“Wonder Woman 1984” Story Rumors Arise

The other week filmmaker Patty Jenkins confirmed that Warner Bros. Pictures is skipping this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, and so she revealed the teaser poster for “Wonder Woman 1984” instead via her own social media accounts. The film, a sequel to Jenkins’ acclaimed 2017 R... # #wonder-woman

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Wonder Words: Wonder Woman’s 10 Most Inspirational DCEU Quotes

With the release of the amazing new Wonder Women 1984 poster, anticipation for the long-awaited sequel isbeginning to build. The movie is still a year away but fans are eager to see what Diana Prince's next adventure will be and what it will mean for her future in the DCEU. # #wonder-woman

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Pine Talks “Wonder Woman” Differences

Filmmaker Patty Jenkins premiered the first poster for “Wonder Woman 1984” last week, the first material of any kind to appear for the film aside some still photos and brief footage played at conventions in the past year (and not online). One of the big question marks that still hovers o... # #wonder-woman

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Wonder Woman 1984's New Costume Explained: Why Does Diana Need Armor?

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‘Wonder Woman 1984’: Gal Gadot’s Kaleidoscope Costume Carries On Amazon Tradition

The release date ofWonder Woman 1984 is still a year away, but Gal Gadot’s wardrobe is so vibrant you can almost see it from here… On Wednesday, Wonder Woman filmmaker Patty Jenkins tweeted a photo of her franchise star in a resplendent battle uniform that will be among the action-wardro... #amazon # #wonder-woman

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First ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Poster Is All Shiny and Chrome

Warner Bros. caused quite the stir today when the studio announced it would be skipping the Hall H panels at San Diego Comic-Con this year. But should your hype levels already feel low, Patty Jenkins has arrived to share the first poster for Wonder Woman 1984. Folks, it rules.Look at that thing. It&... # #wonder-woman

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‘Wonder Woman 2:’ Patty Jenkins Shares First Look at Gal Gadot in New Costume

Wonder Woman is back. Director Patty Jenkins tweeted a picture of a new costume for the DC superhero Wednesday in what appears to be a reference to Wonder Woman’s Golden Eagle armor from the comics. The updated look has been a popular rumor among fans who hoped to see the comic book version... # #wonder-woman

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“Wonder Woman 1984” First One-Sheet

Following on from the news earlier that Warner Bros. Pictures is mostly skipping out on this year’s San Diego Comic Con, filmmaker Patty Jenkins took to Twitter and confirmed the news. At the same time though she also offered a new “Wonder Woman 1984” one-sheet, the first real post... # #wonder-woman

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Wonder Woman 1984 Poster Reveals Diana’s New Costume & Armor

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First Wonder Woman 1984 Poster Sports a Totally 80s Vibe

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Wonder Woman 1984 Director Hints First Trailer Releases In December

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How The Wonder Woman Logo Changed Over Time

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Jenkins On Why Wonder Woman’s Return Is 1984

The World War I setting was a big part of the success of the first “Wonder Woman” film, putting the story in 1918 allowed filmmaker Patty Jenkins and her crew to really explore old fashioned heroism in one of mankind’s darkest hours. The upcoming sequel however shifts to a whole di... # #wonder-woman

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Wonder Woman 1984's Setting Was Chosen For a Very Specific Reason

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Patty Jenkins On Delving Into ‘I Am The Night’; ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ & Why Certain Genres Haven’t Clicked At The B.O. – Crew Call Podcast

“The truth was being held in a bottle too tight, for too long,” says I Am the Nightdirector and EP Patty Jenkins about the enigmatic story of teenager Fauna Hodel, whose search for her real mother in 1960s Los Angeles plunged her into the city’s underbelly. Fauna Hodel was a white ... # #wonder-woman

Deadline | 22.5.2019 19:05:06

Jenkins On “Wonder Woman” Date Frustrations

Many DC fans wish “Wonder Woman 1984” was coming out sooner than its June 2020 release date, and it turns out the film’s director Patty Jenkins also shares the sentiment. The follow-up to the recent smash hit was originally supposed to open in theaters at the end of this year, but ... # #wonder-woman

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Patty Jenkins Reveals New Image of Gal Gadot Slaying in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’

We've still got quite a wait ahead of us before Wonder Woman 1984 finally arrives in theaters next summer. Fortunately, returning filmmakerPatty Jenkins is her to keep the fans fed with a new look atGal Gadot's Diana Prince all fancied up.Jenkins took to social media to extend a sweet birthd... # #wonder-woman

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“Wonder Woman 1984” Gets A New Photo

