Sony Blames Disney for Spider-Man Movie Partnership Failure

Mike CecchiniAug 21, 2019 Sony released a pointed statement blaming Disney for why Spider-Man will no longer be part of the Marvel Studios MCU franchise.It's going to be a very long week for Marvel fans, isn't it?After a tumultuous afternoon that included a bombshell report that Sony and D... # #disney #spider-man

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What's Next for Spider-Man Movies Without the MCU?

Mike CecchiniAug 20, 2019 In a post-MCU world, where will Tom Holland and Sony take the adventures of Peter Parker and Spider-Man without Marvel?Spider-Man no more! Well, not really. Spider-Man is a box office champion, a legendarily versatile character, and an absolute juggernaut of merchandising a... # #spider-man

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New Spider-Man Movies Won't Have Marvel Studios Involved

David CrowAug 20, 2019 Sony and Disney are parting ways on Spider-Man due to a financing disagreement. Tom Holland will be back, but Kevin Feige will not.The various places filmmakers could go in the Spider-Verse got a little smaller on Tuesday when it was reported by Deadline that Marvel Studios Pr... # #marvel #spider-man

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The Matrix 4 in the Works with Keanu Reeves Set to Return

John SaavedraAug 20, 2019 The Matrix 4 is happening! Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss will reprise their roles, with Lana Wachowski set to write and direct.The question about whether we'd ever see Neo again after the end of The Matrix Revolutions has been answered: The Matrix 4 is officially i... #

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Ghost Hunters: Exclusive First Look at the Return

Aaron SagersAug 20, 2019 Get your first look at the return of Ghost Hunters in this exclusive clip!Fifteen years ago,GhostHunterspremiered on Sci-Fi Channel and ushered in an era of paranormal reality television. Co-led by Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes, the series initially followed the plumbers-by-d... #

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D23 Expo 2019: Dates, Schedule, Tickets, and News

John SaavedraAug 20, 2019 D23 2019 is a celebration of all things Disney, from the biggest Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar movies, to what's coming to Disney+!D23 2019 is the biggest Disney celebration of the year. With panels focusing on all things Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and Disney Animation, ... #

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Elvis Presley Animated Series Agent King Coming to Netflix

Tony SokolAug 20, 2019 The King of Rock and Roll has a double life as Elvis Presley gets animated as Agent King on upcoming Netflix series.Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll, earned a black belt in Karate, indulged "Suspicious Minds," and got special agent status from President Nixon... #netflix #

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PlayStation Hints at Possible PC Ports

Matthew ByrdAug 20, 2019 Would the PlayStation team really bring some of their games to PC and other platforms?During an interview with Bloomberg, Shawn Layden,Chairman of SIE Worldwide Studios, shockingly suggested that some PlayStation games could eventually be released on PC and other platforms.&... #

Den of Geek | 20.8.2019 15:22:53

Mario & Sonic Olympics 2020 Revives Retro 2D Art Style

Matthew ByrdAug 20, 2019 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 gets a 2D mode that revives the Track and Field glory days.Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020(that's a mouthful) will feature an exciting recently announced mode that lets you experience some retro 2D game... #

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Link Tank: Aston Martin From Goldfinger Sells For $6.38 Million

Spencer MullenAug 20, 2019 Aston Martin, Wonder Woman 1984, Hong Kong Protests, and more in today's daily Link Tank!Here's how Blue Origin and SpaceX may compete to send human beings to the moon."Who will be the next person to step on the moon? If a new competition comes to light, it ... #

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WWE Officially Moves NXT to Wednesday Nights on USA Network

Mike McMahonAug 20, 2019 WWE's NXT is headed to the USA Network and will go up against AEW's new wrestling show on TNT ...We officially have a wrestling war again.As has been rumored since the end of last week, WWE is moving its NXT property to USA Network on Wednesday nights beginning on ... #

Den of Geek | 20.8.2019 14:11:43

Gears 5 Horde Mode Features Halo Crossover Characters

Matthew ByrdAug 20, 2019 Two characters from Halo: Reach will be featured in Gears 5's upcoming Horde mode. Gears 5 will feature a long overdue crossover with Halo as two characters from Halo: Reach are set to appear in the game's upcoming horde mode.As revealed at Gamescom 2019,Noble Team... #

