Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fan Game Pays Tribute to Arcade Classic

Matthew ByrdJun 24, 2019 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rescue-Palooza! remixes classics beat-em-ups while adding new content. One dedicated fan has decided to pay tribute to the golden age of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games) by creating a brand new arcade-like TM... #

Den of Geek | 24.6.2019 14:05:38

Anthony Mackie Discusses Taking up Post-Endgame MCU Mantle

Kirsten HowardJun 24, 2019 "People are going to expect me to be Chris Evans in the same suit, but a black dude. And that’s definitely not gonna happen."This article contains spoilers for Avengers: EndgameGoing into Avengers: Endgame, we assumed that the film would probably be the last we w... #

Den of Geek | 24.6.2019 11:15:02

How Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 4 Would Have Panned Out

Rob LeaneJun 24, 2019 Mysterio is set to make his big-screen debut next week, but he might have appeared earlier. Here's the story behind Raimi's ditched sequelSpider-Man: Far From Home is swinging into theaters on July 2, finally introducing classic nemesis – or is he? – Mysterio (played ... # #spider-man

Den of Geek | 24.6.2019 9:15:01

The World of Superman Gets Drawn Deeper into Event Leviathan

Jim DandyJun 24, 2019 What do the criminal organizations of the DC Universe do during something as big as Event Leviathan? Action Comics #1012 has the answer.You ever wonder what was going on with like, Ox, Montana, and Fancy Dan while Spider-Man was off fighting the Skrull invasion in Secret Invasi... #superman #

Den of Geek | 24.6.2019 2:39:55

Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 4 Review: Skidmark

Fear the Walking Dead finds itself with a bit of a “Black Summer” problem.

Den of Geek | 23.6.2019 22:19:38

Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 21 Review: Attack Titan

Attack on Titan finishes its look into Grisha’s past and provides many answers on the history of Titans in a moving, shocking episode.

Den of Geek | 23.6.2019 21:38:30

Star Wars Blaster Canon Podcast: Dooku: Jedi Lost, Celebration, Lucasfilm

Megan CrouseJun 22, 2019 Our Star Wars podcast hosts do deep dive into Dooku: Jedi Lost and discuss news from Celebration and at Lucasfilm.With Celebration 2020 dates announced, our Star Wars experts sit down to talk about the show and the latest new canon content. First, we chat about the differenc... # #star-wars

Den of Geek | 22.6.2019 3:08:39

The Stand: James Marsden Lands Lead in New Limited Series

Don KayeJun 21, 2019 Former X-Men and Westworld star James Marsden will lead the forces of light in The Stand.James Marsden has been tapped by director/writer Josh Boone (New Mutants) to play the lead role of Stu Redman in the upcoming CBS All Access limited series based on Stephen King's The S... #

Den of Geek | 21.6.2019 23:14:01

Red Sonja Movie Hires Transparent Creator Jill Soloway to Write and Direct

John SaavedraJun 21, 2019 The Red Sonja movie is back on track with a new writer and director: Transparent creator Jill Soloway. Those fans hoping to see Red Sonja on the big screen sans Bryan Singer can breathe a sigh of relief: the movie is back on track and has a new writer and director in Jill S... #

Den of Geek | 21.6.2019 19:27:51

Big Little Lies Season 2 Episode 3 Review: The End of the World

It's hard to turn away from the fascinatingly complex Mary Louise, as she grapples with the idea that her son was a bad person.

Den of Geek | 21.6.2019 18:46:57

Agents of SHIELD Season 6 Episode 6 Review: Inescapable

A welcome reunion for Fitz and Simmons is fraught with strife in this memory laden episode of Agents of SHIELD.

Den of Geek | 21.6.2019 18:41:26

Annabelle: Real-Life Haunted Dolls to Disturb Your Dreams

Aaron SagersJun 21, 2019 We examine the history of some real-life, allegedly haunted dolls, including Annabelle from The Conjuring Universe.Dolls are great companions for tea parties, sleepovers, adventures, and more. But for many people, they’re also creepy toys that watch you sleep and popular ves... #

Den of Geek | 21.6.2019 18:36:54

DC to Shutter Vertigo and Other Imprints

John SaavedraJun 21, 2019 Legendary adult-oriented DC imprint, Vertigo Comics, will close down by January 2020. The iconic comics imprint that brought readers The Sandman, Preacher, Hellblazer, Fables, Y: The Last Man, and others will close its doors in 2020. According to THR, DC Comics plans to shu... #

Den of Geek | 21.6.2019 17:48:44

Swamp Thing Episode 4 Review: Darkness on the Edge of Town

Swamp Thing episode 4 finds the show at its most gross and most effective.

