‘Prometheus,’ ‘X-Men’ Actors Join Cast of Sam Barlow’s New Game

Indie developer Sam Barlow is working on an all-new narrative game and spiritual sequel to 2015’s “Her Story.” Called “Telling Lies,” it will be available later this year. On Friday, Barlow and publisher Annapurna Interactive revealed casting details for its live-action... #x-men

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Iron Man Had The MCU's First X-Men Easter Egg


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Apple Orders Series From “X-Men” Producer

Apple is closing a deal for an untitled science fiction series created and co-written by Simon Kinberg and David Weil. The project is dubbed a “large-budget, ambitious, character-driven genre show” but plot specifics are under wraps. It will go into production this summer. Kinberg direct... #x-men

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The X-Men Were Just Erased From Marvel's Universe

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Disney Can't Start Developing Any X-Men TV Shows - Yet

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X-Men: Beale Street Actress KiKi Layne Wants to Play Storm

Matthew ByrdJan 15, 2019 KiKi Layne is "actively plotting" to play Storm in an X-Men adaptation. Actress KiKi Layne is campaigning to play X-Men's Storm.In an interview with Variety, Layne revealed that she's a huge fan of Storm. In fact, she describes the character as "an i... #x-men

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James McAvoy Isn't Sure The X-Men Could Fit Into The MCU


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‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ Star KiKi Layne Is ‘Actively Plotting’ to Play X-Men’s Storm

KiKi Layne is on a roll. Not only has she received rave reviews with her feature film debut in “If Beale Street Could Talk,” but she’s following up the Barry Jenkins-directed movie with a big-screen adaptation of “Native Son.” Directed by Rashid Johnson from a screenplay by Suzan-Lori Parks, “Native... #x-men

Variety | 14.1.2019 22:27:35

Dark Phoenix is The First X-Men Movie Without Wolverine


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Feige On “Endgame” Marketing & Gaining X-Men

The first teaser trailer for “Avengers: Endgame” released last month looked to only contain footage from the opening 15-20 minutes of the film, the clip carefully selected and edited to avoid any spoilers. in an interview on the red carpet of the 76th Golden Globes last night, Marvel Stu... #x-men

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Marvel's X-Men Reboot is Getting Worse, Not Better

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X-Men: First Class Pitch Meeting - Reboot of Prequels Past


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X-Men Stories for the MCU Could Develop in 2019, Says Kevin Feige

Joseph BaxterDec 29, 2018 Marvel Studios Boss Kevin Feige believes that 2019 could see development commence for the X-Men’s MCU arrival.The Marvel Cinematic Universe could see the arrival of Fox film properties like X-Men and Fantastic Four soon enough. And now Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige i... #x-men

Den of Geek | 28.12.2018 18:53:35

Marvel Expects To Regain X-Men & Fantastic Four Rights In Early 2019

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Zac Efron Is Wolverine In New X-Men Fan Art


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The X-Men's Cyclops Just Came Back From The Dead


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‘X-Men’s Alexandra Shipp Joins Adam Devine In ‘Lexi’ Comedy From CBS Films

EXCLUSIVE: X-Men actress Alexandra Shipp is set to co-star opposite Adam Devine (Workaholics) in Lexi, a CBS Films comedy about what can happen when you love your phone more than anything else in your life. The Hangover scribes and Bad Moms helmers Jon Lucas and Scott Moore are on board to direct th... #x-men

Deadline | 19.12.2018 18:17:14

Avengers 4 Trailer: How It Should Have Ended Video Introduces X-Men

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X-Men: Dark Phoenix to be ‘New Beginning’ for Franchise

David CrowDec 14, 2018 Simon Kinberg and the stars of X-Men: Dark Phoenix talk about the need to experiment with the franchise more, beginning in 2019.If writer-director Simon Kinberg is worried about the impending acquisition of 20th Century Fox by Disney, he’s not showing it. Indeed, Kinberg was o... #x-men

Den of Geek | 13.12.2018 21:32:03

X-Men: Dark Phoenix: Every Update You Need To Know

X-Men: Dark Phoenixmarks the directorial debut of Simon Kinberg, longtime writer in the X-Men film franchise. Set a decade after the events ofX-Men: Apocalypse, the film stars Sophie Turner's Jean Grey and Tye Sheridan's Cyclops in an adaptation of the classic 'Dark Phoenix Saga'... #x-men

Screenrant | 13.12.2018 9:12:38

Dark Phoenix: Jessica Chastain’s Villain Will Battle All X-Men At Once

Jessica Chastain's as-of-yet unidentified villain inDark Phoenixwill battle all members of the X-Men at once. Her character is one of many mysteries surrounding the follow-up to Bryan Singer'sX-Men: Apocalypsein 2016. #x-men

Screenrant | 8.12.2018 7:12:31

Dark Phoenix Director Reveals X-Men Film Draws On Secret Invasion Comics

Dark Phoenixwriter and director Simon Kinberg has revealed that the next X-Men film is partly inspired by the "Secret Invasion" event in the comics. It's just the latest comment to support longstanding rumors that the movie will see the X-Men encounter Fox's version of the shapes... #x-men

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Dark Phoenix Gets X-Men Comics-Inspired Poster For CCXP

