Netflix's Dark Season 2 Ending Explained

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Spider-Man 2002 Teased Venom Five Years Early

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Toy Story 4: Forky's 10 Best Quotes, Ranked

From its very beginnings, theToy Story franchise has been willing to embrace more complex human emotions than almost any other entry in the Disney and Pixar canons. It's pretty remarkable, really, that they're able to tackle such complicated human feelings as anxiety, jealousy, inferiority... # #toy-story

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Power Rangers: Who Was The Original Gold Ranger?


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Waterworld 2 Updates: Why A Sequel Never Happened


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Every Major Movie Releasing In July 2019


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Star Wars: The Decraniated Slaves Are Disney's Creepiest Addition

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The Spanish Princess Season 1 Ending Explained


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Spider-Man: Far From Home Spot Teases Happy Hogan/Aunt May Romance

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WWE Stomping Grounds: Results Roundup


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Jessica Jones: 10 Questions That Will Never Be Answered

Netflix’s Jessica Jones was a great run while it lasted – but unfortunately, it too has gone the way of the rest of the Marvel & Netflix series. At least this show, in particular, got more of a heads up than some of the others (sorry Daredevil). But even with that warning, it feels like there are st... #

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What To Expect From Trinkets Season 2


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5 Things The Original Charmed Does Better Than The Reboot (& 5 Things It Doesn’t)

When CW announced a Charmed rebootwas on the way, fans of the original series had mixed feelings. It hadn’t been that long since the original went off the air, and it was still available to watch on streaming sites. Did fans really need another story about a trio of witchy sisters? Some fans were ec... #

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Dee Reynolds: 10 Funniest Quotes From It's Always Sunny's Golden Goddess

In the early seasons of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Dee Reynolds didn’t have much to do. She was the token female and a soft voice of reason that no one listened to. The writers have even admitted that they didn’t know how to write a female character back then. #

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The Dead Don't Die's Ending Explained


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The 10 Best Characters Kevin Smith Created, Ranked

Kevin Smith might not be the most popular or critically acclaimed filmmaker in the world, but ever since he burst onto the indie scene in the mid-‘90s with his hysterical black-and-white slice-of-life comedy Clerks, he’s had a small, but dedicated cult fan following. #

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Every Season Finale Of Dawson’s Creek, Ranked

Back in the day, watching a season finale of a show was a high anxiety activity since there would be a summer-long break until the next season would start up again. These days, since we all binge-watch, we can literally finish season one of a series and start the next batch of episodes right away. #

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Uncharted: 10 Tom Holland Roles That Prove He’s Ready To Become Nathan Drake

All the actors who play superheroes gather mega-level of followers around the world, but there’s none quite like Tom Holland, whose fan following is unanimously positive and wide. He’s already the most featured Spider-Man in film with five appearances, and his young career is taking him into excitin... #

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5 Cartoon Characters That Look Better Live-Action (& 5 That Look Worse)

There seem to be more live action remakes of beloved cartoons these days than ever before. People debate all the time about whether or not these animated classics should be messed with. But withbetter technology available, they should theoretically be stronger from a visual standpoint at the very le... #

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The Laughs Are Out There: The 10 Funniest X-Files Episodes

The cultural touchstone of the 1990s, Chris Carter's sci-fi classic The X-Files started out as a tense thriller about conspiracies, aliens, and the paranormal, but over the years, the show became increasingly self-aware, especially in a number of highly entertaining comedic episodes. Unsurprisi... #

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Avatar Has Been Outpacing Avengers: Endgame Since Week 3

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10 Hilarious Nick Kroll Quotes That'll Have You Crying From Laughter

Nick Kroll is a one-of-a-kind comedic actor who never fails to deliver the big laughs. Kroll has thegifted ability to create distinctively odd characters that are unlike any we've seen before. His specific brand of humor (and genius) is sostrange, we can't help but find ourselves gravitati... #

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Toy Story 4 Scores Franchise Best Opening Weekend At Box Office

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Marvel's Avengers Game Post-Launch Content & Microtransactions Explained

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