Den of Geek | 21.6.2019 17:27:27

Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tie-In Comic to Expand Netflix Show’s Story

Joseph BaxterJun 21, 2019 Netflix’s TV series prequel The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance will be accompanied by a comic book series by Boom! Studios.The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance recently wowed would-be audiences with a trailer for the Netflix TV series that teased a sublime mix of old-school... #netflix #

Den of Geek | 21.6.2019 16:45:18

Star Trek: Picard - 5 Possible Crossovers With Star Trek: Discovery

Ryan BrittJun 21, 2019 It's unlikely that Star Trek: Picard and Discovery will crossover... but what if they did?As the current executive producer of all future Star TrekTV projects, Alex Kurtzman had to have some kind of a plan. And, in a long, revealing interview this week with Deadline, Kurt... #

Den of Geek | 21.6.2019 15:58:58

Link Tank: A Brief History of Doctor Who's Missing Episodes

Spencer MullenJun 21, 2019 Doctor Who, Toy Story 4, Breath of the Wild 2, and more in today's daily Link Tank!The sequel to Breath of the Wild may fix a major problem from the last game."We’re going back to Hyrule! We might not knowwhen, why, or how, but Nintendo’s officially confirmed tha... #

Den of Geek | 21.6.2019 13:38:47

Sci Fi Fidelity Podcast: World Building

Michael AhrDave VitaglianoJun 23, 2019 Our genre television podcasts hosts talk about the carefully crafted cultures of shows that take place in very believable worlds.Although we wouldn't necessarily want to live in some of the worlds imagined by some of our favorite science fiction, fantasy, ... #

Den of Geek | 21.6.2019 12:23:48

How Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Saved Poke-Mania

Rob LeaneJun 21, 2019 Coming at a time when Poké-Mania appeared to be ending, Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire faced an uphill struggleThis article comes from Den of Geek UK.Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire, which launched in 2002, and faced an uphill battle leading up to its release. Game Freak's Ju... #

Den of Geek | 21.6.2019 8:15:01

Toy Story 4: Tony Hale Explains Forky is More Than Just Trash

David CrowJun 21, 2019 We speak with Tony Hale about the many dimensions of Forky, the new lovable Toy Story 4 character who wants to throw himself away.Tony Hale is aware everyone already loves Forky in Toy Story 4 and the character’s desire to be one with the trash again. Hale loves Forky’s desire... # #toy-story

Den of Geek | 21.6.2019 3:54:03

The 100: Diyoza is Low-Key Season 6's Best Character

Shadia OmerJun 21, 2019 Diyoza may not have been around as many of The 100's most beloved characters, but she's become one of the show's best in Season 6.ThisThe 100article contains spoilers.One of the greatest things about storytelling on TV is the way character growth can be depicte... #

Den of Geek | 20.6.2019 23:52:47

Angel Was Shut Down Before Its Second Ever Episode

Kirsten HowardJun 21, 2019 The first incarnation of Buffy spinoff series, Angel, was too dark for Warner Bros., according to its creators.Angel is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year (yikes we're old) and to celebrate, Entertainment Weekly has put together a reuinion issue looking back a... #

Den of Geek | 20.6.2019 21:15:01

Anthem: EA CEO Admits One of the Game's Issues

Matthew ByrdJun 20, 2019 EA CEO Andrew Wilson admits that Anthem and BioWare need to change to survive. In a candid interview with GameDaily.biz,EA CEO Andrew Wilson opened up about the state ofAnthem, which has faced several issues since its launch in February. According to Wilson, some of the game... #

Den of Geek | 20.6.2019 20:30:04

Halloween Sequel with Jamie Lee Curtis Reportedly Set for 2020

Joseph BaxterJun 20, 2019 Blumhouse is reportedly prepping a sequel to 2018’s Halloween, with Jamie Lee Curtis returning.Halloween, the 2018 traditional-timeline-altering franchise revival from the horror gurus at Blumhouse, proved to be a substantially profitable offering amongst a sea of remakes a... #

Den of Geek | 20.6.2019 19:26:15

How the New Child’s Play Updates the Mythology

Don KayeJun 20, 2019 The cast of Child’s Play discuss how the new movie puts a modern spin on the franchise.In the classic 1988 horror film Child’s Play, a single mom named Karen gives her son Andy a doll as a present, with both unaware that the doll -- named Chucky -- is possessed by the spirit of ... #

Den of Geek | 20.6.2019 18:50:01

Child’s Play Review: Remake is a Plastic Copy

This modern reboot captures some of the original franchise’s manic dark energy but fails to transfer it into a worthy movie.

Den of Geek | 20.6.2019 17:28:13

The Lost Women of NXIVM Special Greenlit by ID

Tony SokolJun 20, 2019 A day after sex cult leader is found guilty, Investigation Discovery greenlights The Lost Women of NXIVM special.A federal jury in Brooklyn, N.Y., found Keith Raniere, leader of the sex cult NXIVM, guilty on charges of sex trafficking, forced labor conspiracy, human traffickin... #

Den of Geek | 20.6.2019 16:50:13

Judgment Review: Sega's Excellent Yakuza Spin-off

Judgment is a fun Yakuza spin-off that changes the formula just enough to stand on its own. Our review...

