Wonder Woman 1984 Behind The Scenes Image Features Amazon’s New Costume

A newly revealed set photo from Wonder Woman 1984 shows a new Amazonian costume - could the film introduce the Amazon tribe of Bana-Mighdall? #amazon # #wonder-woman

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Justice League: The Snyder Cut Made Wonder Woman Better Than Thor

Zack Snyder's original version of Justice League would have seen Wonder Woman emerge as a far superior warrior than Thor - by going for the head. # #wonder-woman

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Wonder Woman: Bloodlines Release Date Revealed

Jim DandyAug 12, 2019 The last DC Animated movie for 2019 is Wonder Woman: Bloodlines. Here's what you need to know.With the debut of the newest DC animated movie, Batman: Hush, comes a fresh batch of information about its successor. DC has finally given us a good look at Wonder Woman: Bloodlin... # #wonder-woman

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‘Wonder Woman: Bloodlines’ Trailer Explores the Origin Story of the Title Amazon

Experience an all-new adventure with DC’s most powerful heroine in Wonder Woman: Bloodlines. In a solo story filled with intrigue, mythology and relentless battles on shores near and far, the next entry in the popular series of DC Universe Movies arrives this October. Additionally, the DC Showcase a... #trailer #amazon # #wonder-woman

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“Wonder Woman: Bloodlines” DCAU Film Trailer

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has released the first trailer for the animated DC Comics adaptation “Wonder Woman: Bloodlines” – the latest in the DC Universe Movies line-up. The story centers on Amazon princess Diana. While living on her island home of Themyscira, she decides to ... #trailer # #wonder-woman

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Wonder Woman: Bloodlines Trailer Reveals First Look At DC Universe Movie

Warner Bros. releases the trailer for Wonder Woman: Bloodlines - the latest DC animated feature, and the first Wonder Woman animated film since 2009. #trailer # #wonder-woman

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Wonder Woman Faces Grail for the Fate of Themyscira

Jim DandyJul 22, 2019 Get your first look at Wonder Woman #75 right here!There are two things I really dig about Wonder Woman #75.The first is the art. Specifically, Xermanico's work on the big double-page splashes. You'll see one in the preview below that DC sent over, but they persist th... # #wonder-woman

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Justice League: Wonder Woman Originally Killed Steppenwolf

Zack Snyder confirms Wonder Woman was going to decapitate Steppenwolf in his cut of Justice League before he went through a Boom Tube to Darkseid. # #wonder-woman

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New Hollywood Podcast: Natasha Rothwell Talks ‘Insecure’, Keeps Tight-Lipped On ‘Wonder Woman 1984’

Actor, writer and overall queen Natasha Rothwell is best known as fan favorite Kelli on Insecure(she’s the one who peed her pants after getting tazed at Coachella in case you haven’t kept up). She keeps it real and calls everyone on their bullsh*t on the show — and Rothwell isn’tth... # #wonder-woman

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Does Wonder Woman Have A Post-Credits Scene?

# #wonder-woman

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“Wonder Woman 1984” Story Rumors Arise

The other week filmmaker Patty Jenkins confirmed that Warner Bros. Pictures is skipping this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, and so she revealed the teaser poster for “Wonder Woman 1984” instead via her own social media accounts. The film, a sequel to Jenkins’ acclaimed 2017 R... # #wonder-woman

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Wonder Words: Wonder Woman’s 10 Most Inspirational DCEU Quotes

With the release of the amazing new Wonder Women 1984 poster, anticipation for the long-awaited sequel isbeginning to build. The movie is still a year away but fans are eager to see what Diana Prince's next adventure will be and what it will mean for her future in the DCEU. # #wonder-woman

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Pine Talks “Wonder Woman” Differences

Filmmaker Patty Jenkins premiered the first poster for “Wonder Woman 1984” last week, the first material of any kind to appear for the film aside some still photos and brief footage played at conventions in the past year (and not online). One of the big question marks that still hovers o... # #wonder-woman

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Wonder Woman 1984's New Costume Explained: Why Does Diana Need Armor?

# #wonder-woman

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‘Wonder Woman 1984’: Gal Gadot’s Kaleidoscope Costume Carries On Amazon Tradition

The release date ofWonder Woman 1984 is still a year away, but Gal Gadot’s wardrobe is so vibrant you can almost see it from here… On Wednesday, Wonder Woman filmmaker Patty Jenkins tweeted a photo of her franchise star in a resplendent battle uniform that will be among the action-wardro... #amazon # #wonder-woman

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First ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Poster Is All Shiny and Chrome

Warner Bros. caused quite the stir today when the studio announced it would be skipping the Hall H panels at San Diego Comic-Con this year. But should your hype levels already feel low, Patty Jenkins has arrived to share the first poster for Wonder Woman 1984. Folks, it rules.Look at that thing. It&... # #wonder-woman

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‘Wonder Woman 2:’ Patty Jenkins Shares First Look at Gal Gadot in New Costume

Wonder Woman is back. Director Patty Jenkins tweeted a picture of a new costume for the DC superhero Wednesday in what appears to be a reference to Wonder Woman’s Golden Eagle armor from the comics. The updated look has been a popular rumor among fans who hoped to see the comic book version... # #wonder-woman

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“Wonder Woman 1984” First One-Sheet

Following on from the news earlier that Warner Bros. Pictures is mostly skipping out on this year’s San Diego Comic Con, filmmaker Patty Jenkins took to Twitter and confirmed the news. At the same time though she also offered a new “Wonder Woman 1984” one-sheet, the first real post... # #wonder-woman

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Wonder Woman 1984 Poster Reveals Diana’s New Costume & Armor

# #wonder-woman

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First Wonder Woman 1984 Poster Sports a Totally 80s Vibe

# #wonder-woman

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Wonder Woman 1984 Director Hints First Trailer Releases In December

#trailer # #wonder-woman

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Wonder Woman 2 Trailer, Release Date, Cast, Villain, Story, and News

Mike CecchiniJoseph BaxterJun 5, 2019 We've got everything you need to know about Wonder Woman 2, the DCEU movie known as Wonder Woman 1984!Wonder Woman was one of the most successful movies of 2017, soWonder Woman2was a no-brainer. Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are making a sequel to the G... #trailer # #wonder-woman

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