Second Trailer: Malick’s “A Hidden Life”

Terrence Malick’s acclaimed WWII drama “A Hidden Life” has scored a new trailer from Fox ahead of its U.S. limited release starting December 13th. The project marks a long-awaited return to a more scripted and semi-plotted approach like Malick’s early work, as opposed to his recent... #trailer # #

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Trailer: Netflix’s Teen Rom-Com “Let It Snow”

Netflix has unveiled the first trailer for the teen romantic comedy feature “Let it Snow” based on the novel by “Fault in Our Stars” author John Green. When a once-in-century snowstorm hits a small town on Christmas Eve, several high school seniors discover unexpected opportu... #trailer #netflix # #

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‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’: Final Trailer, Explained

So you've seen that epic final trailer for Disney and Lucasfilm's Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker a few times now, right? Well, you may have missed some things, so we've taken a closer look at every frame in the new trailer to sort it all out. We've got Ghost, we've got the litt... #trailer # #

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Netflix Puts a YA Spin on Christmas Movies in First Trailer for ‘Let It Snow’

Netflix has released the first trailer for the upcoming Let It Snow movie, based on the best-selling YA anthology novel of the same name. The book was penned by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle and presented three different romance stories set during the holiday season that intertwine... #trailer #netflix # #

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‘Let It Snow’: Watch Kiernan Shipka, Shameik Moore Fall in Love in Netflix’s First Trailer

So much young love, so little time! #trailer #netflix # #

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Final Trailer for ‘Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker’ Brings Back Luke, Leia and Palpatine

Luke Skywalker’s epic legacy in a galaxy far, far away may be coming to an end in the final trailer for “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,” but it also marks the return of some of the series greatest characters. Both Luke and Leia return in the trailer, which aired during ESPN̵... #trailer # #

Variety | 22.10.2019 1:57:00

New ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ Trailer Previews an Epic Conclusion

Disney and Lucasfilm have released a new trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the third and final chapter of the trilogy started in 2015 with J.J. Abrams' The Force Awakens and continued with Rian Johnson's The Last Jediin 2017. Abrams returns to direct from a script he co-wrote wit... #trailer # #

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Final Trailer: “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”

Following its premiere during Monday night football, Disney Pictures has released the full trailer for the J.J. Abrams-directed “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” while tickets for the feature are also now on sale and can be picked up via Fandango. The project marks the ninth and final installment i... #trailer # #

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Final Trailer Breakdown and Analysis

Megan CrouseOct 22, 2019 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker unleashed its final trailer onto the galaxy. Here's everything you might have missed.The Rise of Skywalker blasts into theaters on Dec. 20. The final Rise of Skywalker trailer might be our last look at what may be the finalStar Wars movi... #trailer # #

Den of Geek | 22.10.2019 1:41:51

Patty Jenkins Announces ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Trailer Premiere Date

Good things are coming our way in mere weeks now that the premiere date for the firstWonder Woman 1984trailer has been confirmed by the movie's director,Patty Jenkins. The sequel to the 2017 monster DCEU hitWonder WomanstarsGal Gadotreturning once more as Diana Prince, a.k.a. Wonder Woman. The c... #trailer # # #wonder-woman

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“Wonder Woman 1984” Trailer In December

Director Patty Jenkins and star Gal Gadot have both used social media to confirm that the first trailer for the highly-anticipated sequel “Wonder Woman 1984” is scheduled to premiere at Comic Con Experience in Sao Paulo, Brazil on December 8th. Gadot will present the world premiere of th... #trailer # # #wonder-woman

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Check Out the Trailer for ‘The Feed,’ Amazon’s New Dystopian Sci-fi Show

Here's a question: Is technology good or bad? If Netflix'sBlack Mirrorwasn't enough to swing your answer to a definitive "bad," then swing over to Amazon'sThe Feedfor another look at near-future science fiction nightmares gone miserably awry. The first 10-episode season of the series... #trailer #amazon # #

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“The Crown” Third Season Full Trailer

Netflix has released the official trailer for the third season of their acclaimed and award-winning historical drama “The Crown”. As Elizabeth heads into the 25th year anniversary of her reign, she faces new challenges during 1964 and 1972. The entire cast is aged up with Olivia Colman p... #trailer # #

Darkhorizons | 21.10.2019 18:23:22

Kesha Releases Trailer for ‘Debaucherous Joy’-Filled New Album ‘High Road’

Kesha is more glittery than ever in the trailer for her new studio album, “High Road.” The eclectic clip, released Monday, heralds the coming of Kesha’s first album since 2017’s “Rainbow.” Amidst vintage clips of the American landscape and snippets of new songs, K... #trailer # #

