‘Queen & Slim’ Trailer: Daniel Kaluuya Is on the Run in Provocative Crime Drama

Universal Pictures has released the first trailer for the fascinating upcoming film Queen & Slim. The movie hails from a story idea by James Frey (yes, the Million Little Pieces guy) that was then written as a screenplay by The Chi creator Lena Waithe, and it tackles incredibly incendiary subject ma... #trailer #

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Pixar Films Ranked from Worst to Best

The arrival of Toy Story—and by extension Pixar Animation Studios—in 1995 forever changed how we see movies. Not since Snow White and the Seven Dwarves has the medium of animation been so significantly rocked, as new technology brought colorful CG to audiences for the first time ever. Within a decad... #

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‘The Lion King’ TV Spot Features a Beyonce & Donald Glover Duet

Disney has released a new TV spot forThe Lion King, just one more reminder that this movie is going to make one trillion dollars and make people of a certain generation weep uncontrollably in public. This new clip features the voices of Donald Glover's Simba andBeyoncé Knowles-Carter Nala making... #

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‘Legion’ Season 3 Review: A Drug Trip Through Time Ends the FX Series on a High Note

If you were under the impression that Harry Lloyd joining the cast of Legion season 3 as iconic X-men leader Charles Xavier would result in a more straightforward, comic book-faithful storyline, then woo boy I have a giant unexplained pig monster to sell you. (To clarify:Legionseason 3 contains a gi... #

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‘Big Little Lies’ Season 2: James Tupper on Recapturing the Magic & Working With Meryl Streep

The HBO drama series Big Little Lies is back for a second season, as the lies that were told last season come back to haunt the Monterey Five. With the death of Celeste’s husband Perry (Alexander Skarsgard) even more present now that his mother, Mary Louise (Meryl Streep), seems to be staying in tow... #

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Weekend Box Office: ‘Toy Story 4’ Debuts to Franchise-Best $118 Million

What a strange summer at the box office this has already been. Toy Story 4easily took the weekend with a $118 million debut. This marks the highest opening in the franchise by a wide margin—topping Toy Story 3's $110.3 million—but still falls below the $122 million the movie was estimated to rak... # #toy-story

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Upcoming Marvel Movies: Here’s What’s Next After ‘Endgame’

With the release of Avengers: Endgame, Marvel Studios capped off a 22-film saga. The story began with 2008’s Iron Man, and since that time we’ve seen new heroes introduced, compelling combinations of characters intermingled, and even a few characters bite the dust. And while previous team-up movies ... # #marvel

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‘Jessica Jones’ Season 3: Eka Darville on Malcolm’s Journey and Saying Goodbye to the Series

Executive produced by showrunner Melissa Rosenberg and Marvel’s Head of Television Jeph Loeb, Marvel’s Jessica Jones (available to stream at Netflix) is back for a third season, as Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) crosses paths with a highly intelligent and very deadly killer. At the same time, Jessic... #

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The Best Comedy Series & TV Shows on Amazon Prime Right Now

We all need a laugh sometimes. There's a reason why sitcoms are always in syndication and topping streaming metrics -- everyone loves to kick back, have some giggles and hang out with their favorite comedic actors for a while. Good news for those of you looking for some humor, Amazon Prime Video... #amazon #

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The Best Drama Series & TV Shows on Amazon Prime Right Now

Nobody wants drama in their life, but boy do we love it in our TV. From classic television to the giants of the new Golden Age, and the latest streaming essentials, dramatic storytelling has long been the crux of prestige TV and the home base for some of the best series in history. Fortunately, Amaz... #amazon #

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Jon Hamm and Adria Arjona on ‘Good Omens’ and Filming the “Unfilmable”

WithGood Omensnow streaming on Amazon Video, I recently got to participate in a group interview in London withJon Hamm and Adria Arjona. During the interview, they talked about the challenges of trying to make something that was famous for being unfilmable, how even though the story was written thir... #

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Friday Box Office: ‘Toy Story 4’ Easily Wins Battle of the Toys Over ‘Child’s Play’

Whelp, all those vaguely threatening posters feel a bit silly now. After bringing in the second largest Thursday preview for an animated film ever, Toy Story 4 is headed to a massive $122+ million opening weekend. The film flew to first on Friday night with $47.4 million, trouncing its R-rated toy-f... # #toy-story

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Ally Maki on ‘Toy Story 4’, Giggle McDimples, and Her Character’s Friendship with Bo Peep

Audiences were first introduced to the world of Toy Story in 1995, and nine years after we last saw them in the third installment of the franchise, the toys are back with an all-new adventure in Toy Story 4, as they take a road trip that leads them on their own journey of self-discovery and helps th... # #toy-story

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‘The Craft’ Reboot at Blumhouse Finds Its First Witch in ‘Pacific Rim’s Cailee Spaeny

