10 Storylines In X-Men Canon We'd Like To See In The MCU

Just when you thought that the Marvel Cinematic Universe couldn’t get any more crowded, Disney goes ahead and buys out Fox. Back when Marvel was in dire straits, the company sold off many of their properties. These days, the comic publishing house is a powerhouse and thanks to Disney, most of Marvel... # #x-men

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DC's Version of CABLE Trades X-Men For The Outsiders

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Mutants In The MCU Means FEWER X-Men Movies (For Now)

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Watch: ‘Dark Phoenix’ Leans on the ‘X-Men’ Legacy in New Videos

Dark Phoenix may mark the end of an era when it comes to Fox's X-Men features, but the legacy of the storied Marvel Comics franchise will endure. The marketing for the upcoming film has opted to focus on that legacy this "X-Men Day" by celebrating with three videos: A look back at the history of... # #x-men

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10 Ways Marvel's Multiverse Can Introduce The X-Men and Fantastic Four

When Disney acquired Fox the most exciting thought for many fans was how the MarvelcharactersFox owned the rights to could integrate into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The newSpider-Man: Far From Home trailer opens up a ton of possibilities with the introduction ofthe Multiverse. # #marvel #x-men

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‘Gambit’ Is Dead; Disney Drops the X-Men Spinoff from the Schedule

A Gambit movie was always this weird thing. You had a character who had only been in one movie before--X-Men Origins: Wolverine--and now they wanted to give him his own movie with Channing Tatum on board to star. The film cycled through multiple directors including Rupert Wyatt, Doug Liman, and Gore... # #disney #x-men

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Avengers: Endgame Writers Want to Reinvent X-Men's Cyclops for the MCU

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MCU Theory: Avengers Endgame Secretly Created The X-Men

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Why Marvel Should Pursue a ‘Fantastic Four’ Movie Before Relaunching ‘X-Men’

Spoilers ahead for Avengers: Endgame. As Marvel Studios heads into Phase 4, it’s a very different studio than the one that emerged on this day in 2008 with the launch of Iron Man. It didn’t produce record-breaking behemoths that changed the landscape of blockbuster cinema, and it didn’t have some of... # #marvel #x-men

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Kevin Costner’s ‘Let Him Go’ Adds ‘X-Men’ Actor Booboo Stewart (EXCLUSIVE)

“Twilight” star Booboo Stewart will join Kevin Costner and Diane Lane in the Focus Features suspense thriller “Let Him Go,” based on Larry Watson’s novel of the same name. Lesley Manville, Jeffrey Donovan, Kayli Carter and Will Brittain are also on board. “The Fam... # #x-men

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X-Men: Dark Phoenix’s Original Third Act Climax Was Reshot

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‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ Set for June 6 China Release

“X-Men: Dark Phoenix” will officially swoop into Chinese theaters June 6, a day before its U.S. release, 20th Century Fox said Thursday. The studio had put out a trailer last fall that touted a Feb. 14 release date for the new X-Men installment, but said a day later that the premiere had been ... # #x-men

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Final ‘Dark Phoenix’ Trailer Signals the End of Fox’s ‘X-Men’ Film Franchise

Back in 2000, the world had just survived the dreaded Y2K scare, and with renewed hope for the future, looked forward to the start of a new summer blockbuster trend: superhero movies. Sure, they'd been done before, but rather poorly. X-Men, however, took the popular Marvel Comics title and excel... #trailer # #x-men

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Marvel Puts “X-Men” On Ice For Near Future?

Marvel Studios closes out its first decade of business with “Avengers: Endgame” in just a little over two weeks from now and those hoping to see a new Wolverine unfurl his claws in the post-credits scene – you’re out of luck. Though Disney and Marvel have acquired the rights ... # #marvel #x-men

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Kevin Feige Says Marvel Has a Five-Year Post-‘Endgame’ Plan, But Don’t Expect X-Men or Fantastic 4

The problem with getting excited about stories like James Gunn being reinstated as the director on Guardians of the Galaxy 3 or Angelina Jolie lending her otherworldly aura to Eternals is that technically, those movies haven't been confirmed yet. Outside of Spider-Man: Far From Home's July 5... # #marvel #x-men