Variety | 21.10.2019 17:55:14

Vin Diesel Comes Back to Life in ‘Bloodshot’ Trailer

Vin Diesel is coming back again and again in Sony Pictures’ first trailer for “Bloodshot.” In the forthcoming superhero adventure, Diesel portrays Ray Garrison a.k.a. Bloodshot, a soldier who gets rebuilt by a corporation following his death. The clip, released Monday and scored to... #trailer # #

Variety | 21.10.2019 16:31:41

Money Perverts Everything in New Trailer for the Final Season of ‘Silicon Valley’

The end is nigh for Silicon Valley, and ahead of the excellent series premiere of Watchmen last night, HBO debuted a new trailer for the beloved comedy series. The writers and producers behind Silicon Valley announced earlier this year that the show’s upcoming sixth season would be its last, and thi... #trailer # #

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First ‘Bloodshot’ Trailer Is Here to Show You Vin Diesel and the Entire Movie

If you want to get a feel for all three acts of Sony's latest superhero flick, by all means watch the first official trailer for Bloodshot. But if you're actually interested in, you know, experiencing the movie as it was meant to be instead of seeing all the major beats laid out in miniature... #trailer # #

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New ‘The Crown’ Season 3 Trailer Brings Prince Charles into the Mix

Netflix has released the full trailer for Season 3 of The Crown. The third season marks a reboot of sorts as a new cast comes in to take the lead roles of Queen Elizabeth (Olivia Colman), Princess Margaret (Helena Bonham Carter), and The Duke of Edinburgh (Tobias Menzies) with the story moving into ... #trailer # #

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New ‘Watchmen’ Trailer Teases What’s Coming in the Weeks Ahead

HBO launched its highly anticipated Watchmen series last night to both critical and audience acclaim, so it’s with a heavy degree of interest that they also released a trailer teasing what’s to come in the weeks ahead. The show hails from showrunner Damon Lindelof, who follows up his phenomenon Lost... #trailer # #

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‘The Crown’: Season 3 Trailer Shows The Times They Are A-Changing As Olivia Colman Steps Up To The Throne

“We’re ready for you, your majesty…” opens the first trailer for Season 3 of The Crown. Olivia Colman makes her debut in the third season, replacing Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth, with Tobias Menzies replacing Matt Smith as Prince Philip and Helena Bonham Carter replacing Vanessa Kirby as Princess M... #trailer # #

Deadline | 21.10.2019 14:09:09

‘The Crown’ Season 3 Trailer Teases Rivalry Between the Queen and Princess Margaret

Netflix has released the full trailer for season 3 of “The Crown,” and it’s clear that everything isn’t exactly going swimmingly for Olivia Colman’s Queen Elizabeth II. Set to a cover of Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are a Changin’,” the trailer te... #trailer # #

Variety | 21.10.2019 14:00:40

Bloodshot: First Trailer Arrives

Kirsten HowardOct 21, 2019 The first trailer for Bloodshot sets Vin Diesel on a Memento-ish rampage.Vin Diesel action vehicle Bloodshot has unveiled its first trailer, and what better way to start the week? Sure - another day, another comic book movie, but this one has a little Tony Scott-ness to it... #trailer # #

Den of Geek | 21.10.2019 11:15:01

Olivia Colman Assumes the Throne in ‘The Crown’ Season 3 Trailer

The times they are a-changing. #trailer # #

Decider | 21.10.2019 10:38:43

First Trailers: Vin Diesel In “Bloodshot”

Sony Pictures has premiered both the domestic and international first trailers for “Bloodshot,” the new Vin Diesel-led adaptation of the famed Valiant Comics title. Diesel plays Ray Garrison, a marine who is murdered and resurrected by a secret team of scientists (led by Guy Pearce). Enh... #trailer # #

Darkhorizons | 21.10.2019 9:49:22

HBO’s “Watchmen” ‘Weeks Ahead’ Trailer

Following last night’s debut of the show’s premiere episode, HBO has released an extended trailer for the remaining eight episodes of Damon Lindelof and Nick Cuse’s “Watchmen” TV series. In the next episode, Angela Abraham (Regina King) relives haunting memories of an a... #trailer # #

Darkhorizons | 21.10.2019 9:48:19

“Bloodshot” Trailer Gets Gorily Teased

While the final trailer for “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” will suck up all the oxygen online tomorrow, Sony Pictures is set to debut another preview as well which will turn some heads – the first trailer for the Vin Diesel-led Valiant Comics adaptation “Bloodshot”.... #trailer # #

Darkhorizons | 20.10.2019 18:59:18

“Rise of Skywalker” Trailer Set For Monday

It’s official, the final trailer for “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” is set to go online on Monday night along with the kick-off of ticket pre-sales. Both the trailer will be released and ticket sales will commence following the halftime of ESPN’s Monday Night Football game betw... #trailer # #