Den of Geek | 20.6.2019 16:20:02

Xbox Scarlett Will Be Microsoft's Only Next Gen Console (For Now)

Matthew ByrdJun 20, 2019 Xbox Scarlett will be Microsoft's flagship next-gen device. Despite rumors to the contrary, it seems that Xbox Scarlett is the only next-gen console that Microsoft is currently working on."Last year we said consoles, and we’ve shipped a console and we’ve now detail... #

Den of Geek | 20.6.2019 16:15:46

Just Dance 2020 May be the Last Nintendo Wii Game

Matthew ByrdJun 20, 2019 Just Dance 2020 is coming to the Nintendo Wii, but it may be the last game to do so. The Just Dance series has been a surprise staple for the Nintendo Wii over the last several years, but Ubisoft has confirmed that Just Dance 2020 will not only be the last Just Dance title f... #

Den of Geek | 20.6.2019 14:44:59

Rami Malek Talks Bond 25 Production Problems

Kirsten HowardJun 20, 2019 New Bond villain Rami Malek has addressed concerns that Bond 25 is in trouble.If you'd been reading the tabloids lately (we would consistently advise against it) you'd probably have ingested all manner of bizarre headlines about the ongoing Bond 25 shoot by now, ... # #bond

Den of Geek | 20.6.2019 12:15:01

Spider-Man: Far From Home First Reactions Are In

Kirsten HowardJun 20, 2019 They're all pretty positive. Who woulda thunk it?The first reactions to the very last MCU instalment of 2019 are in and, shocking no one, they're mostly gushing.While we'll have to wait to see Spider-Man: Far From Home for ourselves when July finally shows u... # #spider-man

Den of Geek | 20.6.2019 11:15:01

EA Says Loot Boxes Are "Quite Ethical and Quite Fun"

Rob LeaneJun 20, 2019 EA defends its use of loot boxes and prefers the term "surprise mechanics."Electronic Arts' Kerry Hopkins, the company's VP of legal and government affairs, has defended EA's use of loot boxes, stating that these microtransaction-assisted game mechanics... #

Den of Geek | 20.6.2019 11:15:01

Nintendo Switch Mini Images May Have Leaked

Rob LeaneJun 20, 2019 Is this what the Nintendo Switch Mini will look like? Following on from the long-standing rumors that Nintendo is developing a cheaper, handheld-only version of the Nintendo Switch, some early imagery for the commute-friendly console may have leaked onto the web.This story star... #

Den of Geek | 20.6.2019 10:15:01

Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 1 Review: A Thundering

The return of the cable ratings success story Yellowstone means a lot of new story to slug through.

Den of Geek | 20.6.2019 2:12:17

Batman 1989: The Long Journey and Enduring Legacy of a Superhero Classic

David CrowJun 21, 2019 We revisit the painful birth of Tim Burton's Batman '89 and why it remains one of the most influential superhero movies of all time.The truism that all press is good press was tested early, and relentlessly, during the production of Tim Burton’s Batman. In an era bef... #

Den of Geek | 19.6.2019 23:38:58

Gone Hollywood Pilot Casts Game of Thrones' Jaime Lannister

Tony SokolJun 19, 2019 FX dug into the house of Lannister and the garage of the Sunshine Cab Company for Gone Hollywood pilot. What is west of Westeros, Arya Stark asked in the Game of Thrones finale as she headed for desinations unknown. Among other things, Tinseltown. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who pl... #

Den of Geek | 19.6.2019 21:00:17

AEW Fyter Fest: Card, Date, Matches, and How to Watch

Gavin JasperJun 20, 2019 Jon Moxley, the former Dean Ambrose, is set to make Joey Janela his first in-ring victim in this second big All Elite Wrestling event.As an all-new wrestling promotion, All Elite Wrestling has been hitting all the right notes right out the gate. Their prototype show All In m... #

Den of Geek | 19.6.2019 20:53:42

Krypton Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Ghost in the Fire

Lobo gets a showcase at a very opportune time in Krypton Season 2.

Den of Geek | 19.6.2019 18:53:08

I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson Season 2 Confirmed

Nick HarleyJun 19, 2019 The sketch comedy series co-created by and starring Detroiters' Tim Robinson will return in 2020 for a second season.Netflix has become the premiere streaming service for comedy. Not only is the service hosting a glut of awesome stand-up specials, beloved former series, ... #

Den of Geek | 19.6.2019 18:27:16

Midsommar Review

Midsommar, Ari Aster's follow-up to Hereditary, is a more ambiguous and internalized horror that will smother you with kindness.

Den of Geek | 19.6.2019 18:23:44