Den of Geek | 20.8.2019 14:00:14

Sherlock: Martin Freeman Mulls Series 5 Possibilities

Kirsten HowardAug 20, 2019 Martin Freeman is open to the possibility of Sherlock season 5 if everything lines up.A fifth series of Sherlock is no closer to fruition than it was back in 2014, when co-creator Steven Moffat said that he and longtime writing pal Mark Gatiss had planned out the bones of ... #

Den of Geek | 20.8.2019 12:15:01

Mindhunter Season 3 Could be "a Complete Reimagining of the Show"

Kirsten HowardAug 20, 2019 Mindhunter star Holt McCallany thinks there will be a lot of changes in Mindhunter season 3.After a very long wait for season 2, Netflix has finally delivered another dose of Mindhunter, but as viewers wrap up another delicious bingeing session, questions are now hanging i... #

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Jason Blum Hopes The Hunt Will Still Get a Release

Richard JordanAug 20, 2019 The producer of the satirical thriller, The Hunt, which was pulled in the wake of recent mass shootings, says there's a chance...Earlier this month, film studio Universal cancelled its planned September release of new Blumhouse thriller The Hunt in the wake of the two... #

Den of Geek | 20.8.2019 12:15:01

What Krypton Season 3 Would Have Been

Mike CecchiniAug 20, 2019 While the show has been canceled, the showrunner has revealed what the plans for Krypton season 3 would have looked like.This article contains major Krypton season 2 spoilers.Syfy detonated Krypton far too early, canceling the fan favorite Superman prequel just two days aft... #

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The Terror Season 2 Episode 2 Review: All the Demons Are Still in Hell

The Terror season 2 continues to be light on supernatural scares but heavy on the horrors of American history.

Den of Geek | 19.8.2019 21:15:12

Mindhunter Season 2: Ted Gunn Represents a Bolder FBI

Nick HarleyAug 20, 2019 Mindhunter Season 2 introduces Ted Gunn and removes some red tape to allow the series to focus on what matters: the cases.The following contains spoilers forMindhunterseason 2.One of the biggest draws ofMindhunter, David Fincher’s true crime-inspired Netflix series, is the wa... #

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Young Justice Season 3 Episode 23 Review: Terminus

loneliness + alienation + xpit x halo = oh crap for the DC Universe. Young Justice: Outsiders is going for it.

Den of Geek | 19.8.2019 20:14:26

PlayStation Acquire Spider-Man Developer Insomniac

Matthew ByrdAug 19, 2019 The PlayStation team have officially acquired one of their most notable collaborators, Insomniac Games.Sony has acquired Spider-Man developer Insomniac Games in a blockbuster deal."Insomniac Games is one of the most highly-acclaimed development studios in the industry a... # #spider-man

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Kerbal Space Program 2: Release Date and Trailer

Matthew ByrdAug 19, 2019 Kerbal Space Program 2 revives the beloved rocket building indie experience. Beloved space strategy/sim/slice of weirdness Kerbal Space Program is finally getting a sequel.The appropriately named Kerbal Space Program 2 was revealed at Gamescom 2019 via a cinematic trailer th... #trailer #

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Orcs Must Die 3: Release Date and Trailer

Matthew ByrdAug 19, 2019 Orcs Must Die 3 will be a Google Stadia sequel to the tower defense franchise. Here's what we know:Orcs Must Die 3 is not only in development but will be a Google Stadia exclusive.Developer Robot Entertainment returns to the franchise they created to develop this sequel... #trailer #

Den of Geek | 19.8.2019 18:20:35

Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition - Release Date and Trailer

Matthew ByrdAug 19, 2019 Age of Empires 2 is finally getting a Definitive Edition. Here's what you need to know:Microsoft is finally releasing a definitive edition of Age of Empires 2.Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition gives the 1999 strategy game a bit of a visual and feature facelift. On th... #trailer #

Den of Geek | 19.8.2019 17:48:42

Keeping Up With the Roys: Succession Season 2 Episode 2

Nick HarleyAug 19, 2019 Kendall kills his passion project, Shiv pushes her chips all in, and Cousin Greg finds a new apartment. It's Keeping Up with the Roys!Obscenely rich and richly obscene, the Roy family of HBO’s darkly comedic family dramaSuccessionis back for Season 2, and more deplorable... #

