Don’t Expect Marvel “X-Men” Films Until 2022?

The Fox-Disney deal is complete with the “X-Men,” “Fantastic Four” and “Deadpool” franchises now officially back at Disney and under the purview of Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige like fans have been apparently clamouring for. However, those hoping to see a new ... #marvel #x-men

Darkhorizons | 20.3.2019 20:58:52

10 X-Men We’d Love To See In The MCU (And 10 That Can Be Left Behind)

With the recent purchase of 20th Century Fox by Disney, the first thing that came to just about everyone's mind was whether or not the X-Men, whose rights are owned by Fox, would now be able to mingle with the heroes of the MCU. Of course, there is already a lot happening in the MCU, and it mig... #x-men

Screenrant | 17.3.2019 7:03:06

7 Things The MCU X-Men Needs To Do That Fox's X-Men Didn't (3 Things To Copy)

The X-Men are coming sooner than later to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so Marvel Studios will have some decisions to make. The original Fox Franchise has had its ups and downs over the years. Undeniable. However, when those films worked, they really worked. The Fox X-Men films brought audiences su... #x-men

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‘Captain Marvel’: The ‘X-Men’ Cartoon Introduced a Generation to Carol Danvers 25 Years Ago

This Saturday morning slugfest shows just how far Carol Danvers has come over the decades. #marvel #x-men

Decider | 8.3.2019 8:00:29

20 X-Men Fan Castings Better Than What We Got

It almost feels like the world has forgotten about the X-Men. After the poorly received X-Men: Apocalypse and a slew of production issues with the upcoming Dark Phoenix, Xavier's mutants are just not on people's radars like they used to be. Sure, there's a bit of news regarding the al... #x-men

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9 Things Legion Does Better Than The X-Men Films

When Noah Hawley and FX announced that they’d be creating a show based on the infamous son of Professor Charles Xavier, Legion, otherwise known as David Haller, fans weren’t sure what to expect. What fans eventually received was a series far better than it had any right to be. Now that Legion creato... #x-men

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X-Men: A Timeline Of The Mutant Franchise

With the recent release of the latest trailer for Dark Phoenix, X-Men fans are chomping at the bit for any morsel of newX-Men knowledge. After all, the future of this series is really up in the air. Dark Phoenix has been surrounded by publicized complications, as has the upcomingNew Mutants, and cou... #x-men

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Why The X-Men Comics Are Going Back To The '90s


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How Captain Marvel Could Introduce the X-Men to the MCU

James HuntMar 12, 2019 Could Carol Danvers be the key to introducing the X-Men to the MCU? We look at how it might happen…As excited as we are about Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame, and whatever comes next for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the question many of us want to know the answer to is sim... #marvel #x-men

Den of Geek | 5.3.2019 9:15:01

Every ‘X-Men’ Movie Ranked from Worst to Best

The superhero franchise is and has been king of the blockbuster box office for some time now, and while we're inundated with new superhero movies ever year,X-Men is something of a minor miracle of a franchise. Bryan Singer’s first film redefined what a superhero movie could be 16 years ago, and ... #x-men

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‘Dark Phoenix’: Latest Installment In ‘X-Men’ Franchise Scores New Trailer

Dark Phoenix has a new trailer: 20th Century Fox has released the new clip for the latest installment of the X-Men franchise, which is set to be released on June 7 2019.The film stars James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Sophie Turner, Tye Sheridan, Alexandra Shipp, K... #trailer #x-men

Deadline | 28.2.2019 12:18:52

Full Trailer: X-Men Film “Dark Phoenix”

The second trailer has arrived for “Dark Phoenix,” the last full 20th Century Fox “X-Men” film in the series before the franchise transfers over to Disney Pictures and Marvel Studios. The fourth film of the ‘First Class’ era, the story will adapt the seminal Marvel Comics sto... #trailer #x-men

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X-Men: Dark Phoenix Trailer 2 Breakdown - 37 Story Reveals & Secrets

#trailer #x-men

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New ‘Dark Phoenix’ Trailer Reveals 20th Century Fox’s Latest ‘X-Men’ Movie

20th Century Fox has revealed a new trailer for the upcomingX-Men movie Dark Phoenix. The film hails from writer/producerSimon Kinberg, who also makes his directorial debut on the 90s-setX-Men: Apocalypsefollow-up. The sequel adapts the famous Dark Phoenix comics arc, withSophie Turner filling the r... #trailer #x-men

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X-Men: Dark Phoenix Trailer #2 - The Phoenix Has Arrived

#trailer #x-men

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What Time Does The X-Men: Dark Phoenix Trailer Release Tomorrow?