Darkhorizons | 19.10.2019 17:14:39

Trailer: Kanye West’s IMAX Film “Jesus Is King”

The official trailer has been released for “Jesus is King,” a new IMAX feature that hails from musician Kanye West and is dubbed a fusion of “religious revival and hip-hop show”. Directed by photographer Nick Knight and filmed this summer, the project is set in Roden Crater &... #trailer # #

Darkhorizons | 19.10.2019 16:52:01

Kanye West’s ‘Jesus Is King’ Anoints First Trailer From IMAX-Only Film

The joyful noise of Kanye West’s Sunday Service is coming to IMAX later this month, showcasing the combination religious revival and hip-hop show. The film will run at IMAX outlets for one week starting Oct. 25, then expand to additional markets on Nov. 8. Tickets are now on sale at JesusIsKin... #trailer # #

Deadline | 19.10.2019 16:00:01

‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ Final Trailer Air Date Announced (& It’s Coming Soon)

It looks like we're getting anotherStar Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalkertrailer after all. The final film in what's become known as the "Skywalker saga", which began in 1977 withStar Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, is coming to an end this December. This final saga chapter seesJ.J. Ab... #trailer # #

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‘The Outer Worlds’ Trailer Transports Players to a Far-Flung Outer Space Shoot-Em-Up

Oh, sweet babies, if you want to get your hands on a game that's like Fallout in space with a little dash of Borderlands thrown in, you're going to want to check out The Outer Worlds. Private Division and Obsidian Entertainment just released the official launch trailer, offering one more loo... #trailer # #

Collider | 18.10.2019 19:02:20

Ethan Hawke Finds a Baby in First ‘Adopt a Highway’ Trailer

Ain't no party like a grizzledEthan Hawkeparty 'cause a grizzledEthan Hawke party is "emotionally complicated!" The veteran actor (Beforetrilogy,First Reformed) digs deep in the brand new trailer forAdopt a Highway, a somber redemption drama from first-time filmmakerLogan Marshall-Green, kno... #trailer # #

Collider | 18.10.2019 18:48:51

Launch Trailer: “The Outer Worlds”

Obsidian Entertainment and Private Division have premiered the official launch trailer for its single-player sci-fi RPG title “The Outer Worlds” which comes to Xbox One, PS4, and PC on Friday, October 25th. Lost in transit while on a colonist ship bound for the furthest edge of the galax... #trailer # #

Darkhorizons | 18.10.2019 16:40:39

Red-Band Trailer: “Terminator: Dark Fate”

Two weeks out from its release, a new red-band trailer has arrived for “Terminator: Dark Fate” offering plenty of crunchy and violent cyborg-on-cyborg action and a better idea of how the film landed its R-rating for “violence throughout, language and brief nudity”. Directed b... #trailer # #terminator #

Darkhorizons | 18.10.2019 13:45:15

TV News Roundup: Netflix Releases ‘American Son’ Trailer

In today’s TV news roundup, Netflix released the trailer for “American Son” starring Kerry Washington and first looks at Dolly Parton’s new anthology series, “Heartstrings.” FIRST LOOKS Netflix has released the trailer for “American Son,” which premieres Nov. 1 on the s... #trailer #netflix # #

Variety | 17.10.2019 23:33:53

‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ NSFW Red-Band Trailer Politely Asks That You Call It “Carl”

You've seen the previous trailers, gawked at the images, and been told countless times that James Cameron is back on-board as producer, but now it's time for some good old-fashioned violence and swears, baby. The new extended red-band trailer for Terminator: Dark Fate is filled with bloody m... #trailer # #terminator #

Collider | 17.10.2019 22:13:14

Disney+ ‘The Imagineering Story’ Docuseries Trailer Goes Inside the Theme Parks

At one point in the trailer forThe Imagineering Story, an upcoming Disney+ docuseries on the magical workers who innovated the magical Disney theme parks, current Disney CEO Bob Igermimics the desired effect from a Disney consumer: "Wow. How did Disney do that?" Well, if he had listened to his compa... #trailer # #disney #

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‘The Outsider’: Watch the Trailer for the HBO Limited Series From Stephen King

Everything is coming up Stephen King these days, what with the recent success of IT: Chapter Two and the upcoming releases of season two of Castle Rock and the long-awaited The Shining sequel Doctor Sleep. The master of horror is keeping the streak going with the new trailer for the HBO limited seri... #trailer # #

Collider | 17.10.2019 19:43:22

John Mulaney, A Promise from Wiz Khalifa and Ghost Horses in New ‘Dickinson’ Trailer

Apple TV+ has released its second trailer for the original series, Dickinson. This decidedly modern take on the life and times (or, the teenage/twenty-something times) of American poet Emily Dickinson stars Hailee Steinfeld (Bumblebee) as the titular lead. And Apple looks to have taken the poet’s li... #trailer # #

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