Den of Geek | 19.8.2019 16:07:41

Underwater Trailer Submerges Kristen Stewart in Deep Trouble

Tony SokolAug 19, 2019 Kristen Steward splashes her way through aquatic horrors in the first Underwater trailer.Kristen Stewart will go to any length to distance herself from the sun. The upcoming survivalist movie Underwater shows the Twilight star leagues away from her past horror endeavors. It is... #trailer #

Den of Geek | 19.8.2019 15:25:26

Blair Witch: Hands-on with the New Horror Game

Matthew ByrdAug 20, 2019 The new Blair Witch game from Bloober Team may leave you hiding in the corner. It’s safe to say that nobody went into E3 2019 expecting Bloober Team, the studio behind modern horror masterpieces such as Layers of Fear and Observer,to reveal a new game based on The Blair Witc... #

Den of Geek | 19.8.2019 14:28:51

Succession Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Vaulter

Yes, Succession’s brief look at digital media is accurate, but so is its soullessness.

Den of Geek | 19.8.2019 14:25:33

Dragon Age 4 Lead Producer Leaves BioWare

Matthew ByrdAug 19, 2019 Another member of the BioWare team has left as Dragon Age 4's producer says goodbye. Fernando Melo, the lead producer on Dragon Age 4, has left BioWare after 12 years with the studio."Today was my last day at BioWare," said Melo via Twitter. "After 12 yea... #

Den of Geek | 19.8.2019 14:07:27

Gamescom 2019 Live Stream: Opening Night Live, Xbox, and Stadia

John SaavedraAug 19, 2019 You can watch all the big reveals and never-before-seen gameplay from Gamescom 2019 right here!Gamescom 2019 arrives at the tail end of summer, closing out what has been a busy games season that kicked off with an explosive E3. While Gamescom isn't quite as big as E3 i... #

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Wynonna Earp Showrunner Emily Andras Has New Show in Development at Syfy

Kayti BurtAug 19, 2019 Emily Andras, aka the showrunner of Wynonna Earp, has a new drama in development at Syfy and it sounds awesome.Wynonna Earp showrunner and fandom guardian angel Emily Andras is developing a new show for Syfy that sounds all kinds of clever. According to THR, Andras is teaming ... #

Den of Geek | 19.8.2019 13:18:31

Marvel Pulls Essay Over Political Fears

Mike CecchiniAug 19, 2019 Captain America doesn't like bullies but Marvel seems afraid of them, pulling a legendary creator's essay over political backlash fears.The forthcoming book Marvel: The Golden Age 1939 - 1949 was scheduled to feature an introductory essay by Eisner Award and Pulit... # #marvel

Den of Geek | 19.8.2019 12:59:33

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Bruce Lee Backlash Continues

Mike CecchiniAug 20, 2019 A friend and student of Bruce Lee has spoken out about the martial arts legend's portrayal in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.One thing has haunted Quentin Tarantino'sOnce Upon a Time in Hollywood from the moment its first trailer was released: the onscreen represen... #

Den of Geek | 19.8.2019 12:21:52

Justice League: Jason Momoa Has Seen The Snyder Cut

Rob LeaneAug 19, 2019 Jason Momoa has taken to Instagram to confirm the existence of the Justice League Synder cut and he says it is "sick."Jason Momoa has seen the Snyder cut of the Justice League movie and he says that it's sick. Or, to be exact, the Aquaman actor said that this alt... #

Den of Geek | 19.8.2019 10:15:01

Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 10 Review: 210 Words Per Minute

Fear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 10 proves there’s a downside to playing things safe—even in the zombie apocalypse.