Up-and-coming actress Cailee Spaeny is in negotiations to play one the lead in Sony and Blumhouse's reboot of the 1996 cult classicThe Craft, Collider has confirmed. Zoe Lister-Jones(Band Aid) has been tapped to write and direct a contemporary reboot, which, according to the Hollywood Reporter, ... #

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The Best TV Shows on Right Now

We here at Collider know that Peak TV makes it hard to figure out what shows are worth watching, especially in the middle of this deluge of new fall shows. Sometimes you just sit there and look at a lackluster DV-R list and think,"What's thatseries on HBO about the historical woman who dresses l... #

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Christian Bale, Director Scott Cooper May Reteam for Secret Project ‘Valhalla’

If you want to be an entertainment reporter, here's some free advice: Always scroll to the bottom of any Deadline story written by the site's co-editor-in-chief Mike Fleming Jr., because he often includes little nuggets of information that are too early to merit their own headline. Sure enou... #

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The 75 Best Movies on Netflix Right Now (June 2019)

… #netflix #

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The Best Series and TV Shows on Netflix

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‘Transparent’ Creator Jill Soloway Replaces Bryan Singer as ‘Red Sonja’ Director

Well, I certainly wouldn't have expected Jill Soloway to tackle the Red Sonja movie following the success she had with the award-winning Amazon seriesTransparent, but here we are. Millennium Films has tapped Soloway to replace Bryan Singer behind the camera, and she'll also write the script,... #

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Exclusive: Here’s Who Is Being Eyed to Star in Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ at CBS All Access

Back in January, CBS All Access announced it would be moving forward with a 10-episode limited series based on Stephen King's magnum opus The Stand, which hails from writers Josh Boone (The Fault in Our Stars) and Ben Cavell (SEAL Team), as well as CBS Television Studios. Boone is directing the ... #

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‘Toy Story 4’: The Antique Shop Is Filled with Easter Eggs

Pixar loves to drop in Easter eggs to its movies from the Pizza Planet truck to references to Pixar movies of the past and upcoming entries like Lotso making an appearance in Up before being officially introduced in Toy Story 3. The studio’s latest film, Toy Story 4, is no exception, especially in t... # #toy-story

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Watch the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con Panels in Full: Power Rangers, Rob Liefeld and More

Now that we've shared a few short clips from the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con panels withSean Astin,Daniel LoganandMatthew Wood, it's time for the full conversations! Collider was proud to be in Las Vegas last weekend acting as the official media partner for Amazing! Comic Con. Collider Heroe... #

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‘2020 Star Wars Celebration’ Tickets Are Already on Sale

As the press release puts it, "There has never been a more exciting time to be aStar Warsfan." That may be true as Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is set to arrive this December 20th to both close out the Skywalker Saga so far and, presumably, usher in the new wave of Star Wars stories. Fans will a... # #star-wars

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The Best Movies in Theaters Right Now

While we're overwhelmed with what to watch at home with so many streaming services offering so many choices, not to mention the age of Peak TV, the theater can be somewhat forgotten. And yet we will always advocate for theaters because they're unique settings where you can truly become lost ... #

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Watch: Seth Meyers Gets Hammered Drinking with Rihanna; Butchers “Work”

Fans of Late Night with Seth Meyers no doubt relish the semi-frequent segment “Day Drinking with Seth,” and last night’s episode gave us a very special treat: Seth went day drinking with the one and only Rihanna. Now, if you’ve seen this segment before, you know that Seth can really drink. But Rihan... #

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Watch the Original Alternate Ending of the ‘Pet Sematary’ Remake

The new Pet Sematary movie, the latest in a resurgence of Stephen King adaptations, is a tale of multiple endings. There's the original book ending from King's horror tome in 1983, the relatively faithful ending of the 1989 movie adaptation, and the ending that directors Kevin Kölsch and Den... #

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‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’: Elizabeth Henstridge on Tonight’s Big FitzSimmons Episode

Directed by Jesse Bochco and written by DJ Doyle, Episode 606 (called “Inescapable”) of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. finally brings Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) and Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) back into the same room together. They’ve fought through space, time and alternate realities, in order t... #

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A Beginner’s Guide to ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’, Now Streaming on Netflix

With Neon Genesis Evangelion now streaming on Netflix, a first for the seminal anime series, a lot of newcomers and diehard fans are about to go all-in on the binge-watch. But in case you have never heard about the show or want to know more about it before settling in for all 26 half-hour episodes, ... #netflix #

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Protest Group Demands That Netflix Cancels ‘Good Omens’ … Which Is an Amazon Show

Even Neil Gaiman and the late, great Terry Pratchett themselves would have been hard pressed to come up with something quite so perfect in its irony and hilarity. The six-episode TV series adaptation of their collaboration Good Omens, which launched at the tail-end of May, is now the subject of a pr... #netflix #amazon #

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