Check out this amazing comics-inspired poster for the forthcoming X-Men movie, Dark Phoenix. Featuring the second generation X-Men cast that was introduced in 2011's First Class, Dark Phoenix puts Sophie Turner's Jean Grey front and center, adapting the classic comic book arc of the same n... #x-men

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Aquaman's Jason Momoa Reveals Advice He Received From X-Men Star

Jason Momoa has revealed that ahead of filming DC's upcoming Aquaman film, he was offered a pearl of wisdom from none other than X-Men star Michael Fassbender. Created by Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger in 1941, the character made his DCEU debut in 2017'sJustice League. Although the film pr... #aquaman #x-men

Screenrant | 5.12.2018 7:12:54

The Russo Brothers On Welcoming Deadpool, X-Men Into Marvel Universe, Disney’s Take On ‘Infinity War’ Ending, Injecting Politics Into Blockbusters

Filmmakers Joe and Anthony Russo believe they will soon be orchestrating an even bigger flock of A-list talent on screen as the Disney-Fox merger introduces the X-Men and Deadpool to the Marvel Universe.“I'm sure of it,” Joe Russo said. “The acquisition of Fox is showing us whe... #marvel #disney #x-men

Deadline | 4.12.2018 18:53:02

When Comic Books Were Banned From the X-Men Set

Kirsten HowardNov 29, 2018 Hugh Jackman was smuggled X-Men comics after director Bryan Singer warned his cast off reading them... In these days of endless comic book movie blockbusters, stars inking cash-heavy long-term contracts with Marvel and DC, and legitimately expected Con appearances at NYCC ... #x-men

Den of Geek | 29.11.2018 13:15:01

X-Men Movie Director Bryan Singer Banned Comics On Set

Hugh Jackman revealed that director Bryan Singer banned comics on the set ofX-Men. Back when comic book adaptations were on the precipice of being taken seriously, Singer worried that bringing comic books on set might get in the way of the"three-dimensional characters"he was trying to port... #x-men

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Venom Has Outgrossed EVERY X-Men Movie

Venom continues to pull in lots of money at the worldwide box office and has now outgrossed every X-Men movie ever released. When it was announced that Sony Pictures would be producing a live-action Venom movie for the big screen, many people didn't take it too seriously - and there are multipl... #x-men

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Oscar Isaac's Time Filming X-Men: Apocalypse Was A Nightmare

Oscar Isaachas openedup about the difficulties he faced while working on X-Men: Apocalypse. Playing the titular villain in the Bryan Singer-directed film, the actor had to wear a practical suit (including a pair of high heel boots to appear taller) and go through extensive makeup and prosthetic appl... #x-men

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X-Men: 20 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Mystique

Despite her over 30 years in the comics, Mystique had never been one of the most popular mutants or members of the X-Men. That honor would have easily fallen to characters like Wolverine, Magneto, or Jean Grey, just to name a few. Thanks to the film series, there’s been a newfound interest in the ch... #x-men

Screenrant | 17.11.2018 6:11:18

Oscar Isaac Explains Why Filming ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Was “Excruciating”

In the latest video of GQ's series that explores actors' most iconic roles, Oscar Isaac sat down with the publication to discuss some of his greatest hits, includingDrive, Inside Llewyn Davis (which he says changed everything for him),A Most Violent Year, Ex Machina, Star Wars,Annihilation, ... #x-men

Collider | 16.11.2018 17:41:11

Oscar Isaac Isn’t An “X-Men: Apocalypse” Fan

The “X-Men” films have always been a gamble. “X2: X-Men United,” “X-Men: First Class,” “X-Men: Days of Future Past” and “Logan” are all at least well-regarded if not acclaimed. “X-Men” and “The Wolverine” are conside... #x-men

Darkhorizons | 16.11.2018 9:18:20

‘X-Men: First Class’ Co-Producer Jason Taylor Joins Futurism Studios As President Of Production

Jason Taylor has joined Futurism Studios as the new president of production, where he’ll spearhead the Brooklyn studio’s expansion into scripted content.Taylor will work to build a television and theatrical film slate that takes advantage of Futurism’s online audience and its inter... #x-men

Deadline | 15.11.2018 1:05:16

10 X-Men Actors Who Look Nothing Like Their Characters (And 10 Who Are Spot On)

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe will get all of the praise for bringing Marvel's characters to the big screen in an interconnected shared universe, it was the X-Menmovies that first created its own mini universe in the early 2000s. Even with Disney's purchase of Fox likely to go throug... #x-men

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Marvel's House of M is How X-Men Can Join the MCU in Phase 4

Marvel Studios will soon need to figure out how to bring theX-Meninto Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There are plenty of waysto potentially retcon mutants into having been around for years, but the best way to make it happen could come in flipping a popular comic story on its head. That&#... #marvel #x-men

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Why You Should Be Thankful for X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Mike CecchiniNov 21, 2018 Sure, it's a turkey, but without X-Men Origins: Wolverine you wouldn't have those Deadpool or Logan movies you love so much.X-Men Origins: Wolverine will forever be remembered as the right cross of a one-two punch that, coupled with X-Men: The Last Stand, nearly b... #x-men

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