annual crossover event, this year titled "Elseworlds." Lois, alongside the retur... #superman

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‘Elseworlds, Part 1’ Recap: Barry Allen and Oliver Queen Swap Skills, Visit Superman

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not yet watched “Elseworlds, Part 1,” the first part of the 2018 “Arrowverse” crossover, which aired Dec. 9. After past crossovers that introduced beloved characters’ doppelgangers, a wedding and death, “Elseworlds,” th... #superman

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Aquaman Scores Best DC Films Debut in China Since Batman V Superman

Aquaman scores the best opening for a DC film at the Chinese box office since 2016'sBatman v Superman. Though many of installments in the DC Extended Universe (as it's unofficially known as) received mixed reviews from critics and fans, most performed well at the box office. Unfortunately,... #superman #aquaman

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‘Castlevania’ Producer Says ‘Superman Vs. The Ku Klux Klan’ Has Genre Message

Adi Shankar, the producer ofNetflix's Castlevania, says his upcoming project, Superman Vs. The Ku Klux Klan, has been indirectly energized by Bill Maher’s put-downs of comic book culture and comments about the late Stan Lee.Shankar said the firebrand comedian’s appraisal of comic boo... #superman

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Superman Game Not in Development at Rocksteady


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20 Mistakes Fans Completely Missed In Batman V Superman

With two of the biggest comic book characters of all-time appearing side-by-side in a live-action film, the second installment of the DCEUshould have been a smash hit.Instead,Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ultimately underperformed at the box office, failed to win over critics as well as many fa... #superman

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