A new photo from Patty Jenkins’ “Wonder Woman 1984” has gone online, timed to celebrate star Gal Gadot’s birthday. In a lovely show of support, Jenkins says: “Happy Birthday to my most spectacular, incredible, amazing, beautiful, loving, powerful, hilarious and awe inspiring ... # #wonder-woman

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Wonder Woman 1984 Image Reveals New Look At Diana in the 80s

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Wonder Woman Has a Long History of Bondage—Just Watch ‘Professor Marston and the Wonder Women’

If you're looking for more bondage content, look no further than this underrated 2017 film. # #bond #wonder-woman

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‘Wonder Woman’ Helmer Patty Jenkins Zings ‘AHS’ Creator Ryan Murphy Over ‘1984’

What’s in a name, Juliet famously asked in that Shakespeare play. To Wonder Womanwriter/director Patty Jenkins, it’s also a question to ponder, as she teased American Horror Story writer/director Ryan Murphy on Twitter today about appropriating the “1984” tag for the upcoming... # #wonder-woman

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Wonder Woman’s Patty Jenkins Teases Ryan Murphy Over AHS: 1984 Title

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Watch ‘Wonder Woman’ Before It Leaves HBO

Time is running out if you want to stream this wonder of a superhero movie. # #wonder-woman

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Who Is Cheetah? Wonder Woman 1984 Villain Origin & Powers Explained

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8 Best Roles Gal Gadot Has Taken On (Besides Wonder Woman)

Since taking on the role of Diana Prince, also known as Wonder Woman, within the DCEU, Gal Gadot has quickly become one of the most in demand, highly sought after, and beloved A-list actresses in Hollywood right now. Her filmography is packed to the brim with exciting new projects in the next few ye... # #wonder-woman

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Wonder Woman is Taking On DC's BIGGEST Titan Ever

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8 Incredible Wonder Woman Cosplays That Will Make You Feel Like You're In Themyscira

Sometimes we grow tired of our mundane lives and fantasize about what life could be like if we had superhuman strength.Unfortunately, wewill never have the powers that Wonder Woman has, but hey, at least a couple cups of coffee can get us half-way there. Wonder Woman's powers include superhuman... # #wonder-woman

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DC Teases Female-Led ‘Wonder Woman 1984,’ ‘Birds of Prey’

DC Films offered up female heroes and villains during the Warner Bros. CinemaCon presentation on Tuesday. The studio showed footage from and interviews with the stars of “Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)” and “Wonder Woman 1984,” two of its... #wonder-woman

Variety | 3.4.2019 1:53:40

‘Wonder Woman 1984’, ‘Birds Of Prey’ Footage Teased During Warner Bros. CinemaCon Session

Before The Joker portion of the show, WB showed off a DC reel that began with a message from Jason Momoa thanking exhibitors “for giving us the space for all of Atlantis.”Also shown was some behind the scenes footage of Birds Of Prey with cast members Margot Robbie, Mary Elizabeth Winste... #wonder-woman

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Producer Explains “Wonder Woman 1984” Delay

A while back Warner Bros. Pictures made the surprise decision to push back “Wonder Woman 1984,” the upcoming sequel to the 2017 film, by seven months to a June 5th 2020 opening. On the one hand that puts it in the same weekend of the year as its predecessor which makes sense, on the othe... #wonder-woman

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The One Big Difference Between Captain Marvel & Wonder Woman’s Movies

#marvel #wonder-woman

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Why Wonder Woman 1984's Release Date Was Changed


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‘Captain Marvel’ Homing In On $900M Global Through Sunday; Tops ‘Wonder Woman’ WW

FRIDAY UPDATE: Disney/Marvel’s Captain Marvel hit $825M globally through Thursday as she wings her way to around $900M in the third frame. The international box office for Carol Danvers as of yesterday is $538.6M with domestic at $286.4M. At those numbers, and unadjusted, she has overtaken Spi... #marvel #wonder-woman

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All The Extras On The Wonder Woman Blu-Ray


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8 Possible Reasons For Steve Trevor's Return In Wonder Woman 1984

At the end of 2017’s hit superhero blockbuster Wonder Woman, the title character is driven to defeat the villain Ares by the sacrifice made by her new friend Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine. He delivers a strong message about the power of love over hate right before giving his life, and that’s wh... #wonder-woman

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‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Producer Says They Don’t Consider the Film a Sequel

Next year’s Wonder Woman 1984 is one of the most highly anticipated sequels currently on the release calendar… or maybe it’s not a sequel after all? In a testament to just how far away Warner Bros. and DC are moving from the “interconnected universe” idea, the film’s producer recently revealed that ... #wonder-woman

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