Den of Geek | 19.8.2019 1:16:54

Masters of the Universe Reboot from Kevin Smith Ordered at Netflix

Alec Bojalad Aug 18, 2019 Kevin Smith will be spearheading a Masters of the Universe: Revelation anime series for Netflix.After bringing She-Ra and The Princesses of Power to the streaming world, Netflix will continue to delve the He-Man extended universe for gold.Filmmaker Kevin Smith announced at ... #netflix #

Den of Geek | 18.8.2019 22:37:05

Mindhunter Season 2: The BTK Killer's Story So Far

Alec Bojalad Aug 18, 2019 The story of Dennis Rader a.k.a. BTK continues in Mindhunter season 2. Here is what's happened on his show within the show.The following contains spoilers for Mindhunter season 2.Netflix's Mindhunter season 2 continues the story of Holden Ford, Bill Tench, and Wen... #

Den of Geek | 18.8.2019 20:15:02

Mindhunter Season 2 Interrogates True Crime Obsession

Alec Bojalad Aug 19, 2019 Netflix's Mindhunter season 2 examines the costs of trying to understand humanity's heart of darkness.The following contains spoilers for Mindhunter season 2.There are a handful of moments scattered throughout Netflix’s excellentMindhunterseason 2, in which lead c... #

Den of Geek | 18.8.2019 20:12:30

New He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Coming From DC

Gavin JasperAug 19, 2019 DC's new Masters of the Universe series sounds like Crisis on Infinite Eternias!He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is one of those properties that has been around for so long that there are multiple takes on it and they're all over the place. Like Batman, Spide... #

Den of Geek | 18.8.2019 15:32:38

Big Changes for NXT Ahead With Rumored Move to USA

Mike McMahonAug 18, 2019 The entire structure of NXT could change if WWE moves the show to USA Network against AEW ...WWE's NXT brand, at its core, works with hardcore wrestling fans because it's inherently different from WWE's big brands of RAW and SmackDown.The show tapes from Full ... #

Den of Geek | 18.8.2019 14:15:54

Link Tank: 7 Fun Facts About Cards Against Humanity

Spencer MullenAug 19, 2019 Cards Against Humanity, Square Enix, International Space Station, and more in today's daily Link Tank!Here's how 3D-printed organs printed at theInternational Space Station may cured diseases."William Wagner is searching for the heart of the future, and it c... #

Den of Geek | 18.8.2019 3:36:10

New RoboCop Movie Loses Director

Mike CecchiniAug 17, 2019 Neill Blomkamp won't direct the new RoboCop sequel after all."Dick, I am very disappointed."This was an unfortunately brief honeymoon. Last year it was announced that Neill Blomkamp had signed on to direct a new RoboCop movie. And not just any new RoboCop mov... #

Den of Geek | 17.8.2019 2:15:43

Easy Rider Star Peter Fonda Dies at 79

Tony SokolAug 16, 2019 Peter Fonda was a counterculture film icon who gave John Lennon a bad trip but a great song.Actor and director Peter Fonda died of respiratory failure due to lung cancer at his Los Angeles home on Friday, Aug. 16, his manager, Alan Somers, announced via Variety. The Oscar-nomi... #

Den of Geek | 17.8.2019 1:44:59

Bruce Springsteen To Make Directorial Debut With Western Stars Doc

Tony SokolAug 16, 2019 Bruce Springsteen makes his directorial debut in upcoming musical documentary Western Stars.Bruce Springsteen was wrong when he predicted his legend on an outtake from Born in the USA. The Boss knew his "life would be immortalized." Not in some major motion picture o... #

Den of Geek | 16.8.2019 22:19:46

Birds of Prey Action Reshoots Being Led by John Wick Director

David CrowAug 17, 2019 Chad Stahelski, one of the guys who killed John Wick's dog, is creating new action scenes for the Margot Robbie-led Birds of Prey.In February, Harley Quinn will finally be freeing herself from the whims of Mistah J, and that means one thing: It’s time to paint the town re... # #john-wick

Den of Geek | 16.8.2019 21:43:43

Krypton Canceled by Syfy, No Season 3

Mike CecchiniAug 16, 2019 After a massive season two cliffhanger, Syfy has canceled Krypton, dashing hopes in a season 3.The most unlikely superhero story of the last two years may very well be how Krypton defied the usual tedious prequel expectations and became a compelling standalone sci-fi story ... #

Den of Geek | 16.8.2019 21:13:57

Halo Infinite Creative Director Leaves 343 Industries

Matthew ByrdAug 16, 2019 What does the departure of Tim Longo say about the state of Halo Infinite?Halo Infinite Creative Director Tim Longo has left developer 343 Industries.This information comes from Kotaku who first heard rumors that Longo had left the studio. When they reached out to Microsoft,... #

Den of Geek | 16.8.2019 20:51:58