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The X-Men Won't Join MCU For A "Very Long Time"

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Avengers & X-Men Join Forces for Massive Animated Endgame Trailer

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X-Men's James Marsden Open to His Cyclops Joining the MCU

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What Is The Phoenix Force? The X-Men Villain Explained

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10 Characters From The X-Men Movies Who We Hope Get Their Own Movie

With Disney slowly taking steps towards acquiring Fox and all of its creative assets, the X-Men movie franchise is about to get shaken up in a major way. There are a couple of upcoming movies of the Fox slate that Disney has confirmed will still get theatrical releases, but after that, Marvel Studio... # #x-men

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10 Actors Almost Cast In X-Men Movies

With Disney's acquisition of Fox, many comic book movie fans are now eagerly anticipating certain Marvel characters joining the MCU -- perhaps most notably, the X-Men. But while it will be exciting to see how the MCU brings its mutant heroes to life, some fans are lamenting the end of the X-Men... # #x-men

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Cable Was Originally in X-Men: Days of Future Past

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The Best (And Most Important) X-Men Comics Ever

Marvel's merry band of mutants have been the topic of much discussion lately, with the X-Men appearing in Fox's upcomingDark Phoenixfranchise finale and the characters playing a big role in the Fox acquisition by Disney.Dark Phoenix maysignal the end of a cinematic era for the X-Men,but fa... #x-men

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Fox On More “Alien,” “Apes” & “X-Men”

Appearing as part of Disney’s CinemaCon presentation, 21st Century Fox exec Emma Watts talked a bit about the future of the former studio’s franchises now that they’ve been absorbed into the Mouse House. Disney showed off a sizzle reel of big franchises they now own which included ... #x-men

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Dark Phoenix Director Would ‘Love To Continue’ on X-Men

Don KayeMar 30, 2019 Simon Kinberg says he’s interested in sticking with the X-Men as they enter the MCU.Simon Kinberg has been involved with the Fox Marvel universe since first coming on board as a screenwriter for 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand. Since then, he’s been a writer and/or producer on ever... #x-men

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5 X-Men Stories We Want To See In The MCU (And 5 We Don't)

With the deal between Disney and Fox finally starting to go through, we’re closer than ever to seeing the X-Men join the Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. #x-men

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10 Things The Gifted Does Better Than The X-Men Movies

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe and The Dark Knight are often credited as most heavily influencing the popular rise ofsuperhero films, the X-Men movies deserve a lot of credit as well. The 2000 live-action X-Men filmkick-started the many live-action superhero and mutant stories that would follow... #x-men

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10 Ways Marvel Can Fix The X-Men Franchise

Disney’s acquisition of Fox couldn’t have come at a better time for Marvel. They’re about the clean house in the MCU with Avengers: Endgame, the culmination of 11 years of filmmaking, and a bunch of characters will either be retired or killed off, leaving room for a new batch of superheroes to enter... #marvel #x-men

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Doom Patrol's Newest Episode Has an Ironic X-Men Parody


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Marvel Is Relaunching The X-Men Comics with Secret Wars Writer

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Disney-Produced ‘X-Men’ Movies Unlikely Before 2021; ‘Eternals’ to Shoot This Year

The enormity of Disney’s acquisition of the 20th Century Fox film studio cannot be overstated. One of history’s biggest and most lauded movie studios is no longer independent, and is now simply a subsidiary of a larger conglomerate. Not to mention the fact that this acquisition will result in thousa... #disney #x-men

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Marvel X-Men Plans Revealed

Jim DandyMar 24, 2019 Jonathan Hickman returns to Marvel for an X-Men event: House of X and Powers of X.At Marvel's Next Big Thing panel at C2E2 in Chicago, Jonathan Hickman was announced as the writer behind a big summer X-Men event: House of X and Powers of X.Hickman's arrival had been t... #marvel #x-men

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Don’t Expect Marvel “X-Men” Films Until 2022?

The Fox-Disney deal is complete with the “X-Men,” “Fantastic Four” and “Deadpool” franchises now officially back at Disney and under the purview of Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige like fans have been apparently clamouring for. However, those hoping to see a new ... #marvel #x-men

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