#trailer #x-men

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‘The Gifted’ Needs to Jump to Hulu and Become the X-Men Show It Was Born to Be

Here's how you get literally every X-Men fan hyped for The Gifted Season 3–and how you get every fan to sign up for Hulu, too. #x-men

Decider | 26.2.2019 14:30:49

The X-Men are Heading Towards Days of Future Past (Again)


Screenrant | 26.2.2019 2:02:42

Happy Birthday Ellen Page and Kelsey Grammer: You Were Both X-Cellent in ‘X-Men 3’

Beast and Kitty Pryde were the best parts in the worst movie. #x-men

Decider | 21.2.2019 11:30:45

‘Umbrella Academy’ and ‘Doom Patrol’ Prove It’s Time for an ‘X-Men’ TV Show

We are past ready for a show about the original found family of super-weirdos! #x-men

Decider | 18.2.2019 8:00:26

X-Men: Days of Future Past Pitch Meeting


Screenrant | 11.2.2019 4:02:38

Marvel's New TV Shows Are Using An X-Men Character - How?

#marvel #x-men

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Marvel Shows Why The Avengers Universe NEEDS The X-Men

#marvel #avengers #x-men

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Jeph Loeb Weighs In On The X-Men's Future Following Disney-Fox Deal

#disney #x-men

Screenrant | 10.2.2019 7:02:36

Donner Talks “X-Men” & Their Disney Future

With the Disney and Fox deal to close within the next few weeks, the fate of the “X-Men” franchise seems uncertain. It’s almost certain the property will be almost immediately folded into the MCU and under control of Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige who’ll most likely reboot ... #disney #x-men

Darkhorizons | 5.2.2019 18:15:22

Lauren Shuler Donner Confirms Fox Marvel Movies on Hold; Wants ‘X-Men’ Franchise to “Evolve”

There have been a lot of questions surrounding the fate of 20th Century Fox’s Marvel movies ever since it was revealed that Disney would be acquiring the Fox movie studio. Over the past few years, Fox had really been hitting its stride as a competitor to Disney’s Marvel Studios, crafting individuali... #marvel #x-men

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Gambit & X-Force Movies Are 'Up to Disney', Says X-Men Producer

#disney #x-men

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Deadpool 2 Now Highest-Grossing X-Men Movie Ever


Screenrant | 5.2.2019 5:02:07

Gambit and Other X-Men Films on Hold For Disney/Fox Merger

Alec Bojalad Feb 5, 2019 X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner has confirmed that Gambit, X-Force, and Kitty Pryde movies are currently on holdThe year is 5067. The sun has long burnt out and been replaced by an orb of artificial UV light. Humanity has colonized every planet in the galaxy...even Pluto... #disney #x-men

Den of Geek | 5.2.2019 4:56:54

Lauren Shuler Donner On ‘Gambit’, ‘New Mutants’ Hulu Rumors & Future Of ‘X-Men’ Franchise Under Disney – TCA

Lauren Shuler Donner is ready to hand off theX-Menfranchise to Disney and Marvel’s Kevin Feige, and she has no worries — it’s in good hands.“Kevin (Feige) and I started the first movie, he worked for me, he has a great story sense when it comes to weaving each world together,... #disney #x-men

Deadline | 5.2.2019 0:59:01

That Kitty Pryde “X-Men” Film Is Still Alive

Celebrated comic writer Brian Michael Bendis used Twitter this week to reveal that the X-Men spin-off movie codenamed “143” is still in the works. Set in that universe, the story is said to focus on the character Kitty Pryde who can phase through objects. Ellen Page previously played her... #x-men

Darkhorizons | 4.2.2019 17:03:26

‘How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World’ Flies To $84M, ‘Deadpool 2’ Now Top X-Men Pic WW – International Box Office

UPDATE, writethru: Expanding to a handful of key markets this weekend, Universal/DreamWorks Animation's How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World swooped into the top spot on the international box office chart with a $40.2M frame. This lifts the overseas running total to $84.4M from 41 markets ... #x-men

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